Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summer 2014 Rewind!

Sorry, this post was late, I didn't have wifi for the first 48 hours! But its here and hopefully I can return to my regular schedule on Tuesday! Thanks for understanding!

Hello All,

One of my favorite features to do at the end of the semester is my semester rewind. And although I may not have taken classes this summer doesn't mean I don't want to rewind it and see all the things I did this summer!

- Went on Disney Cruise with the fam jam!

-Beach Afternoon with Tori!

- Ate at Max Brenner, seriously this place is an event all in itself

-Went to a Red Sox with Amelia and our Mamas

-Eating at Mystic Pizza (and forgetting the camera)

-Spending the day in Newport with Mama Judy

-Driving to New Hampshire to be with the fam jam

- Dying my hair for the first time! The story and post will come at some point in the next couple of days!

So, that was my summer in rewind! What were some of the highlights of you summer? Let me know!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Junior Year Goals

Hello All,

Today is my first day of Junior year! I'm so excited to be back and I can't wait to see what this year brings. In the coming couple of weeks I have a lot of updates about all things junior year but to start that out I want to share my junior year goals. Now let's begin!

1. Go to the Gym 2 times a weeks
I say this with every set of goals but I'm determined and one day I might just become a gym junkie. This year I'm going to start with a very realistic goal of 2 times a week. Now I just have to figure out when it will fit in my schedule!

2. Become Organized
Another repeat offender, I just want to feel organize, be able to find things at moments notice and always know what's going on in my life! You know that feeling?

3. Get GPA Up
I know that I'm smart but I also know I have a horrible attention span. Because of that I need to figure out how I can study and keep my attention bring those grades.

4. Talk to one new person each week
I love to be social. I love meeting new people but I'm shy. So, this semester I'm going to talk to the kid who sits next to me in class or the person in front of me in line when I'm waiting to get lunch. Even if its just "hi" or "I like your shoes".

5. Try New Clubs Out
As much as I loved being part of the Future Teacher's Club on my campus but because I'm not an education major anymore I think its best to find some other clubs to join. Plus I'll get to make lots of new friends!

6. Become More Adventurous
As much as I like new people I'm a little bit of a home body but I hate that. I want to go adventures and try new things and try find some crazy new things. 

And those are all the things  I want to work on this year. What are some of your school year goals? Let me know in the comments below!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer 2014 Goals Recap!

Hello All,

Happy Wednesday, today I am moving into school for my junior year! Seriously where has time gone?
Since I'm moving into I figured that its the perfect time to tell you guys how I did on my summer goals this year. Remember those goals I made back in May? No? Well you can check them out here. Now that that shameless plug is over let's start the actual post.

Not Even Attempted
In Progress

1. Redecorating and Reorganizing my Room
I did really well with this during the beginning of the summer but then the days got away from and I was too tired at night so this will have to wait until Winter Break.

2. Read and Review 3 Different Books on the Bloggy
I did that and then some! If you weren't able to check out the reviews you can read them by clicking on the links (The Fault in Our StarsThe Maze RunnerTo All the Boys I've Loved Before and If I Stay/Where She Went and I think I read another book that didn't review) My favorite? A tie between If I Stay and To All the Boys I've Loved Before!
3. Try New Foods Each Week
I don't think I tried anything! Ooops!

4. Go on 4 Awesome Adventures
This summer I went to the Beach with Tori, Boston with Amelia, my mom and Amelia's mom, went to Mystic/ Providence with my mom and went to New Hampshire with my fam jam!

5. Get Back into Shape
I did a little bit of walking but not a whole lot of it!

6. Visit some of my friend's from school
Yeah, I failed at that one but its okay I'll see a lot of them in the next few days.

