Saturday, August 2, 2014

Big Brother 16 Recap {Week 7}

Hello All,

I would like to send my thoughts and prayers out to Derrick's family after the lose of his grandfather. I am so sorry for you lost!

To start out with the HOH competition it was game where they listen to songs written about the competitions they have played this week. They then had to selected either HOH, POV or BOB. The final two would be the new HOHs. This week's first HOH was Frankie, after Derrick threw the competition to him so that Frankie could see pictures of his Grandfather. The second HOH was Zach.
Derrick and Frankie hugging after Derrick threw the competition to him
The battle of the block was played by Christine and Nicole against Jocosta and Victoria. In this competition they had to build a wedding cake, then climb to the top and have both partners at the top for 5 seconds. Christine and Nicole being the besties they are had great communication where as Victoria and Jocosta had NO communication! Making Christine and Nicole the winners by a land slide.
Victoria falling off her and Jocosta's cake
The final competition was Power of Veto played by Jocosta, Victoria, Frankie, Christine, Hayden (Chosen through house guest choice by Victoria) and Donny. In this competition they had to rock by and forth on a rocking horse 60 times. They then had to stack as many gold blocks in 30 seconds and get back on the horse before the timer ended and start rocking again. If they fail they were out but they could take slop for a week in order to get back in the game. In this competition Jocosta did take the slop in order to stay in. But in the end Hayden took the Veto!

Frankie got to nominate his nominations first and went with weak players so that he could remain HOH so he chose Victoria and Jocosta. Zach had one goal in mind and that was to back door Amber. Because of that he put up a member of his alliance Christine, along with her bestie Nicole. After Battle of the Block Nicole and Christine were taken off the block and Zach was dethrone.

That left Victoria and Jocosta on the block. After POV Hayden took Victoria off the block and Frankie went along with Zach's plan and put up Amber as the replacement nomination.

Zach piss off his fellow detonators by nominating Christine but if he's likely they will forget it soon. Cody and Derrick also made a final 2 deal with each other outside the detonators. 

Zankie still are going strong as the cutest bromance in the house and Zach continue to remind Frankie that he is straight but Frankie's not really buying it.
Hayden and Nicole are still being adorable but they weren't featured much this week. Except for Nicole's striptease to take off her germanitard.
Caleb and Amber started the week by not talking. But the house guest then started to stir trouble with the two saying that Caleb was Amber's target and causing Caleb to "approve" the backdoor plan.

The house once again voted together to evict...

Although Amber isn't the the person that would have been my target she was a strong player that did need to the leave the house. My player of the week this week was the player who actually backdoor Amber making my player of the week...

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