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DCL Recap: St. John/St. Thomas {6}

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Before I start today's post, just a heads up there are A LOT of pictures and these aren't even all of them, so I hope you enjoy them because its time for...

So, our second port of call was St. Thomas which is close enough to St. John that Disney offers port adventures on both islands. We did the St. John Island Tour which you can learn the details about by clicking here. Before I start talking about my day I do want to give a disclaimer that each tour guide is different and that this is strictly my opinions and experiences.

This day was a REALLY early morning and we met up with the rest of our port adventurers and disembarked from the boat. For anyone who is wondering in order to get on or off the boat at any of the ports for the Caribbean Cruises is your room key and photo id. 

Once we got off the boat we had a short walk to the boat that would take us over to St. John. They explained the different sights we saw as we rode over as well as some fun facts about the US Virgin Island, like that some crazy percent of them are National Parks.

When we got off the boat we were ushered over to a little safari style bus to begin our tour.

Not our actual bus, I was a bad blogger and didn't get a picture
Our tour guy was a native guy who was in his sixty and super sweet. Although he was a little obsessed with plants. Every time he saw an interesting plant or a different type of plant he would stop and show it to us. That got kind of annoying but it made the tour unique.

We also stopped at different views for photo ops and to really soak up the view. We also had one stop where we got to get off and walk around which was the ruins of sugar cane farm. It was really cool to walk around and see some of the sights.

At the end of the tour they brought us back to the little boat that brought us back to the bigger bus. I think all in all we  were off the boat a grand total of 3 hours.

Overall this tour was interesting and we got to see some cool stuff. It was also a perfect tour for traveling with my Grandmother who isn't as comfortable on her feet and walking a lot. Although if you are a traveler who likes to move around then I would recommend a more active port adventure.

A Royal Caribbean cruise ship coming into port
We passed a sail boat
The boat we were on!
The Charlie Angel House
That was some celebrity's house but I can't remember who

The definition of a tip
But first let me take a selfie!
One of the views!
Cotton, one of the many plants we saw
A donkey

The next picture is kind of gross so skip it if bugs gross you out!
Termite Nest
The view from sugar cane ruins

Prove that I was on the island :P
Some of the ruins!
Some sugar cane, I was too chicken to actually try it.
Jeeps! Everyone was driving them!
One of my favorite pictures of the trip!
Another favorite picture!

On the right side is this resort where they have no TV, internet or AC

Can I live here please! 
Approaching the port, you can't see the Fantasy in this picture
The Next picture actually has a story. As we were passing this pirate ship they told us that some millionaire grandparents built their grand kids a life sized working pirate ship as plays cape. #Saywhat?  

And approaching the back of  the Fantasy.
And that is my day at St. John/St. Thomas. Have you ever been there? If you have what did you think/do? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. These pictures are making me want to go on a tropical vacation

  2. Okay, so those are the coolest grandparents ever. And St. Thomas was amazing- we went there for our honeymoon and would definitely return. Beautiful photos!


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