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Big Brother 17 Weekly Recap {Week 1}

Hello All,

The summer as officially started because CBS's summer hit hit out TVs this past Wednesday. Much like the past 2 summer I plan to recap the season each week. But I'm not going to promise a day that the post will go up, my goal is to have it up sometime between Thursday (the eviction episode and end of the week) and Sunday (the start of the new week). Unlike last year where I broke up everything into cateogories (i.e. competitions, POV cermony, drama, showmances, etc...) this year I'm going to break it up by day which I think will be easier for me. But like in years past I will name a player of the week and keep track of points to see who the best player of the season was. 

This Year the Points System is as Follows:
-1 Point for each week they remain in the house
-3 Points for winning HOH and plus 2 points for surviving the returning twist of Battle of the Block
-5 Point for being chosen to play in the POV competition
-10 Points for winning the POV
-3 Points for Surviving eviction
-7 Points for being my player of the week
-3 Points for making it to jury 
-10 Points for Winning the Game
-And minus 45 points if they are evicted

Okay so I'm excited for this season from the pre-interviews and such it looks like its going to be a good season. So, without to much more jibber jabber let's get on with this recap.

Wednesday, June 24th's Episode:
This episode started out with Julie introducing the first 8 house guests and having them enter the house. Those houseguest included Audrey, James, Clay, Austin, Jace, Meg, Da'Vonne and Shelli.
Back Row LtoR; Austin, Audrey, Jace & Clay
Front Row LtoR: Meg, James, Shelli and Da'Vonne
During introduction Audrey let the first group of houseguest know that she was the first Transgender player to ever play Big Brother. Not only am I extremely impressed by the courage that Audrey has but I also beleive that it was a great game move. That way it doesn't fuel the rumor mill later on. Also this group of houseguest as well at the group that entered the house on Thursday were very supportive of it.
Soon it was time for the first HOH competition of the summer and Julie announced to the house that one person was going to have to sit out. Da'Vonne volunteered almost instantly. In this competition they stood up on the wall and had to catch tomatoes. The first houseguest to catch I beleive 10 tomatoes would be the winner. But if they fell off the wall they would disqualified. One by one the houseguest started to fall off. Then all at once the last four up on the wall fell off. After an instant replay it was determined that James would be the first HOH of the summer.
James playing the first HOH competition
After the HOH competiton Julie announced the first 2 twist of the season to the house. The first was that the battle of the block was returning, meaning that every week their would be 2 HOHs and 4 nominees, then the nominees would play in a competition to get off the block. Which ever HOHs nominees lose the competition remains HOH. The second twist was that each week their would be a new twist that would shake up the house.
To the audience only Julie announced that a twist from the season of Big Brother would be returning which was the Twin Twist. Meaning that one of the players is playing with their identical twin and through out the week they are switching inside and outside the house. If they make it to the fifth week without being evicted they will get to enter the house and play their own individual game. We will officially know who the twin is during the first live episode, July 2nd. But the internet is already buzzing about how the twin is.
The original twins from BB5, Project DNA

Thursday, June 25 Episode:
The second night we saw that the first group had settled into the house. The first "official" alliance of the season was formed between Audrey, Da'Vonne and Shelli. But other then that no waves had really hit the Big Brother house.
It was soon time for the second group of houseguest to enter the house. These house guest included Becky, Jason, John, Liz, Steve and Vanessa.
Back Row (LtoR): John, Vannessa and Steve
Front Row:Liz, Jason and Becky
The houseguest were quick to notice that their were only 14 houseguest instead of the typical 16 houseguest and that there were still two extra seats at the Big Brother dinning table. But it wasn't long until week one's twist was unleashed on the house. Phil Keoghan came up on the living room screen and telling the houseguest that two of the Amazing Race blind date couples from Amazing Race season 26 would be entering the house. These two racers were Jackie and Jeff, and they quickly informed the rest of the house that they were NOT dating, yet they will still have a HUGE target on their backs.
LtoR: Jackie and Jeff
After ALL the house guest got to know each other it was time for the second HOH competition. It was once again announced that someone would have to sit out. This time Vanessa sat out. In this HOH competition they had to hold on to a pole while harness connected to them try to pull them up. The house guest were quickly surprised by how hard the competition it was. The last two house guest holding on were Jackie and Jason, they made a deal and Jason became the first, second HOH.
And that ended the first week of Big Brother.

