Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I Love Wednesday...Boy Meets World

Hello All,

Happy Wednesday! Its time for What I Love Wednesday and I'm really about it. 

I love Boy Meets World.

I love that Cory and Taponga's relationship wasn't perfect. They fought, they broke up, the got back together but they NEVER stopped loving each other.

I love Cory and Shawn's relationship, there was always something so special about the relationship they had. They were the original television bromance to me.

I love how Shawn never gave up on Cory and Taponga. 

I love how Eric became more of a airhead as the seasons went on.

I love the Feeny Call

I love how Taponga proposed to Cory.

I love the relationship Feeny has with his students.

I love how Shawn slept through class but became a writer.

I love Plays with Squirrels.

I love how I can watch this show over and over again.

I love how when I grow up I want to be a teacher like Mr. Feeny. 

I love how Cory references the title in the last episode.

I love how Angela and Shawn were a biracial couple.

I love that Cory and Taponga are back together and doing Girl Meet World

I love how this a show that I can show my kids one day because so many of lessons are always going to be important. 

I love how I can watch the last scene over and over again and never get bored.

I love how Mr. Feeny does finally tell him he loves them.

And I love how I will always love Boy Meets World

I will be tuning into Girl Meets World when it premieres. 


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  1. Ok. I found my new show. Well, you reminded me about an awesome one. Thanks :)


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