Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On Turning 21 in Disney World

Hello All,

I feel like I have been MIA on this blog recently. I think it has to do with the fact that I can't share any of my own pictures and I don't have a lot of ideas about what to write about that doesn't have to do with my own pictures. But like I said when I told you my computer was no longer with us (you can read that here) that I will try and write about once to twice a week. But I'm still taking pictures when I do fun things as well as writing "rough draft" posts so once I get a new computer I can throw the pictures and drafts together and get you guys some posts. But until then enjoy this pictureless post (well I do still have access to the logo).

I feel so extremely lucky that I had the opportunity to Disney over spring break this pas year. But not only that but it also happened to be the week of my 21st birthday. It just happened to be really good timing. Every since I was little I always thought it would be super cool to get to be at Disney World during my twenty first birthday, well any birthday really.

On Saturday March 21 both Mandi and Hannah had hit there walls and wanting to go back to the room while I still had energy and decided to go back into the park. I had some pretty awesome moments that night. But on of my favorite moments was 3 security guards. I was walking back into the Magic Kingdom and they ask me what had brought me there night and I told them that was turning 21 at midnight. They then ask me way I wasn't going to EPCOT and I told them it was because it was closed. They then told me I could go in until they got to be the first people to wish me a happy birthday. They were just so sweet and made my night.

Because I was alone I moved at my own speed and decided to do Big Thunder Mountain back to back. My first ride of the night was at around 11:45 at night. But the time I got on the wildest ride in the wilderness again it was 12:05. Making it that I got to ride one of my favorite rides back to back.

Some thing that was uber magical for me though was the fact that I got to have my first ever drink at Disney World. As I explained in my birthday post (you can read that here) that I had never had sip of alcohol until my 21st birthday. I had a Frozen Mango margarita and it was AMAZING. Since drinking them I have continued to love margarita and it i one of my favorite drinks.

Getting to celebrate my 21st birthday at Disney world was a dream come true and I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity. I also want to thank Hannah and Mandi for making that day special as well as Mama J for lending me her points. Thanks ladies!

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