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Big Brother Recap: Week 3

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Last night was the second live eviction of the season and now its time to discuss this weeks eviction. You can read about other weeks by hitting the links: week 1week 2

***Spoiler Alert: I will be discussing events that have happened in any Big Brother up to and including the episode that was aired on July 11, 2013. I don't  watch  the live feeds so I will not be discussing anything that was not featured in the edit show!***

Sunday night's episode started with the second HOH competitions of the season. This week they were paired up together in teams of 2. The first member of the team would fill a measuring cup (about 1/2 cup in size) with BBQ sauce, they would then they'd run across a slippery path to a hedge, on the other side is their partner. They then had to transfer the BBQ sauce into their partners cup who would then run two table that held two containers. If they decide to filled up the smaller one it would release two bigger measuring cups (about cup size) that would help them fill up the bigger jug. The first team to fill up big jug the would have to decide between the two of them who would be HOH for the week.
During the competitions Amanda starts sliding on her butt. After competition during her DR talk she explained why with the logic above.
During the whole competition Elissa/Andy and Jeremy/Aaryn were neck and neck. After releasing the bigger cups Judd's team caught up fast. But in the end Jeremy and Aaryn were the winners.
When asked who was going to be HOH Jeremy jumped right in saying it would be Aaryn. He had 2 (1 of which was well reasoned) reasons for making Aaryn HOH. His good reason was that he could be in Aaryn's ear and encourage her to nominate who he wanted with out getting blood on his hands.
Aaryn's first job as HOH was to choice how would be Have nots for the week. Before chosing she called out the whole house asking who voted David out. When no one admitted to it she made Elissa, Andy, Helen and Candice have nots. Elissa, Andy and Helen had been have nots last week.
The other competition this week was POV. The POV was played by Aaryn, Elissa, Helen, Amanda, Jeremy and Nick. It was hosted by Gina Marie. Before the competition began they got a guest message from former Big Brother Player, Britney Haynes telling them that she needs help setting up her nursery.
The house guest then preceded to the back yard where there were 6 over sized cribs with over sized mobiles in over the crib. Each of the players had to jump out over their cribs run across the backyard to a big toy chest and grab ten different sized stuff animals and run back to their crib. The challenge of this game was to get all the animals onto the mobile so that it will be balanced without any of the animals touching the ground. Throughout most of the competition Amanda was in the lead but she just couldn't get the animals to not touch the ground. Elissa had the most trouble balancing her mobile. In the end Jeremy won.
After winning Jeremy was not a a graceful winner and that probably will kill his social game.
Nominations and BBMVP:
Like every week the Aaryn had a lot voices in her ear about who she put up. Right after winning HOH Aaryn was told by multiply people to put up Helen and Elissa because nobody would vote Helen out. It also would be a good move on Aaryn's part because by putting Elissa and Helen up she has the potential of breaking up a duo.
Helen tired to make a deal with Aaryn by saying that they should form a secret alliance. That way towards the end of the season Helen would put up Aaryn's friends so that Aaryn could vote them out but still have friends in the jury house.
When the moving company had a mini meeting they convince Jeremy to try and convince Aaryn to put up Elissa and Amanda because Amanda is the only person that is in the way of the Moving Company having full control of the house. When Jeremy approaches Aaryn with this idea she tells her that Amanda was the Mastermind of David getting evicted.
Put in the end Aaryn didn't surprise anyone and nominated...
Once again this week Elissa was chosen by America to be BBMVP. As soon as she found out she went and told Helen. They debated between putting up Jeremy or Kaitlin. If they chose Kaitlin they thought that she could win and then they could back door Jeremy because they believed that Jeremy was a bigger target. In the end Elissa thought the backdoor plan was too risky and in the end Elissa put up...
Although Jeremy won POV and was able to Veto himself and was no longer on the block. Since he was nominated by BBMVP, Elissa had to put up someone else. She again debated between two people. Originally she thought Kaitlin because she is close to Jeremy and if she couldn't get out Jeremy why not get out his closest allie. Her other opition was suggested to her by Candice who wanted to break up the moving company.
But in the end Elissa decided to put up...
