Friday, January 31, 2014


Hello All,

For all you bloggers out there you have probably heard of Liebster Award, where other bloggers nominate blogger who don't have a lot of followers. Well earlier this week I was going through my bloglovin feed and I saw that Seriously, Taryn? had nominated me! Thank you Taryn, you're awesome!

The first step is to answer the questions that the original blogger asks. 

1. How do you find motivation to blog?
This question actually has some amazing time because earlier this weekend I was beginning to feel some extreme writer's block and wasn't feeling inspired. In general I become inspired by everyday life and feel motivated pretty easily without any problems. 
2. What is the meaning behind your blog name?
It took me a long time to find a name that I liked for my blog. Although I do think the name I game up for my blog was pretty amazing, I mean basically the point of this blog is that I talk about how I see the world, hence The world According to Emma. I also wanted something that could easily become a post college blog. 
3. Who is your biggest inspiration in life?
Mama J is my favorite person in the whole world and my best friend, so she's one of my biggest inspiration. My other is one is my cousin who is fighting an up hill battle and has been for a while but she is still the strongest person I know and I hope that one day I can be half as strong as she is. 
4. What are some of your short, mid and long term goals for blogging and for life in general?
Wow! I love this question. Let's see long term goals I would love to still be blogging possibly vlogging when I get married and have children. Short term, I want to see my blog hit its 1 year (88 days but whose counting). Mid goals, I would love to create a somewhat successful youtube channel to go along with it. Keep an eye out for more details. 
5. Which bloggers do you look up to or just enjoy reading?
I have so many bloggers I love but name a few I would have to say Juliette The Other Juliette, Paige The Sticky Note Addict, Rachael The Rachael Way and Ashley The Darling Prepster.
6. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging as way to record all the things I did in high school. It has since been the place that I express myself in all different ways to all sorts of people on the internet. 
7. What did you want to be when you were a child?
Teacher, actor, writer, interior designer and a princess
8. Sweet or salty?
Both. Chocolate cover pretzals anyone?
9. Coffee or tea?
10. Favorite Youtuber(s)?
Bryan and Missy on Daily Bumps, Vanessa and Lily 2011TeenageMom, Lily Superwomen, Britney and Aria on Britney and Baby, Jess and family on Gabe and Jess and Jen on MyHouseWifeLife
11. Two random facts about you?
My favorite veggie is spinach and I'm allergic to Christmas Trees

The next steps is to nominate other bloggers who have less then 200 followers, I'm going to nominate all the blogs I follow under 200 followers but the actual number is 11.

-Natalie at Finding My Voice
-Sabra at Becoming a Gilbert
-Amelia at I Whale You

The Final part of this award is to give 11 questions for the next group to answer, I'm sorry if my questions are kind of lame.

1. What inspired you to start a blog?
2. What other bloggers do you look up to?
3. What is your favorite thing to write about on your blog?
4. If you could trade places with any actress who would you trade places with?
5. What would you consider the theme song of your life? 
6. (Totally stealing this one from Taryn but the question is just too great) What are your long, mid and short term goals for your blog?
6. If you could be ANYTHING in the world, you knew you wouldn't fail at it what would you be?
7. What is your favorite thing to write about on your blog?
8. If you could drop everything write now and go on vacation, money doesn't matter where would you go and why?
9. What is one item on bucket list that you really want to accomplish?
10. What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
11. Who is your celebrity crush?

Thank you again Taryn for nominating it really made my day! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Letter to Me

Hello All,

I wrote a letter to me back turning blogtember but looking aback on it I didn't like it. I was so burnt out from writing pre-determined topics for blogtember and writing 7-Days a weeks. But the other day I was driving back to school I heard the song that I used when I first wrote this post, Brad Paisley's "Letter to Me". 

And I re-thought about all the thing I would tell myself and decided to re-write here. 

Dear Emma,

You're half way through your sophomore semester  of high school now. You are going through one of the hardest moments of your life so far, At times you feel alone but talk it out with people you trust because you have some awesome people who love you. 

