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Big Brother Recap: Week 5

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With America in charge of who the third nominee was and the houseguest clueless to that fact, ciaos is sure to ensue. If this is the first time you have come across my Big Brother recaps and want to see what I thought about the other weeks before reading this week you can by hitting the links: Week 1 (Season Premiere), Week two, week three, Week Four

***Spoiler Alert: I will be discussing events that have happened in any Big Brother up to and including the episode that was aired on July 25, 2013. I don't  watch  the live feeds so I will not be discussing anything that was not featured in the edit show!**

Much like last week the HOH competition was features on Thursday episode but I'm discussing it during this week's recap.

For this HOH competition America was able to influence the game. America had to vote which houseguest fit the description best, much like superlatives in high school yearbooks. Then all the eligible houseguest (everyone but Helen) were the questions having to guess which houseguest America thought best described the description. This HOH went to a tie breaker and in the end Judd came out victorious as the new HOH.
Judd after winning HOH

This week their was a have not competition that left me craving a summer treat.

The houseguest (with the exception of Judd) were split into 3 teams of 4. Two at time they had to run up to the Fro-yo dispenser and eat as much fro-yo as possible. When the horn sounded the houseguest would run and switch places with the other players. They would do this process twice so that each house guest tried both types of fro-yo. What were the times you might be asking. One was a traditional flavor and one was distgusting flavor anchovy and Habanero. The three teams were weighted before and after eating fro-yo and the team who lost the most amount of weight became the have nots of the week. The player who rocked this competition was Gina Marie who walked away with a food baby.
The final competition this week was the Power of Veto. This week it was played by Judd, McCrae, Helen, Elissa, Aaryn and Kaitlin. It was hosted by Andy. 
This week each of players had to crawl through mud and find ballots, they would then run back to their voting booths and open ballot. Each ballot had a number on it, they then had to decide if they wanted to keep it or discarded. Whoever has the largest number of votes win.  They could discard as many votes as they want but can only keep 4. Some of the higher votes came with punishments and the lower ones came with prizes. Helen got a score 29 votes and with 10 votes got an 8 PM crfew for two nights. Kaitlin got 24 votes but didn't get and prizes or punishments, McCrae got 20 votes, one of this ballots had a 0 on but he won $5000. Aaryn got 32 votes and much like Kaitlin didn't get an prizes or punishments. Judd got 38 votes, one his ballots were 18 and got 24 hours soloitary confidment. Elissa got 40 votes and has to set out for the next veto competition. Elissa won this power of Veto. This competition looks like so much fun!
Nominations and BBMVP:
This week was unpredictable with who Judd was going to nominate. Judd like every HOH was getting advice from everyone. Although the houseguest who was in Judd's ear the most was Amanda who wanted him to try and break up Spencer, Howard and Candice by putting up Howard. Judd stood pretty firm to his guns of wanting to evict and female with his original nominations being...
Boy don't those nomination sound familiar?
 When it comes time for MVP to get announced Elissa becomes really nervous because she doesn't who it is and believes that she is the target. Little does the house known, although some are supicious, that America is MVP. Apparently Elissa had a write to be scared because she became the third nominee.
After Elissa got nominated the house went crazy trying to figure out who is MVP. The biggest suspicion is that Elissa was MVP and nominated herself. If those rumor were true and MVP wasn't America and Elissa had been able to pull that  off, hands down Elissa would be my player of the week.
With Elissa winning the MVP, America next player with the most number of votes took Elissa spot. The next nominee was....
Making the final 3 nominations Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlin.
Howard and Spencer decide to start a new alliance along with Judd, Kaitlin and Gina Marie. They want this alliance to be the outsiders. They believe that they can over throw the "Power", of Elissa, Helen, Amanda and McCrae. I'll be honest my favorite part is for the first since Nick left, Gina Marie acted like she actually wanted to be there. But soon the new form alliance got stuck between a rock and hard place when two of their member were put on the block. 
David and Aaryn
Gina Marie and Nick
Jeremy and Kaitlin
One more showmance bit the dust last week, but don't you worry another showmance started right up.
McCrae and Amanda
Still going strong and if the other house guests want any chance at winning they need to send at least one of them home, I'd guess Amanda because she's the bigger threat to the others. 

Candice and Howard
These two seem to sincerely enjoy spending time with one another and do seem to like each other. During Diary Room discussion both admitted to seeing their showmance to be real and two really trust each other. But Candice is smart and Howard is strong making them a HUGE threat to break up.
Once again Big Brother opened up with the disclaimer and probably will for the rest of the season, or at least until Aaryn and Gina Marie leave.
 Something that was suppose to start out fun took a turn for the worse. Let me explain. This week was McCrae's birthday and the house guest came up with a surprise for him. But soon Elissa start throwing jabs at Amanda. Which might be one of your dumbest moves considering that Amanda and McCrae have helped kept Elissa safe in this game. Hopefully she can counteract mistakes. 

Earlier this week Kaitlin was told that she was only a pawn and she had nothing to worry about. She even believed that her alliance would help keep her safe. After the final nominations were announced Aaryn started to hard core campigan and eventually made a deal with the house guests that if she won HOH next week her target would be Howard.

This week was unanimous vote so with 9 votes Kaitlin was the first female to leave the Big Brother house.
Unlike her boy toy Jeremy she only hugged Gina Marie goodbye (She was the only won who didn't have a hand in voting her out). When she was out with Julie she was gracious loser and talked about how she couldn't wait to see her house mates on finale night. By the time her exit interview was over I was sad to see her go.

My Player of the Week:
This week was hard to choice my player of the week. Not one single person made any big moves it was more of a group decision. I ended up debating between my 2 least favorite house guests and made who my descion my remembering my definition for what makes My Player of the Week, is someone made a move that helped their game. So, this weeks player of the week (I never thought this player would get it) is someone what worked their butt off to stay in the house and manage to sway the house full of people who hate them. This weeks player of the week is...
I want to start out by saying that in no way do I agree with what she has said. With that being said Aaryn did a great job sway the house and making it that she got to stay house.

One of my favorite parts of this weeks episode was when they let Judd out of solitary confinement. The house guest got all excited to see them again. It remind me of John and Kate Plus 8 when one of the kids would leave for a day, then come back and they would be happy to see them again because it was like part of them was missing. It was adorable.

What were your favorite part of this week? Who is your favorite player? Let me know in comments below.
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