Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 In Review


I'm not a 100% sure why but 2014 really was one of my best years of my life. I found a major that I really like. I have made new friends and gotten closer with some old friends. I went on some super cool adventures. And overall I was happy more then I was sad. I was relaxed more then I was stressed. And I felt positive more then I felt negative. Now I want to take a look back on some of the cool things I did in 2014.

-In January I went to see Saving Mr. Banks (Review Here)

- Started and completed Spring Semester 2014

-At the end of January my family experienced a miracle

-In February I played in the snow with my friends.
LtoR: Mandi and me
-I also saw the movie That Awkward Moment (movie review here)

-I had my first article published, which crossed something off my bucket list!

- One of my best friends, Tori, came to visit at me at college!
LtoR; Tori and Me
-I went to my cousin's wedding
LtoR: me and Mama J
-I turned 20 years old! (birthday post here)

-Enjoyed my sophomore year spring break

-I went and saw Wicked

-I step down from being the Future Teacher's Club secretary

-Went to the annual Future Teacher's club Apple Banquet
With the Spring Semester Officers (LtoR: Me, Lauren, Deanna, Heather and Cyndi)
-Particpate in my school's Relay for Life
The Theme was Super Heroes and my team made capes.
-My blog turned 1 Year Old

-Went on a Disney Cruise

-Went to the beach with Tori

-Went and saw 22 Jump Street (movie review here)

-Went and saw The Fault in our Stars (movie review here)

-Went to a Red Sox Game

-And spent the night in Boston

-Spent a day in Mystic, CT and went to Mystic Pizza

-Spent a day in Newport, RI

-I visited family in New Hampshire

-Dyed my hair for the first time

-Moved back to school for Junior year

-I went to the Maze Runner (movie review here)

-I went to see Maze Runner (movie review here)

-Homecoming 2014 with the lack of pictures

-I went to see Big Hero 6 (Movie Review Here)

-I went to see Wicked with my cousin
plus did my first fashion post

And that was my year in review. Until I did this post I didn't realize just how busy my year has been! It was fun and crazy and I loved every minute of it. I can't wait to see what happens in 2015!

I hope everyone had a great New Year however you celebrate! 

P.S. As many of you know I'm a huge Gilmore Girls fan. I just want to send my condolences out to the family and friends of Edward Hermann after his death yesterday. Richard Gilmore has always been one of my favorite TV characters and it breaks my heart to know that he has passed away. 

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