Now I'm a sophomore year of college and I am no where near where I thought we'd be. For one our major is NOT what we expected it to be. BUT the journey we've gone on so far to get here is AMAZING! And definitely created who you want to be. 

We still haven't met the one, at least that we know of. But PLEASE don't lose your believe that everyone has a somebody because that is what will get your through the summer after senior year when you realize that the boy you liked was ONLY meant to be a friend no matter who right it felt. 

Friends is another thing that has always been an self-conscious about. You know what I mean the questions swim in your head. Why don't they like me? Why don't I have more friends? Do they really like me?  well as bad as it sounds of all the friends you had in high school, you only talk to two of them. BUT you are super close with your roommate and you make another best friend who is always there for us when you need them. And trust me there will be  times when you need her. 

But trust me when I say our Mom, Mama Judy is your best friend. She is the only person who loves you unconditionally. I know you guys fight all the time but you make up within in minutes because you guys are the real life Gilmore Girls, don't ever let that change!

And know that OD is one of the best teachers you will never REALLY have because he taught you to love the theater, Flan-Flan will help you find your love for English and she will make you the writer you are today and Mrs. Fredrick will be the teacher you miss the most when your out of school. Make sure you say hi every chance you get!

Hang in there girl because the best is yet to come!


If you could tell your young self something what would you tell yourself? Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TGBTL: Who I Thought I'd Be!

Hello All,

Today I'm linking up with Hayley and Lauren for their Link-Up, The Girl Between the Lines!

Girl Between the Lines Link up

Each week they post a prompted to help readers get to know other bloggers on a more personal level. This weeks prompted (taken word for word from Hayley) is...

How did you picture this part of your life when you were younger? How is it different? How is it the same? 

Since I'm a college student, I decided that the best time to look back in his high school. Why? Because high school is the time that everyone is looking forward to the next chapter of their lives. Its the time that you most picture who you'll be in college. 

Now as bad as this might sound, I wish I was the person that the high school version of me thought I would be. But in some way I'm making strides to become that person. 

When I first entered high school I was convinced that I would be going to college in the city, New York City or Boston to be exact.  I have always loved the city and wanted to live their more then anything else in the world. I thought I would be taking the T or the subway everywhere I went! I could picture this life, clear as day.

That is the first really memory I have of who I thought I would. The next one though, I can picture having this thought so clear. I remember sitting in my junior year Trig class, I was wearing yoga pants, a sweat shir and moccasins, most college girls uniform. I remember not finding Trig all that interesting (#sorrynotsorry) so I started day-dreaming. In my day dream I was sitting in an interesting college course, and instead of a classroom it was a lecture hall. Which I still haven't had a lecture class to this day. I was taking notes on laptop instead of by pen and paper. Instead of wearing some lame over sized sweatshirt I with my college name on it. On my yoga pants it said a sorority letters. As the day dream continued the class ended and went to student center with one of my sorority sisters. 

Life seemed perfect!

Not only did I think I would a sorority girl going to school in the city but I also thought that I would be doing amazing in school and not having academic difficulties and would probably be in a relationship with the one. Which looking back on this those ideas were very naive but its who I thought I would be. 

Pretty much none of what I thought I would be doing ended up true. Its crazy how you can picture your life one way and have it turn out to be the total opposite. 

I don't know if the girl who I pictured being would be happier then the girl I turned out to be but at least I'm happy now and I still have time to complete goals that, that young girl set forth. 

Who did you picture being? Let me know in the comments below. And come back tomorrow to see what I would tell that younger version of me in a letter to me. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

You Could Have a Bloggy Baby - 9 Months Blogging

Hello All,

So, I am mad pre-writing this post, I mean it is January 11 and this won't go live until January 28th which is the day before my blogging 9 month but I have something super fun planned for tomorrow. So, why am I writing it so early? Well because I so much as happened this month all ready and normally this 2-3 paragraphs of this post are hard to write, I don't want to be too repeative each month, my feeling about blogging hasn't changed much. But today, 18 days before my blogging monthly anniversary I'm feeling inspired so I will write the opening paragraph and then add the boring stats in later.

