Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Celeb Crushes

Hello All,

I wrote my What I Love Wednesday earlier today and I mentioned that I was fangirling over a few actors recently. One of the guys I am fangirling over is a movie that I'm watching while writing this post to you lovely people and I'll probably do a movie review and I figured you should know why I love this person. But then I figured why not do a post about all the actors I love, give you guys my Top 10 Celebrity crushes. 

10. Brian Austin Green (Back in his Beverly Hills 90210 days)

I mean look at that smile. Who could not love that smile? I feel like if I was teen in 90s instead of preschool I would totally have 90's fangirled over him. 

9. Channing Tatum 

Alright everyone wipe the droll off your computer. I know a few of you fell of your chairs when you saw that he was 9 on my list but I don't exactly fangirl over him, although I do  agree with People's Magazine that he is the Sexiest Man Alive. 

8. Blake Jennings

Better know as Ryder on Glee, I fell in love with him when he contestant on Glee and I was so excited when he actually won. Now I get excited every Thursday when he comes on Glee. 

7. Austin Butler

I have love Austin Butler from the first time I saw him on Zoey 101 (Does anyone else remember how awesome that show was?), then watched Ruby and Rockits. My obsession became complete when he was on Life Unexpected. Then I saw him again in Switched at Birth and now I'm happily watching him on the Carrie Diaries. 

6. Josh Hutcherson

He was my first celebrity crush. I loved him back when he was a little kid (and so was I) and he was in Little Manhattan. The only reason that I would watch the Hunger Games (I never got into series) is because of him. 

5. Ryan Lane

He is my favorite character in Switched at Birth. My roommate makes fun of because I get all excited during Switched at Birth when he comes on. What can I say I love him? His character is too sweet. 

4. Scotty McCreery

Hello, deep voice, southern accent, can play guitar and can sing. He's perfect! 

3. Nick Jonas

I don't know I just find super attractive and I love when he sings love songs. I also love the little bit of the personality I've seen from him on Married to Jonas. 

2. Hunter Hayes

I love his songs. Every time I hear a song by him I love him more. I order his CD for my car recently and now I'm just waiting for it to come in. 

And my number one celebrity crush is...

Dylan O'Brien

Look at that face! I started watching him on Teen Wolf and have been fangirling over him ever since. If someone told  me that I had to marry a celebrity he would be the one I married.  I watch interviews with him and love him so much. He just perfect! 

So, those are my celebrity crushes. Who are fangirling over right now? Who are your top celebrity crushes?  Let me know in the comments below. 


  1. Number 9 and 2 are definitely on my list :-)

    1. I'm going to see Hunter Hayes in about 2 months and I am beyond excited! I also only went to see White House Down because of Channing Tatum. Although I'm really glad I did. Thanks for reading!



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