Saturday, August 16, 2014

Big Brother Recap {Week 7}

Hello All,

Happy Saturday! Its time for Big Brother Recap. Before I start I want to apologize for the unexpected blogging hiatus but life and bigger priorities got in the way but more on that later in the week. Let's get started on today's post though.

This HOH competition was important because the house had gone into utter ciaos after the double eviction. In this competition they went head to head and had to look at eye chart that spelled out a sentence and they had to say whether it went with the number one or two. The two ladies with glasses passed the eye test and won HOH making Christine and Nicole the HOHs.

The Battle of the Block competition was played by Zach & Donny and Caleb & Frankie. But Frankie was the whole house public enemy number one and Caleb refused to play and try and throw the competition. They had to work together to get 10 balls up to different holes. The winning HOH and BOB players also recieved a trip outside the house and to the Dallas Football Practice Camp. Although Frankie impressed everyone and pulled off the win on his own and saved himself and Caleb.

The Power of Veto and competition is my favorite competition of most season, which is Otev. This year Otev took the form of penguin and gave riddles about the evicted house guest. They then had to find the house guest name and bring it to Otev and the last house guest to do get evicted. Zach was the player to successfully bring Otev all the names.

So this week started with Nicole nominating Frankie and Caleb and the house agreeing that Caleb would throw the BOB so Frankie would stay on the block and then they might be able to get him evicted. Christine nominated Zach and Donny and wasn't in on the plan to get Frankie out. 

After the BOB Nicole was dethroned and Frankie and Caleb became safe, leaving Zach and Donny on the block. After Zach won POV, Christine decided to Backdoor Nicole and leave her Donny on the block.

If this week had anything it was Drama. As I mention a couple of times Frankie was public enemy number one in the house at the beginning of the week. Mainly because Nicole and Hayden called out Frankie during their please save me speech. The speeches made the detonator question him. Especially after Nicole share a conversastion that her and Frankie had about nominating the four other men in the alliance. This hurt a lot of the guys but especially Zach. 

After fighting out Frankie announce to the house all of his secrets including who his sister is. All of the boys kind of forgave him but I don't think they really trust him and I hope to see one of them work up the guts to backdoor him.

The house once again voted together and chose to evict...

This week's player of the week was hard for me to decide because I really wanted to give it to my favorite player this season but then I really started to think about it and the decision was kind of obvious. This player went from being the most hated player to being in everyone's pretty good graces, he also took a risk and share his personal life secrets AND manage to win a 2 person competition all by himself. So, because of that my player of the week is...

Who would be your player of the week? What did you think of this week? Let me know in comments below. Oh yeah and I am ALWAYS tweeting about Big Brother so if you want to talk about it follow me on Twitter.


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