Thursday, June 4, 2015


Hello All,

I have been reading like crazy the last few weeks. In just a few weeks of summer I have completed 2 books and I'm almost done with my third. Summer really is the only time I have to read so I take full advantage of it. So without further ado let's start the book review.

The second book I read this summer was Gone Too Far which is by the same author who wrote Six Months Later, Natalie Richards.

This book follows Piper  a high school senior who takes pictures for the year book and HATES the popular. one day when she's running extremely late for school she slips on a notebook which is filled with secrets about everyone in the school, including one about her best friend. Later that day she witnesses a group of the "popular" kids bully a girl whose sex tape got released on the school website. The next day Piper wakes up with a phone call from her friend that the girl who was being bullied has been hit by a train the night before. Followed by an anonymous text message asking her to help this mystery person take down member of "popular" group. For the rest of the book Piper tries to figure out her partner is in the vigilante take downs.

After how much I enjoy Six Months Later I had very high expectations for this book and it didn't live up to it. It took me until I was probably 75% of the way through the book to realize what I didn't like. Which was that I HATED the main character. She played victim throughout the book and even when she had a her grand character transformation she still was annoying and gave off this presence of being better then the rest. 

Another big problem I had with the book was that I felt as if the story moved at a snail's pace. Every time I felt like the book was going to get exciting it slowed down again. The main thing that kept me reading the book was that I really wanted to know who the vigilante was and when I found out I was disappointed and looking back I realize that I shouldn't character have been surprised at all. It was the most obvious option.

If I was being completely honest with all I wouldn't recommend this book. I didn't like book and I felt that the story was very poorly written.

Have you read Gone Too Far? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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