Sunday, October 30, 2016

Somewhere Else to Find Me

Hey Guys,

This is going to be a quick, non-edited post. I just wanted to let you know that if you're interested I wrote an article for my campus' chapter of Her Campus. If you'd like you can read it by clicking here. Okay that's it! I'll be back with a real post soon. xoxo.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

TRAVEL THURSDAY: The Islands We'll Visit

Hello All,

Happy Travel Thursday!

It makes me so incredibly happy and inspired to be writing Travel Thursday posts again, they are probably my favorite posts to write and I feel like when I start to plan them out I'm brimming with ideas. Is brimming the right word? I'm not sure. Anyways this weekend Mama Judy and I did a lot of vacay planning activities, okay let's be honest she did the work, I just reminded her it was time. One thing we did was book our hotel for the two nights before the cruise and we booked our two excursions for our cruise! I will be doing more detail posts about our actual excursions in the coming weeks but I wanted to share the destinations we'll get to visit. 

So, let's get started. The specific cruise that Mama Judy and I are going on is Disney Cruise Line's 7-Day Western Caribbean, I can't link the cruise without giving away the dates were going. Either way most 7-Day Western Caribbean cruises go to the same locations so hopefully you'll learn something from this post. 

I'm listing our ports of calls in no specific order, I'm not sure what order we go to them in. 

One of the ports of call we land in is Falmouth, Jamaica. Jamaica is a place I've never been and never really researched going to but there are some really cool excursions on the Disney Cruise websites, I'm actually really excited about the one Mama Judy and I are planning to do. They offer things from tours to beach days, all of which seem super exciting.

The destination that I am personally most excited about is Cozumel, Mexico. I'm low key a little bit of a history nerd. If I go into a room and someone is watching a documentary on History Channel I'll probably sit down and get engrossed. Since Cozumel is famously known for it ruins I've always wanted to go. If you aren't as much of a nerd as I am they do have excursions that are more water based or beach based. 

We will also be stopping on the Grand Cayman Island. I'll be honest with you guys this is the destination that we don't have any excursions booked. Mama Judy and I both went through the list of options and didn't see any that really caught our eye. There are a lot snorkeling or scuba diving ones which just doesn't intrigue either of us. I'm not saying that there is no way we'll get off the boat, there is a chance we'll get off the boat and explore on our own but we aren't booking anything.

The final destination is Disney Castaway Cay, which I know does have excursions but Mama Judy and I prefer to just lay on the beach and read or swim in the ocean. I'm not going to lie I'm pretty excited for this destination on this cruise because I will be over 21 and can drink on the beach for the first time. Castaway Cay is beyond gorgeous and I'm alway happy to sit on the beach there.

May 2015
May 2015
May 2015
And those are the islands that we will be visiting on our January 2017 cruise. I know I didn't go into too much detail about each island for Jamaica and Cozumel I will be doing a slightly more in depth posts about the exact excursions we will be doing. But if you guys have any questions about planning cruise excursions let me know in the comments and I'll try to answer them.

-P.S. For all of you effected by Hurricane Matthew I hope that you are safe and you didn't experience too much damage.  

Thursday, October 6, 2016

TRAVEL THURSDAY: Flashbacks of Cruise Past

Hello All,

Happy Travel Thursday!

So, I am back once again to talk about my upcoming trip, for those of you who missed the announcement you can read it by clicking on that link. I'm not going to lie I'm pretty excited now that I'm in the double digit countdown. Plus there is so much going on between now and 93 days from now that I know the time is just going to fly by.

So, if you were around these parts a few years ago when I was getting ready for my cruise in 2015 and you have super amazing memory you may remember I did a post very similar to the one I'm about to do. I just wanted to give a flashback to past cruises because one I think its fun to see how different I look but also because it helps to past the time.

So, my first cruise was in like 2005 with my mom, which I don't have any pictures for because I'm at school. I remember having a lot of fun during my first cruise, which I went on with my mom. We went on a three day cruise that docked in Nassau and Castaway Cay, as well as having a day at sea. On this particular cruise we went on one excursion which was in Nassau, we got to play with dolphins, which was an awesome experience.

