Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DCL 2014 Recap Animator's Palate {3}

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Today I'm going to talk about food! I even have some food pictures to share with you guys. I'm going to talk about the restaurant Animator's Palate. I talked about Animator's Palate here if you want to know what I knew before this trip.

Just a reminder Disney works on a rotational dinning plan where you are assigned where you eat each night although you can opt to eat at Cabana's which is more casual, do room service or go to Palo's which is more formal and adding cost.

We ate at the Animator's Palate 3 times during out cruise! We there the first night where they had the "Undersea Magic" show, were Crush the turtle interacts with the different guest sitting near the screens. We weren't sitting near the screen so nobody had Crush talking to them. Something I hadn't noticed last time was how loud that show can be. Although I still enjoyed it, but its probably more fun near the screens.

The second time we ate their was pirate. This night wasn't so much of a show as a a silent show where you get to see how the animate different Disney pirates.  Although I don't know about the other resturants on board but at Animator's the rush you a little more because they have shows on the upper deck for you to see.

The final time we ate there the last night. In my opinion this was the coolest show they did. When you first walked to your table their is a place mat that you had your own drawing to. They then take it away and you order and enjoy your meal. Towards the end of the meal Mickey Mouse comes on the screen and tells you that they brought your drawing to life. It was so cool to see! I'm working on a video with all the pictures and videos  took and that will be in their so be on the look out for it.

Now here's all the pictures from out 3 dinners.

The table number
How cute are these butter knifes
Penne in meat sauce, yum!
Cookies and Cream Sundae!
With the sign on the first night
Pirate Night  Selfie from out veranda
Pirate night
Pirate night dinner, pasta with shrimp and lobster, and yes the sauce is really that color
Stitch clay statue 
My drawing from the final night
My dessert on the final night. 2 types of cheesecakes and chocolate mousse tart
And that is what I was thinking with Animator's Palate, I hope you enjoy these bi weekly recap of my cruise. 

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