Thursday, June 26, 2014

DCL Recap 2014: Castaway Cay {8}

Hello All,

To be completely honest with all you wonderful people this is the recap post that I was most excited to share with you because it has some of my favorite pictures of the trip!

Our last day was the day at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay (pronounced like key). I knew that I would spend a lot of time getting in The Maze Runner and enjoying a day of relaxation. We slept somewhat late on Friday and then I went up to breakfast with my aunt, uncle and cousin. 

We got off the boat and started walking towards the family beach so that we could find out spots. My aunt stop to take a picture and it hit me that I couldn't remember if I had grabbed my camera in the morning. 

Pretty much summed up my feelings
Once we found out spot, I look through my bag and noticed it really wasn't there and decided to run back to the boat and grab my camera. It only took about twenty minutes. When I got back to our spot on the beach I went down and stood in the ocean for a few minutes. 

For lunch my uncle and I went to the adult only beach, an area that Disney put aside for people over 18 and got some lunch. I had some chicken, cous-cous and something else. The food was good and it was so quiet and pretty in the adult only area. 

We went back to the beach and went into the ocean some more and read for a while.At about 3 PM we went over to one of the bars on the island where they had some great deal where if you bought one drink you got one free. I don't know how often they do that but they did during my cruise. Of course though, being only twenty I only had some water.

And they we did some shopping, I bought a frozen shirt and post cards. We rode the tram back to the ship, relaxed and packed for awhile. And I cam out of that port of call with a nasty sunburn, although the tan is still somewhat there to this day, so I guess that's cool. 

And now enjoy some of my favorite pictures!

An anchor on the walk to the beach!
The welcome sign!
The boat from the beach!
Another angle, because I guess I'm artsy
Rockin' my Yale shirt
The ocean playground
A far away few of the bar we went to
My own version of the Getting Ready to Sail logo
The ship from the view at the bar
The inside of the bar
The Bar itself
One of my favorite pictures
Walking towards the boat from the tram!
View from our stateroom
View from our stateroom
view from out stateroom
And since I talked a little bit about shopping in this post you might want to check out my Disney Cruise shopping haul on my youtube channel!

I hope you all have a great day!

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