Wednesday, March 12, 2014

She Chose The Wrong Guy

Hello All,

This weekend I watched that movie Something Borrowed, you know, the one staring Ginnfer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield and John Krasinski. If you don't know it that's okay, the movie wasn't that great anyways. 

Oh, yeah there are going to be some spoilers in this post so if you want to watch this movie come back and read it another day, I'll understand. 

So, anyways the story is about 2 girls Rachael and Darcy who have been best friends forever and a day. Darcy is a loud mouth spoiled girl who gets everything she wants. Rachael is the complete opposite who stand back and watch Darcy shine. But the hardest part for Rachael is that Darcy in engaged and marrying the boy she's in love with since law school.
Rachael and the boy she is in love, Dex, start to have a secret affair. And finally Dex calls off engagement to Darcy and him Rachael walk off into the sunset together hand in hand. But I think Rachael made the wrong choice. 
You see there is another person in the mix, Ethan, Rachael and Darcy childhood friend. From the beginning of the movie you can tell that Rachael and Ethan are absolute besties and I want a friend who loves me as much as Ethan loves Rachael.
When Rachael is feeling espicailly heart broken about Dex she cries about how she wants to be someone's first choice instead of a second choice. And then Ethan looks at her and is like (I'm totally paraphrasing because I can't think of actual words) "Haven't you ever wondered about me. Don't you know your my first choice." Que the tears. If a boy ever said that to me I would give him a chance.
Not the actual scene but its still one of my fave scenes from the movie
But in the end Rachael chose Dex and I think she made the wrong chose. I really truly believe she should have chose Ethan because there relationship was so comfortable. Maybe its just because one day I want to meet a guy, become best friends and then have him be like haven't you noticed I've loved you all this time. 

If you've seen Something Borrowed do you think Rachael chose the right guy? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. yes, because they all are so perfect! Read the book, it's a lot better.


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