Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I Love Wednesday...Teen Wolf

Hello All,

Happy Wednesday!

This whole past week I have been absolutely in love with Teen Wolf!

I love the story!

I love that MTV isn't just reality TV!

I love that Scott isn't always the hero

I love how much Scott loves Allison!

I love that they're aren't any vampires!

I love Lydia, I love her character.

I love how sweet Stiles is to Lydia

I love how much a of a self center jerk Jackson was, every show needs its villain

Although I don't like that they wrote him off.

I love that Tyler Hoechlin is in it because I loved him on 7th Heaven.

I also use to watch this show Doc and Tyler Posey was on it. 

I love Stiles and Scott's relationship.

I love how close  Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien are in real life.

I love how cute Tyler Posey and his fiance is. You can read their story here and you should because its adorable.

I love the story because it keeps you on your toes.

I love that they are doing a 24 episode season this season. 

I love that people ship Stiles and Derek.

I love this video that these lucky fans got to make, I've watch it on repeat for like 20 minutes today.

I love that I'm in love with Stiles.

I was actually driving around my town today and I saw a jeep that looked like Stiles jeep and I got really excited and now I want it. 

So, that's what I love this week. Are there any other Teen Wolf fans out there? What do you love this week? Let me know in in the comments below.

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