Emma's Player of the Week:
So this is the place where I would normally announce my player of the week but after the first week I don't feel like enough game has been played to name a player with that....honor. This week I'm going to tell you the players that at this point I think have the best chances of winning the game.
Jason~From what I can tell Jason has yet to ruffle any feathers. His person, although over powering seems to be on that could probably play a really good social game.

Audrey~Much like Jason I feel like Audrey is going to have a really good social game! She seems personable and confident and I want to be friends with her.

Steve~If you are having BB 14 Flash backs and think you are once again seeing Ian that's because Steve is basically his mini me. He is smart, slightly awkward which sometimes in the Big Brother house make for a really good social game and he's a super fan. Making Steve my official pick to win, so come on Steve bring home a win!

If you're a Big Brother fan you should follow me on Twitter because I watch 90% of the episodes live and tweet through them and would love to talk to other Big Brother fans about the game. Also you'll get links to these post each week.

Let's talk in the comments. What did you think of the first two episodes? Who is your pick to win?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On Turning 21 in Disney World

Hello All,

I feel like I have been MIA on this blog recently. I think it has to do with the fact that I can't share any of my own pictures and I don't have a lot of ideas about what to write about that doesn't have to do with my own pictures. But like I said when I told you my computer was no longer with us (you can read that here) that I will try and write about once to twice a week. But I'm still taking pictures when I do fun things as well as writing "rough draft" posts so once I get a new computer I can throw the pictures and drafts together and get you guys some posts. But until then enjoy this pictureless post (well I do still have access to the logo).

I feel so extremely lucky that I had the opportunity to Disney over spring break this pas year. But not only that but it also happened to be the week of my 21st birthday. It just happened to be really good timing. Every since I was little I always thought it would be super cool to get to be at Disney World during my twenty first birthday, well any birthday really.

On Saturday March 21 both Mandi and Hannah had hit there walls and wanting to go back to the room while I still had energy and decided to go back into the park. I had some pretty awesome moments that night. But on of my favorite moments was 3 security guards. I was walking back into the Magic Kingdom and they ask me what had brought me there night and I told them that was turning 21 at midnight. They then ask me way I wasn't going to EPCOT and I told them it was because it was closed. They then told me I could go in until they got to be the first people to wish me a happy birthday. They were just so sweet and made my night.

Because I was alone I moved at my own speed and decided to do Big Thunder Mountain back to back. My first ride of the night was at around 11:45 at night. But the time I got on the wildest ride in the wilderness again it was 12:05. Making it that I got to ride one of my favorite rides back to back.

Some thing that was uber magical for me though was the fact that I got to have my first ever drink at Disney World. As I explained in my birthday post (you can read that here) that I had never had sip of alcohol until my 21st birthday. I had a Frozen Mango margarita and it was AMAZING. Since drinking them I have continued to love margarita and it i one of my favorite drinks.

Getting to celebrate my 21st birthday at Disney world was a dream come true and I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity. I also want to thank Hannah and Mandi for making that day special as well as Mama J for lending me her points. Thanks ladies!

Monday, June 15, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Hello All,
While you guys are reading this book review I'm up in Boston getting ready to go to a Red Sox game. You could say I'm pretty excited to be going on an adventure. But while I'm away (if only for a few days) I left you guys a book review to read.

