Friday, June 12, 2015

DISNEY 2015 ~ DAY 7

Hello All,
I hope you guys can bare with me while I can't post pictures. I just really didn't want to leave this trip unfinished. With that being said I'm going to tell you guys about Day 7, wrap things up and share one other Disney 2015 related post that I wrote way back when I returned from Disney. Please bare with me!
Day 7th marked the final day of trip and my 21st birthday! Since we would be leaving very early the next morning we slept in a little while and then slowly make our way back to  EPCOT for our second EPCOT day.
When we got there I decided that I really wanted some Starbucks so I went to Starbucks while Hannah and Mandi ran over to the France Pavillion in order to met Belle. From what they told me she was very sweet and they had a really good interaction with her. While I was walking to met them I talked to Mama J and took my time around World Showcase. I met up with them while they were heading towards China to meet Mulan.
When we got to Mulan's meet and greet location there was no line. Although Mulan was really in character both the character attendant, the photopass photographer and Mulan seemed to rush us. I'm not sure why, there wasn't a line, it just seemed like they would rather talk to each other then make magical moments for the guest.
The next stop we had to make was meeting Mandi's favorite princess, Aurora/Sleeping Beauty. This was a really really good meet and greet. While we were meeting and greeting she noticed my birthday pin. She asked if I was going to get any birthday surprises. Mandi was through the roof that she got to whisper in Aurora's ear.
At some point in the morning we went to Jasimine and Aladdin's meet and greet. This was another just amazing meet and greet. Aladdin was so funny and charming. I totally understand how Jasimine fell in love with him.
After all of our meet and greets we went on the search for churros. I kept smelling churros throughout our trip and was beyond craving them. We finally found them at the counter service restaurant at the Mexican Pavilion. I can't for the life of me remember what the name of it is. Because the churros are traditional Mexican churros. I never realized until then that I like the fake, Americanized churros that I had instead of the real authentic-ish churros.
After the churros we headed over to the Land Pavilion because Hannah and I had fast passes for Soarin'. Hannah loved the ride and all the effects it did. After the ride we went back to Old Key West. Hannah wanted to go back and take a nap. But Mandi and I went to main pool. While we were there we had lunch at Good's to Go and hung out by the main pool. We also participated in a dance contest.
I eventually went and bought my first drink which was a Frozen Mango Margarita and was absolutely delicious. I eventually went back to the room so that I could shower and lay down for about 15 minutes.
Before dinner time we headed back to EPCOT. We were having dinner at Via Napoli. Mandi and Hannah loved it. I thought it was good but I'm not going to be chomping at the bit to eat there again. 
After dinner we made a stop in England so that Hannah could look in the Doctor Who store. We also made a stop at Downtown Disney for some last minute gifts and purchases. Thus ending the final night of our trip.
If you are interested in seeing the birthday vlog you can see it down below!
Since I'm not planning on doing a whole post on our travel home day I figured I would do a quick recap on here. So, we set up our alarms for about 1:45 AM and set up bell check for 2 AM because our Magical Express bus was picking us up at 2:20 AM. We got the Magical Express bus, it was us plus one other person.
When we got to the airport we had horrible service at check in but got on the plane pretty easily. We had a layover in Atlanta and I took about 2 hour nap on the airport floor. And let me tell you that was one comfortable floor, although it was FREEZING! We had a really easy 2nd half of the flight home. When we got back to my house Mama J and I drove Hannah back to her house so she could pick up her car and then the two of use went out for lunch. I also took a 2 hour nap on my couch.
When Mama J went to her weekly yoga class and I headed back to school. And went back into the swings of spring semester.
Alright guys I have 3 more Disney post coming for you probably next week.

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