Friday, July 26, 2013

Online Shopping Haul

Hello All,

After starting my blog, I became super interested in other blog and vlogs on youtube. I even created a channel on youtube so that I can add vlogs to blogs every once in awhile. You can subscribe to my page if you want but I'll pretty much just put the videos in blog post, when I eventually do get around to make some. I have some ideas for when I go back to school so that's when I'll be adding them in. 

Anyhoodle (I love that word, I think its funny), one of my favorite types of videos I like to watch are the shopping haul ones and I figured I'd do a blog post version of the online shopping haul that I did last week. 

The first thing that I did was some shopping on Amazon for CDs. I know what you're thinking, who still use CDs, well this girl does. 

Let me explain. Recently Mama J bought a new car and I got her hand-me-down mini van, I'm going to do a quick post about in a few days because I'm excited! Her mini van is almost probably about 10 years old, so it only has a CD player, plus I don't have an iphone (I'm galaxy girl) and I don't like how many commercials are on the radio so I figured I'd buy some CDs! 
I bought two CDs and since they were off Amazon I got some good prices on them and I'm so excited. The first CD that I got (for only about $4) was the Hunter Hayes CD (if you don't know why you can learn here and here).  I also go the Taylor Swift CD for about $11, I like some of the songs on her new CD and I like her old stuff so I thought why not, I can always skip the few (*cough* We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together*cough, cough***). 

The other little bit of online shopping that I did was on the Disney Store Website. I love Disney and for my birthday someone gave me a gift card. A few days ago I got an emails about a discount and i figured why not use my gift card. I got two really cute shirts for less then $25! I was so excited. 

Can be found here

I love this shirt because I love how Disney makes you feel like kid! I'm sorry the lighting is really bad for this picture, this shirt is a little more reddish then the shirt looks, I don't know why its so washed out. 

Can be found here
I love this shirt too, I love how Minnie's box is the "M" in Minnie. When I went to take the picture I laid the shirt on carpet forgetting about the dog hair from Kizzy and now it has dog hair all over it, oh well I'll just take a lint roller to it. 

So, those are my newest purchases. What have you bought recently that you're excited about? Let me know in the comments below.

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