Our second cruise was in 2011, we went on the same cruise with the three days stopping at Nassau and Castaway Cay. This time we didn't do any excursions and said on the boat with the exception of when we were docked on Castaway. This was the first time I felt like we didn't have enough time to everything I really wished it was longer. I'm going to throw a few pictures in here.
My mom and I
Pluto and me
My most recent cruise I wrote about for this blog. This cruise took place in 2014 and I wrote a lot about it afterwards (The first post). This cruise I went on with aunt Marianne and Emily, my Uncle Chad, my grandma and little cousin. We did a seven day cruise that stopped at St. Marteen, St.Thomas/St. John and Castaway Cay. This wa an awesome trip filled with great memories. I'm once again going to add some pictures in.

St. Thomas water
Me in St. Thomas
One of my favorite pictures
Me at Castaway Cay
Me and Princess Tiana
Me and Chip and Dale.
Those are the cruises are the ones I've been on in the past. I have a lot of more posts for planning coming up. See you next week with the next post. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

3 Fictional Characters

Hello All,

Have you guys seen the newest social media trend where people are supposed to chose 3 fictional characters that they feel like are most like them or they relate to the most? Well it inspired me to write a blog post so here I am writing a blog post for all you lovely people out there in internet land. 

First I'll start by being honest, when I first saw this trend I had a really hard time picking out which characters I related to the most. I couldn't think of any characters that held all the aspects of me and my identity. After I thought more about it and remembered that I could chose 3 very different characters that each showed the different aspects of who I am/who I hope to be. 

Recently I've been re-watching the Canadian hit show, Degrassi. The first time I watched Degrassi I probably would have felt that I connected most with Clare or even Imogen and don't get me wrong I still see myself in those characters but the character on that show I connect with the most is Holly J Sinclair who is played by the amazing Charlotte Arnold.  
For those of you who have never seen the show Holly J starts out a very intense character (*cough Bitch *cough cough***) who is  use to getting her own way.  Which I don't connect with necessarily (Some may beg to differ 😉). But as the series went on she grew into a softer and more lovable character. I connect with her because much like her I live an insanely crazy schedule where many times I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off, hence the lack of post. But that's not the only reason, much like Holly J I have a very type A personality where I like to do my best and get my work done. My favorite part about Holly J is that  she is just as powerful when she has a man in her life as when doesn't. And I like to believe that I have the same power in my life, well if I ever found a boy worth spending my time on, lol.

Fun fact at one of my pervious jobs they use to call me Emma J and I low key always felt like Holly J.

Now I'm not always so tightly wound so next I wanted to think of someone goofier. I started thinking of some of my favorite sitcoms and I came up with New Girl. Originally I thought about saying  I was most like Jessica Day, I can be quirky. But then I was like nah that doesn't sound right. Then it hit me, I am most like Winston who is played by Lamorne Morris.
Much like Winston I can be pretty socially awkward, especially when it comes to dating. I don't know how to properly approach dating and finding someone who thinks I'm as adorable as I think I am. Winston also has a weird connection with his cat which if we're being honest will be me one day when I have my puppy dog. Unlike Winston I'm not as dependent on other people as Winston is on his roommates. But I do agree with him Saturday is the day of sleeping. I can't come up with more reason know but if we're being honest when I watch New Girl on Netflix I often think to my "Wow that's me" with half the stunts Winston pulls.

The final character I felt a connection with was a no brainer even though she wasn't the first person I thought of. That would be the one and only Brooke Davis played by the amazing Sophia Bush.
Brooke Davis a gorgeous girl who still went through her ups and downs but handled it with grace, something I strive to do. I connect with Brooke because she is a hard worker and built a whole empire because its what she wanted. I've never built an empire but I have the drive to follow my dreams. As the seasons go on we see what a great friend Brooke is, yes she didn't want to be Peyton's friend but she felt betrayed so I don't blame her. For the most part, she was always there for the people she loved and at the end of the day she did help Peyton kick psycho Derrick's ass so there's that. In the end the reason I feel so connected to her because she has such a big a heart and so do I (at least in my opinion).

So those are the 3 fictional characters I feel most connected with. What 3 fictional characters do you connect with the most? Let me know in the comments below.