So the 3rd book I read this summer was Jesse Andrew's Me and Earl and the Dying Girl the reason that I decided to read the book was because of a movie trailer I saw for the movie that is being made based on the book. {Could that sentence be any more awkward, I couldn't figure out to phrase. Sorry guys}. Anyways since the movie trailer is what got me into the book I figured I'd share it here.
This book is about a guy name Greg who is an inspiring film maker but he really doesn't think that he's very good at all. When he finds out that Rachel who of his childhood friends, kind of sort of not really girlfriend gets diagnosed with cancer. His mom thinks its a good idea for them to re-connect. So, with the help of his co-worker Earl he befriends Rachael and attempt to make a movie for her.
Unlike every other book about a kid with cancer this book IS NOT a love story and I love that fact! Last summer I read The Fault in Our Stars and to be honest I didn't like the book, it became to predictable. (You can read the review here) But while I was reading this book I didn't feel like I knew everything that was going to happen.
As a lot of you probably know or have figured out I like to read, like a lot. But I feel like this book would be a book that could non-readers to read. For one thing it is a funny a book. The chapter titles are so funny and so random. Its also written in so many different ways. From bulleted list to outlined list to a script format to just regular out book writing. Also
Greg breaks the fourth wall. He makes snarky comments and it really helped build who he was as a character. I feel like every other book written in the first person they are just telling a story instead of adding to their characterization.
Overall I give this book at 9 out of 10 and definitely recommend it. I can't wait to see the movie ASAP since it came out on Friday. Definitely keep your eyes movie review because it will definitely find its way on to this blog.

Have you read Me and Earl and the Dying Girl? Have you seen the movie yet? Tell me your thoughts and opinions down below.


Friday, June 12, 2015

DISNEY 2015 ~ DAY 7

Hello All,
I hope you guys can bare with me while I can't post pictures. I just really didn't want to leave this trip unfinished. With that being said I'm going to tell you guys about Day 7, wrap things up and share one other Disney 2015 related post that I wrote way back when I returned from Disney. Please bare with me!
Day 7th marked the final day of trip and my 21st birthday! Since we would be leaving very early the next morning we slept in a little while and then slowly make our way back to  EPCOT for our second EPCOT day.
When we got there I decided that I really wanted some Starbucks so I went to Starbucks while Hannah and Mandi ran over to the France Pavillion in order to met Belle. From what they told me she was very sweet and they had a really good interaction with her. While I was walking to met them I talked to Mama J and took my time around World Showcase. I met up with them while they were heading towards China to meet Mulan.
When we got to Mulan's meet and greet location there was no line. Although Mulan was really in character both the character attendant, the photopass photographer and Mulan seemed to rush us. I'm not sure why, there wasn't a line, it just seemed like they would rather talk to each other then make magical moments for the guest.
The next stop we had to make was meeting Mandi's favorite princess, Aurora/Sleeping Beauty. This was a really really good meet and greet. While we were meeting and greeting she noticed my birthday pin. She asked if I was going to get any birthday surprises. Mandi was through the roof that she got to whisper in Aurora's ear.
At some point in the morning we went to Jasimine and Aladdin's meet and greet. This was another just amazing meet and greet. Aladdin was so funny and charming. I totally understand how Jasimine fell in love with him.
After all of our meet and greets we went on the search for churros. I kept smelling churros throughout our trip and was beyond craving them. We finally found them at the counter service restaurant at the Mexican Pavilion. I can't for the life of me remember what the name of it is. Because the churros are traditional Mexican churros. I never realized until then that I like the fake, Americanized churros that I had instead of the real authentic-ish churros.
After the churros we headed over to the Land Pavilion because Hannah and I had fast passes for Soarin'. Hannah loved the ride and all the effects it did. After the ride we went back to Old Key West. Hannah wanted to go back and take a nap. But Mandi and I went to main pool. While we were there we had lunch at Good's to Go and hung out by the main pool. We also participated in a dance contest.
I eventually went and bought my first drink which was a Frozen Mango Margarita and was absolutely delicious. I eventually went back to the room so that I could shower and lay down for about 15 minutes.
Before dinner time we headed back to EPCOT. We were having dinner at Via Napoli. Mandi and Hannah loved it. I thought it was good but I'm not going to be chomping at the bit to eat there again. 
After dinner we made a stop in England so that Hannah could look in the Doctor Who store. We also made a stop at Downtown Disney for some last minute gifts and purchases. Thus ending the final night of our trip.
If you are interested in seeing the birthday vlog you can see it down below!
Since I'm not planning on doing a whole post on our travel home day I figured I would do a quick recap on here. So, we set up our alarms for about 1:45 AM and set up bell check for 2 AM because our Magical Express bus was picking us up at 2:20 AM. We got the Magical Express bus, it was us plus one other person.
When we got to the airport we had horrible service at check in but got on the plane pretty easily. We had a layover in Atlanta and I took about 2 hour nap on the airport floor. And let me tell you that was one comfortable floor, although it was FREEZING! We had a really easy 2nd half of the flight home. When we got back to my house Mama J and I drove Hannah back to her house so she could pick up her car and then the two of use went out for lunch. I also took a 2 hour nap on my couch.
When Mama J went to her weekly yoga class and I headed back to school. And went back into the swings of spring semester.
Alright guys I have 3 more Disney post coming for you probably next week.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Life Update & Blogging Announcement

