Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Adventure in Dogsitting

Hello All,

So, I've been dogsitting for around half a week so far and it actually far easier then babysitting! Mainly  because the only thing that Kizzy wants to do is lay on couch and cuddle. And seriously who doesn't want to spend all day cuddling with a dog?  

Now those of you who read Kizzy's introduction post you already know that Kizzy is going to be staying with Mama J and I for a little over a month. You also know that she a rescue dog, before she came to stay with us she ONLY liked her owner. Since coming to stay with us Kizzy is in love with me. She loves to cuddle with me and will only let me take her outside.

A couple nights ago I had my first adventure in dogsitting that left me bruise (literally). But first I need to give a little background. Mama J and I aren't really sit out  on a deck and enjoy the night type people. But we do have a back deck that goes off from outside our dinning room. We hadn't been out on our deck in 3+ year. But Kizzy's owner told us that Kizzy doesn't really like stairs and since our back deck only has two steps we figured we take her outside via the back deck instead making her go downstairs to our garage door. Are starting to see where this story is going? 

So, Saturday night/Sunday morning (it was 12:30) I brought Kizzy out for her night time "walk" out on the back deck. As I was walking down I was talking to Mama J who happened to walk downstairs at the moment for water or something when all sudden the deck was no longer under my right foot! Yup, I fell through my deck! 

I was shocked, it was one of those moment where you don't know if you're laughing or crying or maybe both at the same time. Mama J had no clue what to do, her face was in shock, it was actually pretty funny. And the dog was glued to my back, like she wouldn't move, the poor thing was terrified!

But the worse thing was that I could get my leg out! I feel deep enough that largest part of leg muscle was stuck under the wood and the deck was too high that I could reach the ground to help push me up! I started pushing myself up using my arms but it hurt my leg so badly, it felt like I had a huge scrape on my leg and hurt it try and pull it out. 

Mama J debated calling 9-1-1 because I couldn't get my leg out but we wanted to avoid that as much as possible because we had the terrified dog glued to my back who would have freaked out more if there were sirens and a bunch of strangers. Mama J and I joked later that if she had tired to call she would have had to say, "Hi, my daughter is suck in the deck and can't get out. Can you please send one officer, without their sirens and lights off. And without their uniform because we have a dog is scared of everything and only like the  person who is stuck in the deck." And I have feeling if 911 had gotten that call it wouldn't have gone to well.

Then I came up with the not so helpful idea but I'll take credit for it. I had heard on old cartoons or sitcoms that butter makes things slippery so Mama J got out our tub of land-o-lakes spreadable butter and started putting it on my leg as close to the wood as possible. The area of my leg that felt like I had scrape started to sting really bad so we realized the butter wasn't going to work.  When I told my cousin this story she told us that vegetable oil would have been better then butter so if you or anyone you know gets stuck in deck hole or in anything use vegetable oil not butter. 

Luckily, I was able to change my position and a little bit and push myself out of the hole. Mama J wanted me to  put my leg up and put ice on it but I started to run around putting the dog in her house (crate where she sleeps at night and while we're out). And there were couple other things I wanted to do before laying down to sleep. But finally I sat down and put my leg up and put ice on it. At that time, about 10 minute after I got my leg out and it was already swollen!

 I ended up going to bed with ice on my leg and it raised. When I woke up the next morning it was a little swollen. Now about 3 days later its a bump that's about 2 inches big and starting to bruise. I'm kind of sad because it doesn't look cool. If something like that's going to happen  I want it to at least look cool. 

The hole that I got stuck in
Also since I love taking pictures I have a few new pictures of Kizzy (I wish I had one of me in the hole to show you guys but I don't) to share with you guys. 

Kizzy and I (I don't know what I'm doing with face)
The puppy dog eyes asking me for the crackers I'm eating
And now she's mad at me because I won't give her crackers
Have any of you guys even gotten stuck in weird places? Let me know in the comments below. 


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