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Big Brother Weekly Recap {Week 6}

Hello All,

This week's Big Brother is part of the reason I fell in love with Big Brother in the first place. Let's getting talking...

This week's HOH was a true or false game. It went to six way tie breaker leaving Donny and Nicole as HOHs.
The Battle of the Block was played by Jocasta and Zach along with Caleb and Victoria. They had to built a Dominio line and pick 3 punishments that would cause the line to hit the buzzer. Which ever 3 punishments they chose the winning team had to complete. The race was neck and neck through most of the race Caleb and Victoria pulled out the win. And they were stuck with the punshiments of being tied together for 48 hours, 2 weeks on slop and one of them needed to get there heads shaved.
The POV was played by Christine, Nicole, Zach, Victoria, Caleb, and Jocasta. In this competition they had to zip line pass window that show comic book version of all the house guests. They  had to then put the comics in order on the other side. Which ever house guest did the fastest would then win. Victoria maxed out her time and got disqualified and Christine and Nicole were neck in neck but Christine was the ultimate winner.
Christine after winning the competition
Donny and Nicole both knew that they didn't want to put Hayden up and each had their own person they didn't want to go up. They each had their own alliances to take care of. But they both agreed if given the chance they would backdoor Frankie.

Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria and Nicole nominated Zach and Jocasta. After the BOB Zach and Jocasta remained on the block and it looked like the plan to back door could be done. Especially after Christine won POV. But for the first time all summer the POV wasn't used leaving Zach and Jocasta on the block.

Nicole and Hayden reached out to Cody and Derrick to start a new alliance. Derrick and Cody thought about it but ulitmately the alliance fell through after who they decided to evict. 

For the first time this summer the detonators weren't in power and one of there own were up on the block. Frankie, Christine, Derrick, and Cody spend a good amount of the post POV ceremony thinking they were going to keep Jocasta and get rid of Zach.

After Christine didn't go along with Nicole's plan to backdoor Frankie the alliance between Nicole, Christine and Hayden was completely ruined. 

Hayden and Nicole remained adorable and dorky throughout the week.
Zach and Frankie's bromance hit the rock when Zach was put up on the block and goodness know what that means for their relationship.
We haven't really seen the drama that will probably unfold next week after Thursday's night live show.

The house went back and forth about who would go home they didn't all agree. By a vote of 6-2 the house sent there first member jury who was...

Before I announce my player of the week I need to talk about the double eviction! The HOH competition they were given different stats and they needed to say whether the number was too high, too low or equal to the number. This game was won by Caleb! He nominated Hayden and Donny. 

The Power of Veto was played and they had to jump over hurdles and into a ball pit. In the ball pit they would find 3 rubber duckies run over the hurrdle and then grab a power of veto medal. The first player to compete that task would win. Donny won and took himself off the block. Caleb replaced Donny with Nicole.
The showmance was ended with a very divided house they sent the second member of the jury who was...

This week was a hard week for me to decide who would be my player of the week. I could see a couple of players getting that honor but all of the had big reason not to be my player of the week. I ultimately decided on the player who is running the house but also managed to get one of the last floater out of the house. Because of this Derrick is my player of the week.

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