Hello All,
This is a post that I didn't want to write but unfornately it looks like I'm going to have to. For the past few weeks my computer has been having some problems with picking up a charge. I kind of wrote off figuring that as long as I held it in the right position it could hold for some time. But I was wrong, about a weeks ago I went to turn on my computer and plug it in to find out that it would not connect to the charger at all.
I brought my computer to Best Buy's Geek Squad where I had a protection plan. After having some of the best service I have ever received from them I got the news that I was dreading, my computer was unfixable. He basically told me that to get it fixed it would most likely cost more then getting a new computer.
At this point I don't have the money to buy a new computer and will be spending the rest of the summer saving to buy a new one. Lucky Mama J has a desktop computer that she says that I can use for simple stuff, including some blogging.
With all that being said I have to make some decisions when it comes to blogging. One although at the beginning of the summer my goal was to get 2 to 4 posts out a week that doesn't seem possible at the moment. I will most likely be cutting my post down to about 1 a week. Along with these post, there won't be any of my favorite kinds going up, AKA posts about what I've done, like traveling or fun things I'm doing over the summer. Mainly because that would involve pictures.
For one on this computer I don't have my favorite photo editing program. But I also I don't want to take up space on Mama J's computer with all of my pictures. But don't worry you guys won't miss out on anything. I will be keeping all my pictures on a memory stick and once I get my new computer I will edit them and write post to catch you guys up on all the things you that I did this summer.
The part that I'm saddest about is the fact that this means that I probably will not be finishing the Disney 2015 recaps. At least the way I want to because I no longer have access to my Disney pictures. Although they are all uploaded to my personal Facebook page I don't have the ability to water mark nor do I want take up to much of this computer's memory. I do plan to write about the final day but without pictures. I am grateful that I was able to get all my videos up from this trip because of how much fun I had vlogging them as well its another way to keep the memories. Like the character interaction that I won't be able to write about or share the pictures from.
I want to thank all you in advance for your patience through this process and time. You can look forward to books review, maybe some movie reviews and some Big Brother recaps because what would summer on The World According to Emma without Big Brother Recaps! And eventually you can look forward to catch up on all the summer's happening when I get a new computer and we return to our regular scheduled program.

And as always be sure you are following me on all my social medias including Twitter, Instagram and my blog's Facebook Page in order to stay up to date on the happens this summer. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Disney 2015 - Crystal Palace {Day 6}

Hello All,

I am itching to travel again and I do have a mini trip planned for a week from today so I'm pretty hyped. But until I have a real vacation planned I guess I'll just have to re-live through past trips so I'm going to keep talking about my spring trip. Hope y'all don't mind.