So, to begin with I am happy to say that like I said my goal was during my 8 Months of blogging post I said that I wanted to be able to say that I told Mama J about the blogging and I have! She liked my blog's Facebook Page and may or may not being reading this!

Also this month I wrote a post that made me feel like a ligament blogger. I wrote a post about How to Start a Blog. Its cThanks razy to think that just nine, maybe 8 when I really got into the swing of things, I was constantly googling articles about this topic and now here I am writing a post about it! Crazy right!??!?!

And finally I want to tell you the story behind the title. Before I moved back to school one of my best friend's back home, Tori was hanging out with me and I was showing her the blog and the progress I had made on my blog. When I told her at the end of the month it would mark 9 months of blogging and she looked at me and told me I was having a blog baby. LOL. Get it because of the most part women are pregnant for 9 months. 

So, let's take a look back at my 9th month of blogging.

Monthly Stats:
-6,682 Page Views
-223 Published post
Most Read Post:
***Written between 12/29-1/27****
If I Could Pin My Life...Wedding Day
2014 New Year's Resolution Introduction
***Written in the last 9 Months***
The Best Players of Big Brother
What I Love Wednesday...Teen Wolf
Movie Review: The Internship
My Favorite Post of the Month:
Dear Future Husband...
Post Coming Up This Month:
-Participating in at least 1 link-up
-I will be guest posting on 2 of my favorite college blogger's blogs
-Another installment of Meet a College Blogger
-More Installments of my short story series
Events Coming Up this Month:
-Bowling with the Future Teacher's Club
-Tori is visiting my college!
-Going home for a long weekend!

Thank you all so much for sticking with me and writing my ramblings month after month, it means so much to me that so many people read my blog and seem to like it!

Monday, January 27, 2014


Hello All,

Tonight (Sunday night) I was laying in bed, not feeling well, I have sore throat and I'm worried that I am getting sick. But I can't get sick because I have a 1 million and 10 things to do tomorrow. But I realized that I didn't have anything planned for today's blog post. I have a couple ideas of what I want to write but not feeling well makes its hard to feel inspired. So, I thought and I thought and I thought about what to write about and then I made up my mind.

The other night I was not having the best day and I got home, checked my phone and found out that my aunt and uncle were inviting me on a Disney Cruise! And of course I said yes! 

I will be going on the Disney Fantasy ship in late May this year! I'm so excited! Of course I will take 1,000s of pictures for you guys when I get back and I'll tell you all about it!


I hope you all have a FANTASTIC Monday and great wekk!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Short Fictions: That Night - Part One

Hello All,

Today I want to try my hand at short fiction again. You can read my story here


They grew up down the block from each other. He was two years older but she was still his best friend, or maybe she was just in love with her.  

She didn't look at him in that way, in fact it was the complete opposite, he was just her friend. At least it was until that night. 

She was sitting on the curb outside the high school, the snow was falling and so were the tears from her eyes. Lights pull into the school driveway and his hunter green Jeep Wrangler pulled up next to her. Leaving the car running he gets out of the jeep walking around and hugging her.

He smoothed down her auburn hair and kissed her head and she starts to cry harder. They stood there embracing has the snow piled up around them. He whispers in her ear, "Let me get you home." She nods her head reluctantly.

He helps her into the car and walks around. By the time he gets back in, he has her head leaning up against the window. For a while they sit silently as he drove along.

Her voice quietly comes out of the silence, "Why? Why doesn't he love me?"

He looks are her from the corner of his eyes, "I wish-" . As if in slow motion the car spins out of control and it all goes black. 

To Be Continued...

Make sure to come back in the next few weeks to find out what happens next in this story. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

You Can Never Really Go Back Home

Hello All,

There are so many famous sayings about "Home"! Like, "Home is where your heart is," "You can never really go back home," or "Home is where you are happiest." And I think those are ALL true. 

The one that probably shocks people the most is, "You can never really go back home." And that expression never seemed true to me until recently and I don't mean it the most drastic way. But the let me tell you the story. 

