Monday, February 17, 2014

MOVIE REIVEW: That Awkward Moment!

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A couple weekends ago the merps and I went on a Merp date (I forgot to take pictures but we went out to dinner and to movie and looked all pretty but I forgot to take picture, I was a bad blogger). Anyways, the movie we went to see what That Awkward Moment so of course I wanted to do a review. But before I start I want to remind you guys that all these thoughts are my own and I was in no way paid for doing this. 

The stories follow three friend of the male species who all are all going through that awkward moments in a relationship. The main character, Jason (Zac Efron) is what some would call a player, he has a "rooster" of girls that he hooks up with and rule that states that he won't see them more than once a week. Next is Jason's best friend Dainel (Miles Teller) is a player as well and his best wing man, isn't a man at all but instead his best girl friend, Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis). And then there is Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) who is a successful doctor who is going through a divorce. The three men agree that none of them will enter a relationship but each hit bumps in a road that make that hard. 

The actors in this movie where funny and did well together but in my opinion the movie wasn't as good as the hype made it out to be. It was very good and the acting was good and the story was good, they just didn't add up correctly to me. 

I do think that I will watch the movie again when it comes out on DVD, I was very tired when I saw it and that could have clouded my judgement. If it something you were debating seeing I would recommend waiting until its on DVD but if you have wanted to see since you saw the first commercial then go to the movies and see it!

Have you seen That Awkward Moment? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below! 

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