Saturday, June 28, 2014

Big Brother & An Announcement!

Hello All,

I have been dropping hints all week that I big change was coming to my blog but I might have been overreacting. But the big change coming to my blog is a schedule change! Those of you who visit this blogging on a regular basis, thank you! But also might have noticed that this blog runs on a pretty normal schedule. As of right now a post goes live Monday-Friday at 7 AM with occasional weekend post. But starting today the blog schedule is changing for the summer. The schedule will now be Tuesday-Saturday! I will continue the 7 AM for Tuesday through Friday but no promises for Saturday! 

The schedule is changing for the Big Brother season! Last year I did a weekly recap of the happenings in the game and made a point system to declare who played the best game of the season giving different points based on what I thought was important. This year I'm stepping it up notch and adding graphics and a set date. This schedule will remain until a week or two after the season ends. So, shall we begin?

This year started with a two night premiere and each of the night 8 of the housemates came in as the first twist of the season. And I will tell you that a lot of my opinions have changed about the players since watching their pre-interviews and I'm so excited about this season! I'm just going to get started and talk about some of things.

This week had two competitions. They started with the first 8 house guest competing in an HOH competition called go fly a kite. Each of the house guest had to hold onto a rope attach to kite and balance on rotating pole. The first to fall off was Paola and the winner was Frankie! 

The second competitions was another HOH competition for the second eight. In this one they had to lay on a pole while is spun. They all did well in this competition but at last someone had to win and someone had to come in last. The first to fall was Victoria and the last to fall off was Caleb making him the other HOH.

We'll find out Sunday who will be the official HOH of this week. 

Even though it was the first few days there are already a lot of alliances forming, although none will be probably be last. The first one was never official although the two players mentioned it in their DR segments and I think it would be a say what, no would expect it was Donny and Nicole.

The next one was the Crazy 8's which are the first 8 to enter the house who was Paola, Joey, Nicole, Donny, Devin, Cody, Amber and Frankie. Although they were all second guessing it by the time the second group came in. Plus an 8 person alliance is pure crazieness.

The Double D's was made up of Devin and Donny as a unexpected duo because Devin is body builder and Donny is an old man. They didn't mention it much.

And finally El Quarto being four girls wanting to see a girl win this season.

No nomination were made this week.

Too early to tell. Although many mention attractions during DR segments.

The biggest piece of drama was that Zack and Frankie had some words but they were over it in seconds. 

Each week I will declare a player. This week there were't any big moves so I am unable to name a player of the week.

So, come back next week for a better update with more details and more stuff going on. 

-P.S. Like I said early this post isn't always come up at 7 AM but it will be up by 11:59 PM on every Saturday, it all depends on my work schedule. Okay that's all bye!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Don't Fall In Love!

Hello All,

Since the majority of people reading this are probably bloggers, youtubers or internet surfers it probably means we all spend hours and hours on the internet. It also probably means you've seen those infamous list of things you should or should not do during college, your twenties, ever in your life, etc... You know those lists right?

Well recently they have been pissing me off. Because they all seem to say, don't fall in love. I personally have never been in love. At least not really, nothing more then puppy love. But that doesn't mean I don't want to fall in love. 

I know that you shouldn't push it or try to make someone fall in love with you. Basically you shouldn't be looking for it. But I also don't think you should telling college students and people  in their twenties that they shouldn't fall in love. 
In all honesty I think that looking back at your life people are more likely to look back at their lives and regret not taking that cute boy in their sophomore year econ class on getting coffee after class or saying hi to the boy who smiles at them everyday in the dinning hall.

I know I have regretted those moments. Yes, those boys who I didn't say hi to probably aren't the one. But at the same time, maybe they could have taught me some huge lesson or brought me on one of lives great adventure. Or maybe something about me could have changed their lives. I don't know, maybe none of this would have happened but you never can truly be sure. 

The reason I never said hi was because I was too scared. I was afraid of rejection or the horror stories that my friends in relationship had told me. But mainly because people have told me that I shouldn't fall in love until I was older. 

In no way am I saying that I will go out and talk to ever stranger who looks like my way. What I am saying is that I don't want to be so scared of love, I want to take a chance and live for today because you never know who you'll meet that will change you life.

