Saturday, March 29, 2014


Hello All,

Today I have been blogging for 11 months! Holy Moly! That is a long time! This month was one of the hardest month for me when it came to blogging. But the small break that I took over Spring Break was helpful and when I got back to my dorm that Sunday, I took some time to re-organize how I organize my blog.

I came to the conclusion that this month was so hard in blogging for a few reasons and I'm going to share them for the primary reason that my blog is a keepsake for me but its also a good place to go back and remember lessons learned.

The first and primary reason is that I was so emotional exhausted that putting effort into something that wasn't school was hard. I started to realize how much I had put blogging on the back burner and I was putting out a lot of half assed- post. I actually think that readers were noticing it when I was looking at this months stats.

Another reason was that I was  no longer feeling organized with it. For the past I wanna say like 9 months I have prided myself over how I would pre-write post and know exactly what was going to go live on any given day. For most of this month when it came to posts I was writing them the night before and flying by the seat of my pants.

The final reason was getting swept in the idea of being blogging famous. I was starting to feel sad when I wasn't getting comments on post or posts that I really liked weren't getting the page views that I wanted. But over my break I got a reality check. I don't post for the page views. I post what I want to remember or things that I think are interesting or my favorite features are things that I think can go on and on about. And I will continue to post these because I like them.

The final thing was the fact that I also felt like I needed to stay on my Monday through Friday Schedule. I was beginning to feel like I was failing if I didn't have a post read. Don't get me wrong I really like staying on a Monday through Friday schedule and I'm going to attempt to stay on the Monday through Friday schedule but if there comes a day when I don't have a post ready or I don't feel inspired I'm not going to worry or feel guilty if I don't have a post.

With all that being said and off my chest I want to take a look back at this month!

Monthly Stats:
- 9235 Page Views
-267 Published Post
Most Read Posts:
*None of this month's post made it into the top read post so these are all written before Feb. 28***
Why Frozen is the Perfect Movie
Movie Review: The Internship
Bucket List Recap (August 2013)
I Believe The Simple Thing
Celebrity Crushes
My Favorite Post of the Month:
1 Year, 5 Years and 10 Years
Post Coming Up This Month:
-How I Spent My Birthday\
-More additions of Getting Ready to Set Sail
Events Coming Up This Month:
-Apple Banquet
-Project Beautification
-Pencil Pal (the program I run for Future Teachers Club) Meet n' Greet
-Hannah's Birthday
-Relay for Life


  1. Those are important lessons to learn! Blog for you, then everyone else would love you cause you're genuine.

    1. Thanks! And thanks for always being there when I needed to talk blogging!


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