Making it that Nick, Helen and Elissa are all up on the block. Normally I know who I want to go home but this week I don't want to see any of them go home.
On Sunday Nights episode Helen and Candice were the two that got the closest to figure out all the members of the moving company. After a few minutes of discussing the two of them were able to figure out every member of the moving with the exception of McCrae. But I'm not hundred percent sure but I think that McCrae isn't a huge member of this alliance as he was when he was HOH. I hope that McCrae picks up on this and drops the moving company soon because I really would like to see him win.
Prior to Elissa nominating Nick she tried to make a 2 week deal with Nick where she wouldn't nominate him for eviction as long as he threw this weeks POV competition. When Jeremy won POV Elissa approached Nick again to see if he would vote for her to stay. When asked Nick was very squirrelly and wouldn't give her a straight answer. What Nick should have done is lie and say that he was keeping her, even if in the end he voted her out, that would have saved him from the block.
Some tension was forming between the moving company when even before the POV replacement nominee was announced Jeremy went to every member of the Moving Company telling them if Kaitlin was put up and Elissa stayed he would know it was because a member of Moving Company voted Kaitlin out and he would no longer trust them. Those comments did not sit well with the Moving Company and it seems that a lot them may be realizing that Jeremy isn't as nice as they original believed.
During Thursday episode the edited part was filled with last minute scheming including some from the Moving Company. They realized that they really needed to get rid of Amanda to keep McCrae's loyalitiy leaving McCrae in a tough situation. McCrae had to chose between his showmance and his original alliance.
This season is seems that every single person has a showmance. The two biggest one featured so far are Jeremy and Kaitlin who are not hiding their feelings from anyone, making them a huge target because everyone wants to break up a showmance. 
The other showmance that was shown this week is Nick and Gina Marie. Gina Marie is quickly falling for Nick. I can't blame her, I think if I was in the Big Brother House I would have a slight crush on Nick. Although in a Diary Room segment Nick said that his feelings for Gina Marie might not be completely honest. And that he loves the fact that not only his showmance, Gina Marie, likes him but so does Jessie. 
The big piece of drama this week is the horrible comments that Aaryn has been saying things. She has been making racist comments towards Asians and African Americans. She has also made homophobic comments. Aaryn is not the only one who has been caught  making inappropriate comments. Both GinaMarie and Aaryn have made the comments. This isn't a way to win the game, if anything its going to make a target of themselves when the players who is affected by comments become HOH.
Julie Chen the host of Big Brother discussed the issue on her other show, The Talk. I think her and her co-hosts handle this issue very well. Especially when they discussed how when they leave the house they will have consequences to deal with.
On Thursday episode Big Brother showed just how bad Aaryn's comments are effecting the Big Brother House. When Amanda went to confront Aaryn about what she had been saying in a very mature way, Aaryn laughed it out like the idea that anyone would take her comments seriously was the biggest joke their was. 
Elissa, Nick and Helen were all confident that they were staying, but in the houseguest had to vote and the vote came down to:
Helen: No one
Elissa: Jeremy, Kaitlin, Gina Marie and Howard
Nick: Andy, Judd, Spencer, Jessie, McCrae, Jessie and Candance
With a 0-4-7 vote for...
Nick to be the 2nd house guest evicted from the Big Brother House.
During his post eviction interview with Julie, Nick showed that he was a good player by being able to tell Julie who from the moving company switched their votes. He also sees what a dangerous player Spencer is in this season of Big Brother. I personally am sad to see him go, I think he did have potential to win the game if he had a better poker faces and had lied Elissa when tired to form alliances.
My Player of the Week:
The Player of the Week is the person that I think played the best game this week. They are players who figure out alliances or bad bold power moves. This week I chose...
I chose Candice this week because she was the first player to figure out almost all the members of the Moving Company. She also picked up on how close Jeremy and Nick were, convincing Elissa as BBMVP to put Nick up.

That is it for this week Big Brother Recap. If you are a Big Brother fan what did you think of this week's Big Brother? What did you think about the Wine incident? Who is your favorite player? Let me know in the comments below. 
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