Monday, June 15, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Hello All,
While you guys are reading this book review I'm up in Boston getting ready to go to a Red Sox game. You could say I'm pretty excited to be going on an adventure. But while I'm away (if only for a few days) I left you guys a book review to read.

So the 3rd book I read this summer was Jesse Andrew's Me and Earl and the Dying Girl the reason that I decided to read the book was because of a movie trailer I saw for the movie that is being made based on the book. {Could that sentence be any more awkward, I couldn't figure out to phrase. Sorry guys}. Anyways since the movie trailer is what got me into the book I figured I'd share it here.
This book is about a guy name Greg who is an inspiring film maker but he really doesn't think that he's very good at all. When he finds out that Rachel who of his childhood friends, kind of sort of not really girlfriend gets diagnosed with cancer. His mom thinks its a good idea for them to re-connect. So, with the help of his co-worker Earl he befriends Rachael and attempt to make a movie for her.
Unlike every other book about a kid with cancer this book IS NOT a love story and I love that fact! Last summer I read The Fault in Our Stars and to be honest I didn't like the book, it became to predictable. (You can read the review here) But while I was reading this book I didn't feel like I knew everything that was going to happen.
As a lot of you probably know or have figured out I like to read, like a lot. But I feel like this book would be a book that could non-readers to read. For one thing it is a funny a book. The chapter titles are so funny and so random. Its also written in so many different ways. From bulleted list to outlined list to a script format to just regular out book writing. Also
Greg breaks the fourth wall. He makes snarky comments and it really helped build who he was as a character. I feel like every other book written in the first person they are just telling a story instead of adding to their characterization.
Overall I give this book at 9 out of 10 and definitely recommend it. I can't wait to see the movie ASAP since it came out on Friday. Definitely keep your eyes movie review because it will definitely find its way on to this blog.

Have you read Me and Earl and the Dying Girl? Have you seen the movie yet? Tell me your thoughts and opinions down below.


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