The other day I drove my co-worker, we'll call her Jane for her privacy. And we talked most of the 10 minute drive to her place and for a little long time after we got there. I talked to her about how where we work, the city where we worked had started to feel more like home then my hometown. And she told me she completely agreed. 

That got me thinking and this thought continued while I went home for the long weekend of MLK Jr. Day. And I thought of all the things that I had at home. 

My big comfy bed

Mama J

The ability to shower without having to wear shower shoes. 

Then I thought about all things I had at school, my new home. 

My friends

My roommate

My job and awesome co-workers

My extra curricular activities

The community that my school has created.

When I was driving back to my dorm after winter break I was thinking, "Okay, I'm going home." Soon I'll see my friends again. 

When I go home to Mama J's house I still think I'm going home but I also think that I am going to my CHILDHOOD home.  And I believe this very normal. 

As we grow up we start to put down our own roots instead of the roots our parent had put down. Making the places we are home. Right now where I go to school is my temporary home, I don't know if I will stay in the same city/state after I graduate but for now school is my home. 

Yes, I will visit my childhood home and there is ALWAYS the possibility that I will move back there after I graduate but my school home is now my home and the house I grew up in is my childhood home. In some ways that is sad to me because it shows me how much I have grown up. But its exciting in the same way. 

I still love going back to my childhood home because it is warm and inviting. I get to Mama J who I always miss and love to be around but when I go back to school I am home. 

So, tell me, what do you think? Can you really ever go back home? Let me know in the comments below. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

180 Blankets to 180 Days!

Hello All,

Some of you may have seen my Bucket List Recap List from October or you may have read my my New Years Resolution Introduction earlier this month. In both of these post I talked about how I want to be able to donate 150 blankets to children's hospitals during my life.

But over the place few weeks I have been thinking a lot about this goal. And no I'm not deciding to give up on it. No, instead I've decided to make it bigger. Over the last nine or so month I have read different blogs and watched different vlogs where people decide to use their outlet as a way to make a difference. 

I learned to crochet when I was in 6th grade and trust me when I began I was horrible at! Like the worst crocheter in the world! But I have gotten better. As I was practicing I thought about starting an online shop where I could sell blankets, scarves and mittens but then I realized that I wasn't fast enough, maybe one day but not today. I always figured that on my site I would offer an option to donate a blanket to children's hospital. 

Then I started my bucket list and realized that I could do it anyways. So I chose a random big number, 150, and added it to my bucket list. 

But then I got to thinking, there as to be some way to make this project into something that I could talk about it. I wanted to name it but I couldn't think of anything clever that would go with 150  So, I started thinking about what number I could make that I could create a project for. And I decided on 180!

Why because where I went to school, at least elementary school, we had to go 180 days. But when a child is sick they can't go to school. If they are really sick they can miss a whole year, 180 days, of school if not more. So, I decided that I wanted to make 180 blankets for a 180 kids or may be missing up to or more then 180 days of school.

My goal is to take about 1 hour a week to crochet. I know that it will take me a LONG time to complete this goal but I hope that one day I can complete it. 

What is one of your biggest goals? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hello All,

Before I start this I just want to do a small disclaimer. Everything I say this post is my opinion! If you disagree with me that is fine, share your opinions, I'd love to hear them. Also I want to just say I'm not trying to throw myself a pitty party in anyway shape or form. I'm happy where I am in life. With that being said let's get on with the post. :)

All you single ladies out there, you know those days that you which you knew your other half? Those days that you are beyond stressed and just wish you could cuddle? Okay, well sometimes I have those days. I try my hardest to make those days non-exsitant, I try like hell to focus on myself and not look because they always say that love comes to those who aren't looking. 

And when I have those days I try to ignore it but when that doesn't work the picture in my mind of the type of guy I could see myself pops into my mind. 

And I can see him, he a little preppy, he likes to dress impress just like I do but he can be comfortable in sweats and t-shirt when we hang out at home. He's involved on campus because people who are involved on campus understand what its like to be involved on campus. He's funny, and knows how to make me laugh. 