7. Relax Renew and prepare for Junior Year!
I am beyond determined to make this the best year of my life! I'm ready to be organized, outgoing, go on adventures and meet new people! To some people this summer may seem boring but for me it was exactly what I needed!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer! Those of you guys who are starting school in the next few days or for those who have already started I hope you all have a fantastic semester!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

When I Grow Up I Want to be Anne, Anne of Green Gables

Hello All,

You may not know this but Anne of Green Gables series is my favorite books and movies. They are perfection! And I have decided just recently that when I grow up I want to be Anne, I mean she is amazing! Here are some of the reasons why...

1. She has a great imagination 
2. She so smart
3. She loves to write
4. She has beautiful red hair
5. She believes in kindred spirits and knows there out there
6. She caring
7. She can make friends with anyone
8. She's quirky
9. She knows you don't have to say yes just because a man ask to marry you
10. She can make anyone love her
11. Gilbert is in love with her and he's perfection! Where oh where is my Gilbert!
If you could be any movie character who would you be? Let me know in the comments below.

Friday, August 22, 2014

New Hampshire 2014

Hello All,

Happy Friday! Its my final Friday of the summer and I'm actually pretty okay with that. I'm ready to reunited with my friends, getting into the schooly routine, find my new place on campus and start what could be the best college year yet! But before school starts and I unfortunately have to wrap up the summer here on the bloggy I want to tell you about my last real thing I did.

So, last week the bloggy went on a impromptu blogging hiatus because I found that I was able to go to my Grandma's summer house in New Hampshire. I was only able to do this because I lucked out and got my 3 days of for the week right in a row.

I did have to work on Monday so I as soon as I got off I changed into some comfy clothes and got ready for the next 5 hour drive. When I got my car I drove a little while and then pulled over to program my GPS. My Grandma's lake house is in a little town and my Garmin GPS even tried to tell me it didn't exist. I tried my phone but for some reason Google Maps just couldn't find signal or kept losing it. I ended up getting about 30 minutes in with my phone but with it constantly losing it signal I ended up deciding to pull over at the first rest stop and writing the directions that Google Maps gave me on the back of recipt. Luckily the directions worked well and I made it there safely in about 5 hours.

The next day my Grandma made yummy pancakes and me and two of my cousins, Nick and Gracie, went and playedat the lake. After lunch we went on boat ride that was really smooth going across the lake. But the sky started to get dark and as we headed back it was rough. We were getting splashed and we'd hit waves that would cause us to jump off our seats. I swear to go it was like training for a Big Brother endurance competition, Big Brother 18, here I come!

Wednesday was a gross rainy day so we all just kind of hung out watched some movies and played card games. My cousin Nick re-taught me and my Uncle Chad how to baby Mille Bourne which is French Card game that is a lot of fun. But I lost miserably every time. 

The day I had to leave, I wasn't leaving until the afternoon. I went to breakfast with my Aunt Marianne, Uncle Chad and baby cousin Joshua went to downtown and had breakfast and did a little shopping. I bought a Lilly Pulitzer cup which I am in love with! When I got back we went on another short boat ride and got a picture with my Grandma and the 5 grand kids. 

The trip although being way too short was really fun! 3 of my cousins Nick, Gracie and Anna I only get to see once a year if our schedule work out and can all go to New Hampshire, this was actually the first time I got to meet Anna who is 18 months because I couldn't get to New Hampshire last year. But I was lucky because I got to spend some one on one time with each of my little cousins. 

And now for the pictures. Yes, I've took a few pictures but I don't feel comfortable sharing pictures of my cousins without their parent knowing, I haven't told anyone other then Mama J in my family about the bloggy. For that reason I'm only sharing 3 pictures but I promise that we were all there.

My favorite place on the planet, the dock at my Grandma's lake house

When I got home from this mini trip it officially started to feel like summer was over and boy did it go to fast!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blogging For a Cause {Link-Up}

Hello All,

A few days ago my bloggy bestie, Natalie announced that she was hosting a link-up where blogs write about a cause that is near and dear to their heart on Thursday (Today) and/or Friday (tomorrow). I wanted to jump in the link-up because their is a cause that means a lot to me and hits very close to home.

