Thursday, August 28, 2014

Junior Year Goals

Hello All,

Today is my first day of Junior year! I'm so excited to be back and I can't wait to see what this year brings. In the coming couple of weeks I have a lot of updates about all things junior year but to start that out I want to share my junior year goals. Now let's begin!

1. Go to the Gym 2 times a weeks
I say this with every set of goals but I'm determined and one day I might just become a gym junkie. This year I'm going to start with a very realistic goal of 2 times a week. Now I just have to figure out when it will fit in my schedule!

2. Become Organized
Another repeat offender, I just want to feel organize, be able to find things at moments notice and always know what's going on in my life! You know that feeling?

3. Get GPA Up
I know that I'm smart but I also know I have a horrible attention span. Because of that I need to figure out how I can study and keep my attention bring those grades.

4. Talk to one new person each week
I love to be social. I love meeting new people but I'm shy. So, this semester I'm going to talk to the kid who sits next to me in class or the person in front of me in line when I'm waiting to get lunch. Even if its just "hi" or "I like your shoes".

5. Try New Clubs Out
As much as I loved being part of the Future Teacher's Club on my campus but because I'm not an education major anymore I think its best to find some other clubs to join. Plus I'll get to make lots of new friends!

6. Become More Adventurous
As much as I like new people I'm a little bit of a home body but I hate that. I want to go adventures and try new things and try find some crazy new things. 

And those are all the things  I want to work on this year. What are some of your school year goals? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Good luck Emma! :) I can't function when my life isn't organized, lol.


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