Well one day I was talking to someone I knew about whether or not types existed. From what I've seen from my own personal experience they do exist. When I start to crush on a boy or I meet someone and start to talk to them. They are all very similar. In appearance, in personality and what they are into.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not trying to say if a guy doesn't fit into the "type" that the other boys do that I won't give him the time of day. As long as I get along with him and he treats me right I will give him the time. I'll get to know him and possibly fall for him.

But here's the question I'm wondering. Having a type, is that wrong? Does that stop you from meeting new people? Does it mean that you a quick to judge? 

I personally don't think so. You are who you are and  what you like and don't like are part of you. So, I don't find it suprising that people have types, I mean you have types of food that you like and music and TV. You have tons of types. So, it seems pretty obvious to me that you would have types when it comes to the opposite sex.  

What do you think? Do you think having a type is a bad thing? Do you have type? Let me know in the comments below!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Meet A College Blogger! Rachael

Hello All,

Today I want to bring back a feature that I started last semester and put on break during the Winter Break. 

Today I'm going to introduce you to an AMAZING college blogger, Rachael from The Rachael Way. She has been blogging pretty much whole college career and it graduating soon! I asked her a few questions and this what she had to say!

1. What inspired you to start blogging? Where did you get the name for your blog?
I blog because I like to write.  I started in my freshman year because one of my sorority sisters made one and it looked cool.  I didn't really get "into blogging" until this summer when I moved to a new place and didn't have a lot of friends :p  The name of my blog is The Rachael Way because it's about my life, I'm quirky and this blog documents it!
2. What is your favorite post that you've written?
 My favorite post I've written is called "Enough" I think a lot of people struggle with what I wrote about and it helped me to put it into words!
3. What are you planning to do after you graduate?
After I graduate, I am going to be a teacher!
4. On your blog you are doing 22 before 22 where you are trying to complete 22 goals before you turn 22. How much longer do you have before you turn 22? Which goal are you must proud of completing? Which do you think is going to be hardest to complete?
I turn 22 on September 24th.  The biggest goal I am most proud of was organizing a blogger meetup.  It was so much fun and I was so happy with the turnout.  
***This picture belongs to the Rachael Way***
I think it will be hard for me to get to New York City before I turn 22, but I'm certainly going to try!
5. What tip would you give to someone who start a blog?
Best blog tip- write for YOU.  Don't write for followers and screw the numbers.  Write from your heart and it will all work out!
6. What is the biggest piece of advice that you would give a college freshmen?
 My advice to a college freshman is totally cliche but true.. join everything until you find your niche!  You will meet so many people and then find what you really love and where you really shine!
7. Where do you see your blog going after you graduate? Will you continue to blog or will you end it? 
I plan to keep my blog when I graduate.  I just really like it and can't really imagine what it would be like to not have it!
8. Since this feature is all about college blogger who are some of your favorite college bloggers?

Thanks again Rachael for participating in this feature! Make sure you go and give Rachael some love!

P.S. - Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Friday, January 17, 2014

And Spring Semester Begins!

Hello All,

Spring Semester is here and its time to go back to school. I feel determined this semester and ready to see what this semester might bring. I started classes on Monday and had all five  within the first two days! And what would a college blog be without talking about it?

Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays I get to sleep until about 8:50! Which is awesome. But this morning I woke up around 8 because I heard Hannah's Alarm go off and I always wake up somewhat early on the first few days because I'm excited for the new semester. 

Almost as soon as I got out of bed my head start to hurt with what I thought was a stress headache but SPOILER ALERT the headache NEVER went away all day! Hopefully I'm not getting sick! I got all nice and pretty for the day.

My first class of the day was English 307 which is a lit class all about analyzing it. I'm a little worried about this class but I love English and I'm kind of excited for the challenge. Also in my class was my real life and bloggy friend Natalie and one of my dorm neighbors Natalie!

My next class was a philosophy. The teacher seemed pretty cool  and their are only 7 people in the class. I'm slightly worried about this class because I don't know if I have the mind set for philosophy but I'm excited to try it. 

