Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer 2014 Goals Recap!

Hello All,

Happy Wednesday, today I am moving into school for my junior year! Seriously where has time gone?
Since I'm moving into I figured that its the perfect time to tell you guys how I did on my summer goals this year. Remember those goals I made back in May? No? Well you can check them out here. Now that that shameless plug is over let's start the actual post.

Not Even Attempted
In Progress

1. Redecorating and Reorganizing my Room
I did really well with this during the beginning of the summer but then the days got away from and I was too tired at night so this will have to wait until Winter Break.

2. Read and Review 3 Different Books on the Bloggy
I did that and then some! If you weren't able to check out the reviews you can read them by clicking on the links (The Fault in Our StarsThe Maze RunnerTo All the Boys I've Loved Before and If I Stay/Where She Went and I think I read another book that didn't review) My favorite? A tie between If I Stay and To All the Boys I've Loved Before!
3. Try New Foods Each Week
I don't think I tried anything! Ooops!

4. Go on 4 Awesome Adventures
This summer I went to the Beach with Tori, Boston with Amelia, my mom and Amelia's mom, went to Mystic/ Providence with my mom and went to New Hampshire with my fam jam!

5. Get Back into Shape
I did a little bit of walking but not a whole lot of it!

6. Visit some of my friend's from school
Yeah, I failed at that one but its okay I'll see a lot of them in the next few days.

7. Relax Renew and prepare for Junior Year!
I am beyond determined to make this the best year of my life! I'm ready to be organized, outgoing, go on adventures and meet new people! To some people this summer may seem boring but for me it was exactly what I needed!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer! Those of you guys who are starting school in the next few days or for those who have already started I hope you all have a fantastic semester!

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