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Big Brother Recap: Week 4

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First off I want to say congratulation to Britney Haynes (BB 12 & 14) on the birth of her baby girl Tilly born on Saturday!
This week's Big Brother was CRAZY! Which I totally loved because I love the crazier episodes, it grabs my attention and makes me want to watch more. If this is the first time you have come across my Big Brother recaps and want to see what I thought about the other weeks before reading this week you can by hitting the links: Week 1 (Season Premiere), Week two, week three

***Spoiler Alert: I will be discussing events that have happened in any Big Brother up to and including the episode that was aired on July 18, 2013. I don't  watch  the live feeds so I will not be discussing anything that was not featured in the edit show!**

The first competition of the week was actually in the live eviction episode but since it really is the beginning of week 4 I decide to put it in the week 4 recap and I will continue doing that for any trivia HOHs.
In this week's HOH all of the remaining house guests excepted Aaryn played a Trivia game for HOH. The night before the houseguest were able to watch packages arrive to the Big Brother House and they had to look at all and any details that were on the packages. During the live show Julie asked them a series of questions until it came down to the tie breaker, which almost everyone go corrected so they had to do a second tie breaker and in the end Helen won HOH!
Helen after winning HOH, hugging Candice, Andy left and Elissa Right
The second competition of the week of the Have Not one, and this competition that I really would love to have played in, it looked fun to me. Helen as HOH and Jeremy the holder of the Never Not Pass did not compete. The rest of the house was split into teams of 4. The first team member had to scoop up a bucket of milk that they would then throw into the next team member bucket, who would turn around and throw it into the next team members bucket, this team member was a rotating platform and then finally that team member would throw it into the final team members bucket who would pour it into their jug.
Howard was on a team with  Aaryn, Gina Marie and Kaitlin. Howard attempted to throw the competition making it that the three ladies who are not popular in the house would become haves but in the end Howard was unsuccessful and Judd, Jessie, McCrae and Amanda became have not for the week.

The final competition this week was the Power of Veto Competition played by Helen, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Spencer, Candice and Gina Marie. In this competition the house guest would go out to the back yard individually after hitting the buzzer they would run over to the trampoline, the player jump on the trampoline to look over a wall to see about 12 paintings in pattern on the other side of the wall. The houseguests then had to replicate the pattern on their wall. The house guest with the lowest time became the winner. Kaitlin won this competition with the lowest scores.
Nominations and BBMVP:
When Helen won HOH her nomination seemed like they would be obvious but when secrets that other houseguest had been hiding were revealed her decision became more difficult. She wanted to make sure that the people she kept safe were people that she could actually trust. In the end Helen went with the girl who had tormented her since the beginning and her best friend.

The BBMVP didn't shock anyone and probably won't until she's voted, the BBMVP was once again Elissa. One thing that I really like about Elissa is that she is grateful each week that she is voted by America to be the BBMVP and is also doing a pretty good job catching on who is only using her for her power.
After winning Elissa went and talked to Amanda, McCrae and of course her Big Brother BFF Helen. Elissa gut was to put up Spencer, looking on for the outside Spencer would be a good person to vote out because he seems to be playing a great social game. But Amanda and McCrae and wanted Elissa to put up Howard. Amanda and McCrae had logic to back up their want for her nominate Howard. All four of them want Jeremy out and were planning to back door him but if he was chosen to play in POV they could still get out a strong player. Elissa once again followed her gut and nominated who she wanted.
After winning POV Kaitlin debated whether or not to take herself off the block. She knew that Jeremy would be the replacement nomination. When she went to talk to Helen about Helen told her that Jeremy was definitely going to go up in her place and if she didn't use the POV she would most likely end up be voted out. Luckily Kaitlin decide to play her own game and took herself off the block, leaving so that her showmance, Jeremy took her place.
Making it that the final nominations for this week were Spencer, Aaryn and Jeremy.
After the Moving Company split there votes and Nick left the house :(, their alliance broke up. Spencer told Helen about the alliance first. When Helen confronted Howard about he originally lied up then came clean after talking to Spencer about it. McCrae also told Amanda about the alliance and that seemed to make their bond stronger.
I believe that their might be a new alliance forming between Helen, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae. I think that this alliance would be amazing move on Helen and McCrae's parts because Elissa, who constantly BBMVP and the sister of a Big Brother Legend, and Amanda doesn't get along with the other side of the house, have become bigger targets The two will be able to pull the strings but keep the targets off their back.
David and Aaryn
Gina Marie and Nick
Jeremy and Kaitlin
With the idea of eviction right around the corner for one of them their bond seems to strengthen. They both want the other one in the house and probably campaigned up until the Live Eviction show started. This couple is a couple that the house knows they need to break up and need break up fast because if they don't these two have the ability, in competitions to rule the house.
McCrae and Amanda
These two are such an odd couple but I love them. I don't think they have a future outside the house but I think that if they can keep their bond inside the house these two will make if far. I personally would love to see these two make it two the final two because they are strong players, who are playing strategically and remember that this is only a game. Although it would be in the houseguest's best interest if they broke them up soon.