I then had a five hour break, during that time I ran an errand for the Future Teacher's Club and Mama J came up to have lunch with me.

My last class of the day is a 2 and half hour one that only meets once a week. The teacher seems nice and she told us that she walks us through it and we'll get a lot out of it as long as we do the work. 

After all my classes I went back to the dorm to have a floor meeting and then watch tv with Hannah.

Before bed on went on the website that houses all of the information about what classes you're taking and where the classrooms are, but it was down so I figured I would check again in the morning. I showered and got ready for bed.

Today was a little harder to wake up, it no longer felt new and exciting but I still woke up extra early because I needed to check the website. I got dressed in the morning and once again got ready to dress to impress. When I was finished getting ready I checked the website and it was still down.

First I panicked and called Mama J and she helped me remember that the register's office probably had all the records on where classes were being held. So, I called and they helped me out right away.

I still had some time to spare before I had to go to class so I did some bloggy business, checked the email, added the link from Tuesday to the Facebook Page and to my Twitter and even had time to read some blogs.

Finally it was time to go, it was rainy day but wasn't raining to bad when I walked to class. While I was waiting outside I ran into my friend Allison  who happened to be in my class with me. I'm so excited because she's awesome and I love having classes with friends because when you need help they are just a phone call away.  Also while I was waiting I ran into Mandi and we made plains to hang out later that night. This class seems really interesting and I'm excited to see what I learn from it.

When I got out of that class I had to go straight to my next class but I realized that I had forgotten my little sticky note that had the room numbers on it on my desk and started freaking out that I didn't know where my classroom was. I ran in Mandi and Natalie and they helped me remember that I could check find it by looking at the syllabus the teacher emailed us.

I found the class and went there. I went straight to the class which was already so crowded. This class I'm really excited about because its all about professional presentation which will helpful when I'm in the work place one day.

My original plan was to take a nap after class today but by the time I got back to my dorm I had a to-do list that was too long to nap. So, I did some homework.

I then had to go to a meeting with the Future Teacher's Club officers to talk about this semester and make plans.

After my meeting Hannah, Mandi and I had a Merp date and Merp Christmas. It was great to see each other and spend time together, it also was a little bit of a stress reliever.

So, those were my first few days of my Spring Semester. If you're in college how were your first few days? Let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bucket List Recap

Hello All,

Depending on how long you've been reading my blog you've probably seen at least one if not more then one of my bucket list recap series. Basically what I do is take five items off my bucket list and explain why I want to do it. Well this will be my last post like this for a while because I have hit the end of this list! Before I start I want to feature past bucket list recap so check them out if you want. 

And now on today's addition!

Semester At Sea
I have wanted to do a Semester at Sea since the first time I watched The Suite Life on Deck. Do you remember that show? Then I was sitting in my first year experience show at my college and somebody from the study aboard program came in and talked to us about studying aboard. He gave us this sheet a paper with all the different program and one was Semester at Sea. I have no clue when I'm going to do this but I really am going to try and do it before I graduate. And don't you worry and will blog and probably vlog about it. Speaking of blogging you can check out a girl I went to high school with bog about her experience on Semester at Sea, so check Erin out here. Also you can out the Semester At Sea website here.

Be at the Filming of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
A few years ago, okay more then that in like middle school (that was like 6 years ago at least, holy sh*t) I started watching the Thanksgiving day parade. This year while I was watching it I thought about how cool it would be to be there live. Much like going to see the ball drop I would want to be able to afford to stay over night in the city so I didn't have to catch and super early train to get there. 

Be at the Filming of Disney Christmas Parade
I love Disney and I know the Disney parade is basically a two hour commercial for Disney but I would still love to watch them film it and see the parade. 

See Live with Kelly and Michael
I love Kelly and Michael. When I am up in time to watch them I do. I think they're funny and have great chemistry. I would love to actually be there when they film because they are just adorable and I'm a nerd and would love to see how they set up a show. 