And now this rant is over! Have a great day!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

DCL Recap 2014: Castaway Cay {8}

Hello All,

To be completely honest with all you wonderful people this is the recap post that I was most excited to share with you because it has some of my favorite pictures of the trip!

Our last day was the day at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay (pronounced like key). I knew that I would spend a lot of time getting in The Maze Runner and enjoying a day of relaxation. We slept somewhat late on Friday and then I went up to breakfast with my aunt, uncle and cousin. 

We got off the boat and started walking towards the family beach so that we could find out spots. My aunt stop to take a picture and it hit me that I couldn't remember if I had grabbed my camera in the morning. 

Pretty much summed up my feelings
Once we found out spot, I look through my bag and noticed it really wasn't there and decided to run back to the boat and grab my camera. It only took about twenty minutes. When I got back to our spot on the beach I went down and stood in the ocean for a few minutes. 

For lunch my uncle and I went to the adult only beach, an area that Disney put aside for people over 18 and got some lunch. I had some chicken, cous-cous and something else. The food was good and it was so quiet and pretty in the adult only area. 

We went back to the beach and went into the ocean some more and read for a while.At about 3 PM we went over to one of the bars on the island where they had some great deal where if you bought one drink you got one free. I don't know how often they do that but they did during my cruise. Of course though, being only twenty I only had some water.

And they we did some shopping, I bought a frozen shirt and post cards. We rode the tram back to the ship, relaxed and packed for awhile. And I cam out of that port of call with a nasty sunburn, although the tan is still somewhat there to this day, so I guess that's cool. 

And now enjoy some of my favorite pictures!

An anchor on the walk to the beach!
The welcome sign!
The boat from the beach!
Another angle, because I guess I'm artsy
Rockin' my Yale shirt
The ocean playground
A far away few of the bar we went to
My own version of the Getting Ready to Sail logo
The ship from the view at the bar
The inside of the bar
The Bar itself
One of my favorite pictures
Walking towards the boat from the tram!
View from our stateroom
View from our stateroom
view from out stateroom
And since I talked a little bit about shopping in this post you might want to check out my Disney Cruise shopping haul on my youtube channel!

I hope you all have a great day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First Impression of Big Brother 16

Hello All,

If you've been around these parts for since last year then you may know that I LOVE Big Brother! Last year each week I wrote a weekly recap and shared my thoughts and I also assign certain accomplishment (i.e. winning HOH) I certain number of points in order to determine the best players of the season. I had so much fun doing that last year I decided to keep up and do it again this year! But more about that on Saturday.

Today I'm going to tell you about my first impressions of the players that I gathered by watching the CBS pre-interviews which you can watch here.

Before I begin I do want to share a disclaimer that nothing I say has anything to do with the player as an individual, all of my opinions are based strictly on how I think the personalities and answers they gave in the interview. Any dislike I towards them has nothing to do with them personally.

The first few people I'm going to share are people who I don't think will go far in the game and I will explain why.

One of the first things she said during her interview is that she has a big personality and was hoping to lay low for a few weeks. But she quickly reminded be of JoJo from Big Brother 14 whose personality got her evicted while her team mates laid low. Also she modeled in Maxim which may cause her to fall under the model curse sending her out second.

Unfortunately as much as I liked him I don't see him making it far in this season. He did say in his interview that he's not a good liar and that he wants to befriend everyone. Unfortnatley in the world of Big Brother, nice guys rarely finish first. 

Nicole immediately reminded me of Aaryn from last seen and not just by looks. She had some of Aaryn personality in her, not that I think she'll be spurring racial slurs, she just has the young, I want to have fun attitude. Because of her similarities with Aaryn she might be taking an early exit as well.

 If I'm being honest I don't really know what to think about Victoria other then she's interesting. Something just tells me she won't make it far in this game. 

The next group of people that I don't have any really likes or dislike towards. They are just mute points that will probably bring them to mid-season, possibly jury.

She seems super sweet and comes from a big family which is all I really learned in her interview because she was super quite. I hope to see her go far but I don't see her making it into the top 5.

Much like Amber I don't feel like I know a lot about her because she seemed nervous and shy. I can see her being a little bit of floater.