On our 6th night we went to Crystal Palace where we got to meet Pooh Bear and friends. I had never been to Crystal Palace for dinner, my family normally would go for dinner. So, technically it was a first for all of us. 

When it came to serve we didn't have bad service but we didn't have fantastic serves either, especially compared to the serve we had so far on the trip. I'm pretty sure we were our waiteress' only table in our section and her tables that were near each other need more attention then us. 

Food wise it was not what you would expect from a buffet that had Winnie the Pooh characters. It was fancier food, a lot of salads and colder foods. Mandi loves that kind of food and was on cloud 9. Hannah said that it was her least favorite meal of the trip. As for me, I don't see myself returning to Crystal Palace at dinner time and will stick to breakfasts there.

And final our character interactions. They were only okay. Our best interaction was with Pooh who was cute adoarble and lovable. The rest of them hurried through us as quick as possible. The worst interaction was with Tiger though. He kept saying good-bye to us after each thing. He'd say good-bye after signing autographs, after waving to Megan on my camera and after taking each picture we asked to take. 

Overall this was probably our worse meal of the trip. We pretty disappointed with the food, characters and serves. In no way were we blown away. Although I would return and recommend it because it has been really good in past. I was just kind of disappointed in it.

Now enjoy the pictures.

Tigger and Hannah
Mandi, Tigger and Hannah
Eeyore and me
Tigger and Me
Mandi, Pooh & Hannah
Pooh and me
Piglet and Hannah
Mandi & Piglet
Piglet and me

Friday, June 5, 2015

Disney 2015 ~ Day 6

Hello All,

Happy Friday!

On our 6th day we returned to the Magic Kingdom. Hannah headed out for park open because she had a fast pass for Space Mountain. Mandi and I met up with her about an hour later. Our first stop was to meet Gaston. 

Mandi's daily delta phi epsilon picture

We did some debating about what our next stop would be and eventually decided that I would go ride Big Thunder Mountain (which Hannah had rode during her morning there) while Hannah and Mandi went and met Snow White I believe.

A view while I was waiting in line
A view while I was waiting in line
Another view while I was waiting in line
After the ride I met back up with Hannah and Mandi at the Emporium. Hannah was craving ice cream so we went across the street to the Main Street Ice Cream shop. While we were eating we saw pieces of the Dream Along with Mickey stage show by the castle. Our next activity was still in like 40 minutes so we decided to head over to see the Monster Inc Laugh Floor show. Mandi LOVED the show. Hannah thought it was cute.  

After the show we did a lot of character meet and greets. Including Peter Pan, Princess Tiana and Merida. We also got lunch at the Tomorrowland Noodle Station. Hannah and Mandi both liked their meals I however did not like what I got. 

Once we were done with lunch we headed out for our afternoon lunch we went back to the resort for  a rest. I took a little cat nap while Mandi and I believe Hannah went to the pool. For dinner that night we went to The Crystal Palace for dinner. A post coming later.

We had some set plans for the evening but had about 2 hours to kill. We decided to head over to Fantasyland to see what the wait time for Peter Pan's Flight unfortunately it was just too long. Instead we went and saw the 4D show Phillar Magic show. Every time I see that show I remember just how much I love it. It has all the classic music in it and I sit there and sing along.

After the show we headed over to Bay Lake Towers which is the DVC section of the Contemporary Resort. We were going there because we were meeting my dad, for those of you who don't know my dad is currently living in Florida. We met him and his girlfriend at the Top of the World Lounge which is a bar/lounge thing that is exclusive for Bay Lake Tower guest and DVC members. If you ever get the chance to go there I would recommend it because the view of Wishes is amazing.

