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TRAVEL THURSDAY: The Islands We'll Visit

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It makes me so incredibly happy and inspired to be writing Travel Thursday posts again, they are probably my favorite posts to write and I feel like when I start to plan them out I'm brimming with ideas. Is brimming the right word? I'm not sure. Anyways this weekend Mama Judy and I did a lot of vacay planning activities, okay let's be honest she did the work, I just reminded her it was time. One thing we did was book our hotel for the two nights before the cruise and we booked our two excursions for our cruise! I will be doing more detail posts about our actual excursions in the coming weeks but I wanted to share the destinations we'll get to visit. 

So, let's get started. The specific cruise that Mama Judy and I are going on is Disney Cruise Line's 7-Day Western Caribbean, I can't link the cruise without giving away the dates were going. Either way most 7-Day Western Caribbean cruises go to the same locations so hopefully you'll learn something from this post. 

I'm listing our ports of calls in no specific order, I'm not sure what order we go to them in. 

One of the ports of call we land in is Falmouth, Jamaica. Jamaica is a place I've never been and never really researched going to but there are some really cool excursions on the Disney Cruise websites, I'm actually really excited about the one Mama Judy and I are planning to do. They offer things from tours to beach days, all of which seem super exciting.

The destination that I am personally most excited about is Cozumel, Mexico. I'm low key a little bit of a history nerd. If I go into a room and someone is watching a documentary on History Channel I'll probably sit down and get engrossed. Since Cozumel is famously known for it ruins I've always wanted to go. If you aren't as much of a nerd as I am they do have excursions that are more water based or beach based. 

We will also be stopping on the Grand Cayman Island. I'll be honest with you guys this is the destination that we don't have any excursions booked. Mama Judy and I both went through the list of options and didn't see any that really caught our eye. There are a lot snorkeling or scuba diving ones which just doesn't intrigue either of us. I'm not saying that there is no way we'll get off the boat, there is a chance we'll get off the boat and explore on our own but we aren't booking anything.

The final destination is Disney Castaway Cay, which I know does have excursions but Mama Judy and I prefer to just lay on the beach and read or swim in the ocean. I'm not going to lie I'm pretty excited for this destination on this cruise because I will be over 21 and can drink on the beach for the first time. Castaway Cay is beyond gorgeous and I'm alway happy to sit on the beach there.

May 2015
May 2015
May 2015
And those are the islands that we will be visiting on our January 2017 cruise. I know I didn't go into too much detail about each island for Jamaica and Cozumel I will be doing a slightly more in depth posts about the exact excursions we will be doing. But if you guys have any questions about planning cruise excursions let me know in the comments and I'll try to answer them.

-P.S. For all of you effected by Hurricane Matthew I hope that you are safe and you didn't experience too much damage.  

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