Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Boston Red Sox Game ~ July 2014

Hello All,

Happy Wednesday! Last Wednesday I went to a Boston Red Sox game with Mama J, my oldest friend in the world, Amelia and Amelia's mom. Yesterday I talked about our pre-dinner at Max Brenner yesterday and I really can't rave about that place enough.

After dinner we headed to Fenway Park and went up to our seats in the Grand Stands. We were seated in a I believe left field and had some pretty awesome seats. I personally wish I had brought my regular glasses because we were far enough away that some things were somewhat blurry.

But the game was not the most exciting neither the Red Sox or Blue Jays were playing very well. But there were a few exciting moments but unfortunately the sox were not victorious but at least they had one run!

The young boy we were sitting in front was so adorable. He got so into the game and cheered the sox on and knew every player. Although he (and I) were both very disappointed that our favorite player, David Ortiz, wasn't playing. 

The weather was perfect and the although it was disappointing the Sox didn't win I had a great time with some of my favorite people. I have been fortunate to go to about 4 games in my life. I can't wait to go to another one and one day hopefully bring future children. 

Now enjoy some of the pictures I took while we were at the game because I'm a blogger we take picture everywhere we go!

The entrance we went in

World series banner

LtoR: Me & Amelia
View from out seats

My favorite pictures from the game
What is your favorite sporting event to go to? Let me know in the comments below!

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