Monday, February 10, 2014

Things To Do On a Snow Day

Hello All,

Before I start I have a couple of things I wanted to mention, 1 for all my readers who know that my post go live at 7 AM I'm sorry this one is late, this weekend was busy but there is a post coming that will explain it I promise! Also I did a guest post this weekend on Paige from the Sticky Note Addicts page, you can read it here! Now back to our regular schedule post, a little late. LOL. 

For all of you who live in New England you probably know about all the snow that we have been getting over the last week. Last week we had 2 snow days and of course I had to do multiple blog post about it. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite snow day activities. 

1. Bake
2. TV Binge, I have been getting Hannah hooked on Teen Wolf!
3. Sleep in late
4. Catch up on homework
5. Make something new
Hannah and I made homemade Pizza and cupcakes. Make sure you look for the post about it tomorrow!

6. Crochet
7. Watch YouTube Videos
8. Blog
9. Catch up on reading blogs that you don't have time to read on normal day
10. Watch movies
                       As you all know I love me some Dylan O'Brien so the first time is always a must. LOL.        
11. Play in the snow.
You can read about me and the merps playing in the snow here!

I hope all of your dealing with the snow are having fun, staying safe and warm. Also hour are you spending your snow days, let me know in the comments below. 


  1. Bingeing on Netflix is seriously the best way to spend a snow day. I've done it a few more times than I care to admit so far this winter. Haha.



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