Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beach Afternoon With Tori!

Hello All,

Earlier this week I went to the beach with one of my besties Tori! We were only there for a couple hours but it was so much fun and I vlogged the whole thing!

Anyways I started the day off by babysitting for a family friend. When I came home Tori and I met up and drove the hour to the beach. When we got there most people were heading home and leaving for the day. We found a pretty prime place and set up camp for our couple hours there. 

Soon, we notice this group of people, it was somebody's birthday and they were slightly drunk. While sunbathing Tori and I listen to their conversation and the were very entertaining! When we got to hot we  went down to the water to cool down. While down there we asked the group if they'll take a picture of us and soon all of their friends were photobombing, which brought about a lot funny pictures. 

On our way out we told them how entertaining they all had been and that they had made our day. They seemed happy by it. 

We had to hurry home because Tori had to get to work but we did stop at Starbucks and got some drinks and cakepops (YUM!) Going to the beach with Tori was so much and I'm so glad that I got to go with her. When we got home I had to run back to the people who I baby sat because I took there spare key with me. Ooops! 

Now enjoy the pictures!

LtoR: Tori & I
LtoR: Me and Tori
First photobomber
Our new besties!
LtoR: Tori, me, & our new besties
This one is my favorite!
Love this one too! Strangers are AWESOME as long as your safe!
Merping in the car

My hair was on point after I took at my braid
Awesome day! Also be sure to check out the vlog from today!


  1. Looks like a great time!


    1. It really was, I wish we had gotten to be there for longer! Thanks so much for reading!

  2. Slightly jealous over here! I'd LOVE to spend an afternoon at the beach! I'm in the Hudson River Valley though, so I'll have to wait a couple weeks until I'm on Long Island :) Looks like it was the perfect weather for the beach, too!

    1. It was great weather for the beach! I hope your couple weeks until the beach fly by! Thank you for reading!


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