I don't think I ever shared this on the bloggy before because it didn't really feel like my story to tell. But then I thought about it and realized that its one that I WANT to share because this person who was directly effected by it is one of my favorite people in the whole world.

My cousin, for right now I'm not going to share her name,  was born with a heart defect. She had a pace maker put in a few years ago and on a night in July of 2012 her pace maker went of like 14 times. They rushed her to the hospital and then she got life starred to a hospital that specialize hearts. She soon found out she would need a heart transplant. She was on the transplant list for 15 days and then recieced in new heart on August 15, 2012. 

She had a lot of issues post heart transplant. And then right around Thanksgiving 2013 she found that she would once again eventually need a heart transplant but also a new kidney. She once again went on the transplant list and was blessed by getting her second heart and her kidney in the same day. 

I still remember the day Mama J called me and told me that her second transplant had gone well. I was crying int he student center. Now she has gone six months without rejection, she is doing well and everyday that she goes without rejection I am grateful that she is still in my life.

After watching my cousin fight for her life and spend the majority of the last 2 years in the hospital the cause that is nearest to my heart is Donate Life. Did you know that in most states if you sign up to be a donor when you get your ID its consider a contract so that is fulfilled after your death and now can stop it? Did you know that if you chose to be a donor after your death the average healthy person can save about 8 lives and improve up to 50 lives.

That is the story behind why Donate life is so important to me. What is the most important cause in your life? Link-up with Natalie in the next two days and share it with the world. 


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Newport RI ~ August 2014

Hello All,

Yesterday I told you about how Mama J and I went to Mystic Pizza as part of our mini vacation. The next day we went to downtown Newport. I hadn't been to Newport in years and years, probably since I was like 3 or 4 years old. 

When we got to Newport right around lunch time so we stopped at the Brick Alley Pub & Restaurant. It was super busy and crowded. We had to wait about 5 to 10 minutes for our table but they took our drink orders while we waited. When we got to our table our waitress came over quickly and  we ordered out food. I got a lobster Mac&Cheese. It was okay but not the hands down best I had ever had. 

The only ify think that happened was they asked us to move to accommodate and larger group but neither of us had any problem. They were very sweet and I appreciated that the hostess remembered us and thanked us again as we were leaving.  

After that we walked around the town and went into all the little shops. We went into the Alex and Ani Store and the Tervis Tumbler Store. As well as many locally owned stores. I ended up getting one of those female football jersery sweatshirts that say the location across the back. You know those things that are all the rage. If you don't I have picture coming up of it.

While we exploring we found a cute little cupcake place that had DELICIOUS cupcake. If you ever see a Cupcake Charlies promise me that you will go because they were that delicious. 

We were about ready to head back to the car when we happened upon a camera store that had memory sticks! So, we stopped in and we bought one for the rest of our mini vacation and here's a little spoiler I got great pictures that coming up soon.

On our way back to our car Mama J wanted to stop in a Yankee Candles store and waited for her outside and snapped this picture.

We decided we wanted to drive around the non downtown areas of Newport and we happened upon a little beach and we got out to put our feet and the water and of course the blogger in me had to take some pictures.

I think this is one of my favorites

I was trying to be a little bit artsy
Then I try to directed Mama J in taking a picture I had in mind for me and it took a couple of takes.

Take One; too centered
Take two; too much on the left
Take three; the final product and what I had envision Thanks Mama J for being patient 
Finally Mama J told me she wanted to take a selife and it took quite a few takes to get the right one and these are just a few of them.

After the beach we headed back to our hotel and relaxed by watching some Criminals Minds. Our last day of our Mini Vacation was by doing some outlet shopping and then heading back to reality. It was a great little break and at the time I didn't know about the one I would be going on the next week. But more on that on Friday. Tomorrow I'm linking up with Natalie for Blogging For Cause where bloggers are writing about the causes that mean the most to them, so if your looking for a topic on Thursday or Friday think about the link up.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mystic ~ August 2014

Hello All,

Last week I went to Mystic & Newport with Mama J and I had a nice mini vacation. And a MAJOR blogger fail, I left my memory card in my computer. Luckily on the Newport Day we were able to find a memory card for me to buy so I'll have picture for tomorrow's post.