I have watched almost every season of Big Brother (I haven't seen season 1,3,4,5) and every episode that I've seen up until this season I have never seen Big Brother issue a disclaimer until this week.
The comments made mainly by Aaryn and Gina Marie are getting out of hand and CBS is showing it but they want to make sure that viewers know that they don't support it. That being said let's talk about the drama that has come through this week.
After Nick was evicted Gina Marie went on rampage, calling everyone in the house liars and cowards for evicted Nick. Although, I believe the house guest forgave her for her outburst and understood that the original rampage was an in the moment reaction.
After not winning the HOH, Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Gina Marie decided to take it out on some of the players who are considered weaker. Their first target was Jessie who in their mind stab them in the back by voting Nick out. Jessie went to lay in her bed and they followed her. When she asked them to please let her be alone for a little while they refused to and insulted her telling her that she slut and other not so nice words.
When Jessie didn't give them a rise Aaryn threw pillows off the bed and flip the mattress of the bed that had been Candice and Howard (the African American players) had been sleeping in all season. When confronted she started speaking as if she was from the Ghetto towards Candice. Luckily when Howard came in he ignored the comments, calmly escorted Candice out of the room and talk to her about it.
Amanda also stepped in reminding them that Big Brother was just a game and that their would by lying and back stabbing but you should still be polite to each other. That advice seem to go right over Aaryn's head, although Kaitlin seem to realize that maybe she hadn't aligned with the best person.  
Spencer and Aaryn spent the time from the final nominations until the time of the live eviction campaigning to keep their selves there. My original theory was that Jeremy would go home this week. But his campaigning was so good that I almost questioned whether or not it would be him to go home, I thought at the very least it would be a very close vote.

But instead the votes came down like this:
Jeremy: Candice, Andy, Howard, Elissa, Gina Marie, Amanda, McCrae, Jessie and Judd
Spencer: Kaitlin
Aaryn: No votes
Making the vote 9-1-0, sending Jeremy, the Cheroke Chief packing.
I was shocked that NO ONE voted to evicted Aaryn but alas, Aaryn is still in the house.

Although I do believe that Jeremy left the house with his head held high because he was the FIRST house guest this season to hug and say goodbye to everyone.

After Julie's interview with Jeremy we got to see the house guest goodbye messages. During Helen's message she told Jeremy that if he had been as sweet for all three weeks as he was this past week he probably could have won the game. I totally agree with Helen and seems that most players who go home to soon is that they play to hard to soon and unfortunately that is what both Jeremy and last weeks evicted Nick did.

My Player of the Week:
Each week I will name one player my player of the week. This player was someone who made a strong move that helped advance their game. This week I'm debating between 3 houseguest, unsure who I think deserves this honor. I think that the only huge move made this week was back dooring Jeremy but I credit that move to the house more so then to one person.
Instead I'm going to go with someone who played an incredible social game this week. Instead of letting the drama house effect them this player walked away and helped his friend walk away as well. By avoiding drama this player can fly under the radar and not cause any bad blood between him and potential juror if he makes it to the final two. This week my player of the week is Howard.
After flipped his Candice's bed instead of getting in her face he walked away and let everyone cool down. Later when Aaryn was campaigning she apologized to him and he accepted it without causing anymore drama.
The two runners up this week I'm going to treat as honorable mentions because they did make good moves. Helen, for masterminding the backdoor of Jeremy. The reason I didn't pick her as my player of the week is because I believe that a few other players would have done that as HOH so its not that much of a shocker that she did and probably would have happened anyways. The other honorable mentions goes to GinaMarie  for voting out Jeremy a huge threat even though he was a friend of her's. I chose not to make Gina Marie my player of the week because I have a hard time nominating someone who spent the whole week crying over a guy and doing very little of anything else.
That is it for this week Big Brother Recap. If you are a Big Brother fan what did you think of this week's Big Brother? What did you think about the Aaryn flipping the bed or her behavior in general? Who is your favorite player? Let me know in the comments below. 

Also as you can see I tweet through the episodes, you can follow me and see what I think during the episode. My twitter name is Judy_Judy94.

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