Thursday, March 20, 2014

Getting Ready to Set Sail: Animator's Palate {Week 7}

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Happy Thursday! I've missed you guys so much but I have some awesome post ideas coming up that i was able to come with thanks to this mini break! Today is a post that has been planned for a while because its time for....

Today I'm going to talk you about what is probably the most magical restaurant on any Disney Cruise Line, today we're talking about Animators Palate!
Before I share my personal thoughts on the resturant and my personal stories I want to share some facts that I have found online.

-This restaurant is one of main restaurant that everyone has the opportunity to eat at 
-Located on 3rd deck
-The Cuisine is Pacific Rim/American style food
-Features two shows, "Animator's Magic" and  "Undersea Magic"
-Animator's Magic features Micky Mouse
-"Undersea Magic" features the characters of Finding Nemo
If you read this introduction post (if not you can here) you know that I have been on Disney Cruise's in the past. And Animator's Palate is my favorite one that I've been in. My first cruise we didn't actually go eat dinner there because both Mama J and I were so tired and sunburned from the day. 

But on our second cruise we got to go and it was my favorite place to eat. We went to the Disney Dream version of the "Undersea Magic," and the character Crush actually talked to Mama J about Blowing Bubble (A.K.A. - Farting). We couldn't stop laughing, I which I wish I had gotten that on tape but I didn't. 

Since I've actually experience this, I have photograph proof and I want to share it will all you lovely people!

Some of the Decor
More of the Decor
Part of the menu
Bread Basket
The paint brush column
My dinner from the night
Mama J's dinner
The art that comes to life
Another piece that will come to life
The front of the menu!
And that is what I know about Animator's Palate. Have you been on a Disney Cruise and eaten at Animator's Palate? What do you know about it? Let me know in the comments below!

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