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Big Brother 17 Weekly Recap {Week 1}

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The summer as officially started because CBS's summer hit hit out TVs this past Wednesday. Much like the past 2 summer I plan to recap the season each week. But I'm not going to promise a day that the post will go up, my goal is to have it up sometime between Thursday (the eviction episode and end of the week) and Sunday (the start of the new week). Unlike last year where I broke up everything into cateogories (i.e. competitions, POV cermony, drama, showmances, etc...) this year I'm going to break it up by day which I think will be easier for me. But like in years past I will name a player of the week and keep track of points to see who the best player of the season was. 

This Year the Points System is as Follows:
-1 Point for each week they remain in the house
-3 Points for winning HOH and plus 2 points for surviving the returning twist of Battle of the Block
-5 Point for being chosen to play in the POV competition
-10 Points for winning the POV
-3 Points for Surviving eviction
-7 Points for being my player of the week
-3 Points for making it to jury 
-10 Points for Winning the Game
-And minus 45 points if they are evicted

Okay so I'm excited for this season from the pre-interviews and such it looks like its going to be a good season. So, without to much more jibber jabber let's get on with this recap.

Wednesday, June 24th's Episode:
This episode started out with Julie introducing the first 8 house guests and having them enter the house. Those houseguest included Audrey, James, Clay, Austin, Jace, Meg, Da'Vonne and Shelli.
Back Row LtoR; Austin, Audrey, Jace & Clay
Front Row LtoR: Meg, James, Shelli and Da'Vonne
During introduction Audrey let the first group of houseguest know that she was the first Transgender player to ever play Big Brother. Not only am I extremely impressed by the courage that Audrey has but I also beleive that it was a great game move. That way it doesn't fuel the rumor mill later on. Also this group of houseguest as well at the group that entered the house on Thursday were very supportive of it.
Soon it was time for the first HOH competition of the summer and Julie announced to the house that one person was going to have to sit out. Da'Vonne volunteered almost instantly. In this competition they stood up on the wall and had to catch tomatoes. The first houseguest to catch I beleive 10 tomatoes would be the winner. But if they fell off the wall they would disqualified. One by one the houseguest started to fall off. Then all at once the last four up on the wall fell off. After an instant replay it was determined that James would be the first HOH of the summer.
James playing the first HOH competition
After the HOH competiton Julie announced the first 2 twist of the season to the house. The first was that the battle of the block was returning, meaning that every week their would be 2 HOHs and 4 nominees, then the nominees would play in a competition to get off the block. Which ever HOHs nominees lose the competition remains HOH. The second twist was that each week their would be a new twist that would shake up the house.
To the audience only Julie announced that a twist from the season of Big Brother would be returning which was the Twin Twist. Meaning that one of the players is playing with their identical twin and through out the week they are switching inside and outside the house. If they make it to the fifth week without being evicted they will get to enter the house and play their own individual game. We will officially know who the twin is during the first live episode, July 2nd. But the internet is already buzzing about how the twin is.
The original twins from BB5, Project DNA

Thursday, June 25 Episode:
The second night we saw that the first group had settled into the house. The first "official" alliance of the season was formed between Audrey, Da'Vonne and Shelli. But other then that no waves had really hit the Big Brother house.
It was soon time for the second group of houseguest to enter the house. These house guest included Becky, Jason, John, Liz, Steve and Vanessa.
Back Row (LtoR): John, Vannessa and Steve
Front Row:Liz, Jason and Becky
The houseguest were quick to notice that their were only 14 houseguest instead of the typical 16 houseguest and that there were still two extra seats at the Big Brother dinning table. But it wasn't long until week one's twist was unleashed on the house. Phil Keoghan came up on the living room screen and telling the houseguest that two of the Amazing Race blind date couples from Amazing Race season 26 would be entering the house. These two racers were Jackie and Jeff, and they quickly informed the rest of the house that they were NOT dating, yet they will still have a HUGE target on their backs.
LtoR: Jackie and Jeff
After ALL the house guest got to know each other it was time for the second HOH competition. It was once again announced that someone would have to sit out. This time Vanessa sat out. In this HOH competition they had to hold on to a pole while harness connected to them try to pull them up. The house guest were quickly surprised by how hard the competition it was. The last two house guest holding on were Jackie and Jason, they made a deal and Jason became the first, second HOH.
And that ended the first week of Big Brother.

Emma's Player of the Week:
So this is the place where I would normally announce my player of the week but after the first week I don't feel like enough game has been played to name a player with that....honor. This week I'm going to tell you the players that at this point I think have the best chances of winning the game.
Jason~From what I can tell Jason has yet to ruffle any feathers. His person, although over powering seems to be on that could probably play a really good social game.

Audrey~Much like Jason I feel like Audrey is going to have a really good social game! She seems personable and confident and I want to be friends with her.

Steve~If you are having BB 14 Flash backs and think you are once again seeing Ian that's because Steve is basically his mini me. He is smart, slightly awkward which sometimes in the Big Brother house make for a really good social game and he's a super fan. Making Steve my official pick to win, so come on Steve bring home a win!

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Let's talk in the comments. What did you think of the first two episodes? Who is your pick to win?

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