And those are the last few items on the blog. I know that my bucket list will probably continue to grow as I get older but that's it for now. This year one of my Year Goals is to complete or start to plan 3 times on my bucket list so hopefully I can start to post about those for you guys to read and see how the activity goes. 

So what are some times on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What I Love Wednesday...Disney

Hello All,

Depending on how long you've been around these parts you might remember this feature. But if you don't that's okay because its pretty self explanatory because  basically I just write a whole post about something I love! I use to do this weekly but I wasn't feeling as inspired so I cut it down to a every once a while feature and today I'm going to do the first What I Love Wednesday...of 2014! Ready?

So, this week I love Disney World and Vacations

I love meeting the characters
Meeting Stitch April 2013
Getting to learn how to draw 
Me outside Animation Gallery March 2013
 I love the vibe of Hollywood Studio

I love that every time I go there something new to see
The Beast's Castle April 2013
I love the back side of water
Jungle Cruise
I love taking picture of the Tower of Terro

I love Big Thunder Mountain

I love the Haunted Mansion

I love the little details

And I love that other people love Disney so much that they make Disney Vlogs that I can watch when I'm going through with drawl. 

But with that being said I am going through Disney withdrawal. I swear it is a real thing! But I have a few possible trip coming up and I let you know if or when they are definitely going to happen. 

So, that's what I love this Wednesday! What are you loving this Wednesday? Let me know in the comments below.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

If I Could Bring My Pins to Life...Wedding

Hello All,

You know those days when you lie in bed trying to fall asleep and you think about your future? No? That's just me. Okay. 

Anyways the other night I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep and started thinking abou the wedding that I would one day have to the man I have not yet/discovered he's the one. I thought about all the pins i had pinned and how they would one day come to life and decided why not share that with all of you lovely people who may just be reading this one day when these pins really do come to life. Man, I really hope I'm still blogging then. 

Most of these come of my "One Day When I Get Married" board on pinterest check it out here but some are just things I have thought of and wanted to share.

I think is an absolutely adorable way to ask a bridesmaid to be bridesmaid. Be on the look at future bridesmaids for a box like this.

I think this is such a cute way to remember the vows you say at your wedding.

I went on to write the whole post about this and the girl had her fiancé write her a note on the bottom of her shoe before she put it on and was not allowed to read until after the ceremony. Although I don't think most men would do this I still think it be beyond cute. So this one that I don't think will ever happen but I wanted to share it.

This is a must. Instead of traditional table numbers it is different years of life and its pictures of the couple (separately) during that year. So if the table was 1995 it would be a picture of 1 year old me. And then the table for the bride and groom would be the year they met with their first picture together. So, if I met him tomorrow (I know fat chance) it would say 2014.

My next section is filled with wedding photography that hopefully my photographer will be will to take for me.
If it rains

I want to get married in the fall.

Bride, groom and groom's mother. I think this one is so cute, especially if they make that face of little kid.

A little Cinderella action

This one is a must!

My other bridal party must

I want a bunch of first looks. The bridesmaid first look, Mama J's first look, Father's first look and the man of my dream's first look at me in my dress. My favorite is the girl in the middle whose Jaw just dropped.

I also would love one of these songs to be our first dance. I know that they will probably change when I meet the guy or see how our relationship grows but these are just my favorites right now.

First off Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore.


You had me from Hello by Kenny Chesney.

So, are how my pins would come to life for a wedding. Do you have wedding pins? What is your favorite thing to pin? Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. Would be a post about love without my celebrity love Dylan O'Brien.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Hold Up...That's Whack!

Hello All,

I can't remember if I mention this already but I got to move into school early for a leadership retreat much like I did during the summer. For the most part the conference was the same as last year but the keynote speaker was pretty cool and was really helpful going into this semester.

The fall semester was very hard for me. In away I was finally the person I always wanted to be. I had amazing friend, I was in an officer position, I was working and going to school. But with the exception of this blog I wasn't taking a lot of time for myself because I always wanted to be on the move.And my plate was beyond full and unbalanced. 