Anyways, we had a nice relaxing morning Tuesday and slowly packed up. Then we were on our way to Mystic. When we got there we parked in a public parking place that was about $13 for an afternoon. After parking we walked about a block and half to Mystic Pizza. Yes, THE Mystic Pizza, the one that the movie was based on.

Mystic Pizza is decorated with pictures from the movie and had the movie on a continuous loop. Mama J nor I order pizza but the food we had was good. Our waitress was very sweet although we didn't see much of her. I do recommend just stopping by because its worth the experience.

After dinner we shopped around the little town and checked out the small shops. My favorite was this book shop. It looked like it was a small one room but then extended into another HUGE room. It was a book lover dream, I wish I had written down the name.

After we looked around we headed back to our hotel, which was in Groton CT and I forgot the name #BloggerFail. It was write next to an Applebees so we had that for dinner and then relaxed in the room for the night. All and all it was a fantastic day!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Big Brother Recap {Week 7}

Hello All,

Happy Saturday! Its time for Big Brother Recap. Before I start I want to apologize for the unexpected blogging hiatus but life and bigger priorities got in the way but more on that later in the week. Let's get started on today's post though.

This HOH competition was important because the house had gone into utter ciaos after the double eviction. In this competition they went head to head and had to look at eye chart that spelled out a sentence and they had to say whether it went with the number one or two. The two ladies with glasses passed the eye test and won HOH making Christine and Nicole the HOHs.

The Battle of the Block competition was played by Zach & Donny and Caleb & Frankie. But Frankie was the whole house public enemy number one and Caleb refused to play and try and throw the competition. They had to work together to get 10 balls up to different holes. The winning HOH and BOB players also recieved a trip outside the house and to the Dallas Football Practice Camp. Although Frankie impressed everyone and pulled off the win on his own and saved himself and Caleb.

The Power of Veto and competition is my favorite competition of most season, which is Otev. This year Otev took the form of penguin and gave riddles about the evicted house guest. They then had to find the house guest name and bring it to Otev and the last house guest to do get evicted. Zach was the player to successfully bring Otev all the names.

So this week started with Nicole nominating Frankie and Caleb and the house agreeing that Caleb would throw the BOB so Frankie would stay on the block and then they might be able to get him evicted. Christine nominated Zach and Donny and wasn't in on the plan to get Frankie out. 

After the BOB Nicole was dethroned and Frankie and Caleb became safe, leaving Zach and Donny on the block. After Zach won POV, Christine decided to Backdoor Nicole and leave her Donny on the block.

If this week had anything it was Drama. As I mention a couple of times Frankie was public enemy number one in the house at the beginning of the week. Mainly because Nicole and Hayden called out Frankie during their please save me speech. The speeches made the detonator question him. Especially after Nicole share a conversastion that her and Frankie had about nominating the four other men in the alliance. This hurt a lot of the guys but especially Zach. 

After fighting out Frankie announce to the house all of his secrets including who his sister is. All of the boys kind of forgave him but I don't think they really trust him and I hope to see one of them work up the guts to backdoor him.

The house once again voted together and chose to evict...

This week's player of the week was hard for me to decide because I really wanted to give it to my favorite player this season but then I really started to think about it and the decision was kind of obvious. This player went from being the most hated player to being in everyone's pretty good graces, he also took a risk and share his personal life secrets AND manage to win a 2 person competition all by himself. So, because of that my player of the week is...

Who would be your player of the week? What did you think of this week? Let me know in comments below. Oh yeah and I am ALWAYS tweeting about Big Brother so if you want to talk about it follow me on Twitter.