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Disney 2015 ~ Day 6

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On our 6th day we returned to the Magic Kingdom. Hannah headed out for park open because she had a fast pass for Space Mountain. Mandi and I met up with her about an hour later. Our first stop was to meet Gaston. 

Mandi's daily delta phi epsilon picture

We did some debating about what our next stop would be and eventually decided that I would go ride Big Thunder Mountain (which Hannah had rode during her morning there) while Hannah and Mandi went and met Snow White I believe.

A view while I was waiting in line
A view while I was waiting in line
Another view while I was waiting in line
After the ride I met back up with Hannah and Mandi at the Emporium. Hannah was craving ice cream so we went across the street to the Main Street Ice Cream shop. While we were eating we saw pieces of the Dream Along with Mickey stage show by the castle. Our next activity was still in like 40 minutes so we decided to head over to see the Monster Inc Laugh Floor show. Mandi LOVED the show. Hannah thought it was cute.  

After the show we did a lot of character meet and greets. Including Peter Pan, Princess Tiana and Merida. We also got lunch at the Tomorrowland Noodle Station. Hannah and Mandi both liked their meals I however did not like what I got. 

Once we were done with lunch we headed out for our afternoon lunch we went back to the resort for  a rest. I took a little cat nap while Mandi and I believe Hannah went to the pool. For dinner that night we went to The Crystal Palace for dinner. A post coming later.

We had some set plans for the evening but had about 2 hours to kill. We decided to head over to Fantasyland to see what the wait time for Peter Pan's Flight unfortunately it was just too long. Instead we went and saw the 4D show Phillar Magic show. Every time I see that show I remember just how much I love it. It has all the classic music in it and I sit there and sing along.

After the show we headed over to Bay Lake Towers which is the DVC section of the Contemporary Resort. We were going there because we were meeting my dad, for those of you who don't know my dad is currently living in Florida. We met him and his girlfriend at the Top of the World Lounge which is a bar/lounge thing that is exclusive for Bay Lake Tower guest and DVC members. If you ever get the chance to go there I would recommend it because the view of Wishes is amazing.

After watching Wishes we said good-bye to my dad and his girlfriend. Hannah and Mandi decided to head back to hotel and go to sleep. I on the other hand decided to head back into the Magic Kingdom. My first stop was Big Thunder Mountain. I rode it around 11:50 making it the last ride I rode at 20 years old. I then deciced to get back in line and ride again. My next ride started at 12:01 which also made it the first ride I rode at 21. It was pretty magical.

After that I went back to the the Mine Train Roller Coaster and got back in line. I'm not going to lie I kind of regretted though. The line was long but this time I got a better view of what the ride but I feel like I could have done other things during that time.

My final ride of the night was Space Mountain. It was a little bit of impulse and totally worth it. While I was getting on the ride they had to scan my Magic Band in order to make sure that I was staying at a Disney Resort because it was Extra Magic Hours. (editors note: Extra Magic Hours is a period of time that is only for guest staying at Disney Resorts) I'm so glad I went on this ride. I rarely make the time to go on this ride because its not a must do for me. But every time I go on I feel that its really worth it. On this particular night I was in the final row behind four college guys. They were busting each other balls while waiting in line. But I was sure they saw me behind them so I stay silent the whole ride because I didn't want the other guys to think the one right in front of me was screaming like a girl. At this point I was really tired and it made perfect sense in my head. Now looking back on it all I can think is why did care what they thought of their friend and that they probably did see me because at one point you ride right by a mirror towards the beginning.

I can't remember when I took this picture but I love this picture
In case you haven't seen it yet the vlog from this day you can watch it here!

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