But our keynote speaker, Hoan Do, really reminded me about how important it is for us to take time during the semester to focus on yourself. He used a metephor about how when you're driving and your check egine light turns on you stop to check the light goes on you would stop and check your engine and that you should be doing that with yourself, when you start to get stress you should stop and spend time on yourself. 

That is something I really am going to try and do this semester. But the other part that really resinated with me was the inspiration for the title. He was telling us to think about all the negative thoughts that come into our mind, you know the thoughts. "I'm not pretty enough," "I'm not smart enough," "I'm not...enough." 

And he again did a car metaphor about how if your getting in the car and a song you hates come on you would change it because its whack.  Well he continued to tell us that every time we think I'm not enough to remind ourselves that is whack. And I think that is another think I need to remember. 

Those pieces of advice really have made me think and made me feel motivated for the semester. What gets you motivated for the semester? Let me know in the comments below!

Friday, January 10, 2014

So You Want to Start a Blog?

Hello All,

Its early in 2014 and from looking at other bloggers I know a lot of them started there blogs in January, a new hobby for a new year, this was around the time I started thinking about starting mine and did four LONG months later. I have feeling a lot of people might be looking for outlet to share their thoughts on a blog. So, I figured like a lot of bloggers out their I will give you my advice for starting a blog. 

Now I will be honest with you I don't have a blogging niche, except maybe that I'm a college blogger but I don't write only about organization or fashion or cooking. I write about whatever I please, but more on that later. I also don't have a lot followers right now but I truly believe that I'd rather have a few loyal followers then 100s of followers for status. But here are my tips and rules for blogging. 

1. Blog about what you want!
My blogging and real life friend Natalie always reminds me when I got all crazy about a blog post that the best posts are always the ones that you love what you are writing about and get excited about. And that is true. The post that has excited me the most is still one of my most popular post and I still love it. Plus if you want to blog about it, it probably means that you know what your trying talking about instead of trying to write about something that you don't do. :)

2. Comment on other Blogs
Commenting on other blogs does a lot of things. 1. Who wouldn't want to get a little note on something they worked really hard on saying that you loved it! 2. It gets you name out there. I know that whenever someone who I don't know  I click on their name to see who they are and check out their blog. 3. It helps you make bloggy friends, and they make the experience extra special. With all that being said, don't say mean things in comments for other bloggers because remember they worked hard on everything they put out and like ever mother says, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Okay mini rant over. Also, always reply to comments on your blog, it will bring people coming back but also it'll help you make friends. :)

3. When coming up with URL chose something you will stick with
I originally had a different URL name and then I changed it because it didn't really go with my blog anymore. When I changed the name I lost all of my followers because I had to register my blog on Bloglovin again. I honestly suggest using your name or initials because that way if you get tired of the name you can change it. 

4. Social Media it up
The more places that you promote your blog the more people are going to see it. I personally use Blog's Facebook Page and my twitter to posts my links on. I actually use my personally twitter as my blog twitter so that people in my everyday life can read posts. 

5. Find your own style
When I say find your own style I mean write the way you want, if you want to write long paragraphs write long paragraphs, if you want to write lists write lists, if you want to use picture or gifs well you get the points 

6. If you steal an idea give credit
I know that you are going to see ideas on someone else's blog that you love and want to do on your own. But giver her credit for the idea you can be like "Oh I got this on (insert name here)'s blog" and that way everyone else can see where you got it and maybe you're reader will find a new blog that they love. 

7. Design Your Blog
The prettier your blog, the more likely someone is going to stay on your blog. I'm not that smart when it comes to how to design the blog but luckily I found Rachel who does awesome blog design and she did mine! She's awesome so go check her out!

8. Remember its YOUR blog, run it the way you want
Everyone is going to run their blog differently. Some are going to write 7 days a week and write the post on the day it goes live. Some only blog certain days a week. Some blog whenever they want and have not schedule. No way is better then others, because its whatever you want because you are the boss! I personally have a post that goes up M-F at 7 AM but I pre-write EVERYTHING. That way I can make sure I have some M-F and not have to stress about it on stressful days. And then I have editorial calendar that I keep track of what post are going up on which days.