Looking at my notes from watching the interview videos the only real impression I got from her was that she was confident. 

Caleb seems like a nice guy, although he seems like he can turn the nice off if he needs to. During his interview he talked about how he watched season 8-15 before leaving for the show making me believe he's new to the show but that doesn't mean anything negative.  But he did say he was interested in a showmance. Dun-Dun-Dun. 

He's a self proclaimed conartist which should make it interesting, especially his DR segments. We'll have to see which of the house guest can see through him.

The next group of people are ones that I love but aren't my picks to win. 

She was so funny and nice and entertaining and I absolutely love her! I can't wait to watch her because I know she's going to be entertaining.

Devin will fall under the body builder stereotype but he super sweet. He was talking about how much he loves his daughter! That might be his biggest downfall of his game because he quit being his professional baseball career because he didn't want to be away for his daughter. But I loved how sweet she is.

If he looks familiar at all its because he's Ariana Grande's sister. So, he's the celebrity of the group and if anyone figure its out that could be his downfall, much like Elissa last season. But he seems enthusiastic and funny and he's definitely one that I think I'll love this season!

Derrick has a lot of strengths in this came and I actually debated whether or not to put him in the last category about who I could see winning but I'm worried that his biggest pit fall might be the same as Devin that he has a little daughter.Although I could see him and Devin getting really close and forming an alliance.

May just be my BB crush, he sweet, athletic and looks like he loves the game. I want to say I can see him winning but the really good looking guys don't always make it far int he game but I do think he'll make it far if he plays his cards right and chooses the right alliances.

The final two that I'm going to talk about are my picks to win.

He looks and sounds like a surfer dude which normally gets them stereotype of not being smart but I think he is very smart and will shock everyone with how far he gets or wins. I dare call Hayden my sleeper pick.

 Christine is my pick to win! She is nerdy, meek and a super fan of the show. I think that she has the smarts to win and she seems to know a lot about the social game. She also has the idea of having an alliance with some on the other side of the house and keeping each other safe. An idea that will work phenomenally if she chooses smartly.

And those are my first thoughts about this season's Big Brother cast. If you watch the show what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

DCL Recap: Palos {7}

Hello All,

Happy Tuesday! I'm thinking the first DCL recap of the week deserves some food porn so I'm going to tell you guys all about our 2 meals at Palos!

I wrote a pre-post about Palos saying I wasn't sure if we would be eating there but it turns out that we were eating there twice on our cruise. We ate there for dinner one night and for a brunch on our last day at sea. Both meals for fantastic!

Our Palos dinner was on the same night as the ships formal night. We got up to the restaurant early so those who were over 21, A.K.A. everyone who wasn't me, got a cocktail that we were then able to bring with us. When we sat down  the waiter offered me a virgin cocktail that had sorbet and berry and pomegranate taste.

The menu had some yummy looking steak, fish and Italian. But according to my aunts and uncle the steak was a most have so of course that is what I got.  I also had a shrimp appetizer both of which was delicious. The other most have of the meal was a chocolate souffle, which was, drool worthy, so good.

The dinning experience at diner was different then anything else I have ever experienced. It was a serveral course meal but there was no rush at all. The course in front of you was there until you were done and the next course was not brought out until everyone was finished. 

Our waiter actually was amazing! He was funny and sweet and took the time to get to know us. Much like with all the magic that Disney has if you eat two meals at Palos you have the same waiter both times. Which brings me to the 2nd meal we had which was a brunch.

For the brunch it starts with a buffet of many different types of food. They had sticky buns, shrimp, ham and cheese rolls, fancy deli meet, muffins, etc.. After you chose a main entree, they have options like fancy pancakes, lasagna, eggs Benedict and chicken parmesan. They also have pizza that people normally share with there tables.

Every thing was so good. Although it costs a little bit extra, I would do it again in a heart beat. Now enjoy the pictures from my two meals.

Pre-dinner selfie
Virgin cocktail, I felt so grown up!
Shrimp appetizer. Yum!
Steak entree...can I got back pleaseeeee!
Chocolate souffle, drooling. 

Chicken parm for dinner
I'm hoping that one day when I go back on a cruise that I get an opportunity to eat there again!