After watching Wishes we said good-bye to my dad and his girlfriend. Hannah and Mandi decided to head back to hotel and go to sleep. I on the other hand decided to head back into the Magic Kingdom. My first stop was Big Thunder Mountain. I rode it around 11:50 making it the last ride I rode at 20 years old. I then deciced to get back in line and ride again. My next ride started at 12:01 which also made it the first ride I rode at 21. It was pretty magical.

After that I went back to the the Mine Train Roller Coaster and got back in line. I'm not going to lie I kind of regretted though. The line was long but this time I got a better view of what the ride but I feel like I could have done other things during that time.

My final ride of the night was Space Mountain. It was a little bit of impulse and totally worth it. While I was getting on the ride they had to scan my Magic Band in order to make sure that I was staying at a Disney Resort because it was Extra Magic Hours. (editors note: Extra Magic Hours is a period of time that is only for guest staying at Disney Resorts) I'm so glad I went on this ride. I rarely make the time to go on this ride because its not a must do for me. But every time I go on I feel that its really worth it. On this particular night I was in the final row behind four college guys. They were busting each other balls while waiting in line. But I was sure they saw me behind them so I stay silent the whole ride because I didn't want the other guys to think the one right in front of me was screaming like a girl. At this point I was really tired and it made perfect sense in my head. Now looking back on it all I can think is why did care what they thought of their friend and that they probably did see me because at one point you ride right by a mirror towards the beginning.

I can't remember when I took this picture but I love this picture
In case you haven't seen it yet the vlog from this day you can watch it here!

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Hello All,

I have been reading like crazy the last few weeks. In just a few weeks of summer I have completed 2 books and I'm almost done with my third. Summer really is the only time I have to read so I take full advantage of it. So without further ado let's start the book review.

The second book I read this summer was Gone Too Far which is by the same author who wrote Six Months Later, Natalie Richards.

This book follows Piper  a high school senior who takes pictures for the year book and HATES the popular. one day when she's running extremely late for school she slips on a notebook which is filled with secrets about everyone in the school, including one about her best friend. Later that day she witnesses a group of the "popular" kids bully a girl whose sex tape got released on the school website. The next day Piper wakes up with a phone call from her friend that the girl who was being bullied has been hit by a train the night before. Followed by an anonymous text message asking her to help this mystery person take down member of "popular" group. For the rest of the book Piper tries to figure out her partner is in the vigilante take downs.

After how much I enjoy Six Months Later I had very high expectations for this book and it didn't live up to it. It took me until I was probably 75% of the way through the book to realize what I didn't like. Which was that I HATED the main character. She played victim throughout the book and even when she had a her grand character transformation she still was annoying and gave off this presence of being better then the rest. 

Another big problem I had with the book was that I felt as if the story moved at a snail's pace. Every time I felt like the book was going to get exciting it slowed down again. The main thing that kept me reading the book was that I really wanted to know who the vigilante was and when I found out I was disappointed and looking back I realize that I shouldn't character have been surprised at all. It was the most obvious option.

If I was being completely honest with all I wouldn't recommend this book. I didn't like book and I felt that the story was very poorly written.

Have you read Gone Too Far? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer 2015 Reading List

Hello All,

This summer seems to be all about reading, I'm on my third book of the summer (my next book review is coming very soon). I'm so excited for all the books I want to read this summer and since I have them all written down I figured I'd share them with you.

-Me, Earl & the Dying Girl Jesse Andrews
Dorothy Must Die Danielle Paige
Heat of the Moment by Lauren Barnholdt (the first a trilogy)
Better Off Friends Elizabeth Eulberg
As Simple As Snow Gregory Galloway
Shattering Glass by Gail Giles
Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins
Diary of a Waitress by Carolyn Meyer
The Third Twin By CJ Omololu
Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver
The Spectacular Now By Tim Tharp
99 Days by Katie Cotugno
Those are the books on my summer reading list this year. Have you read any of these books? Let me know in the comments below!