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Hello All,

If you haven't figured out yet, I'm a little bit of TV nerd. I also have it on in the background and have been inspired by some amazing characters in television. Don't get me wrong, there are tons of women in my life who have inspired me but sometimes characters can do that do. Today I want to share with you the female characters who have inspired me to be who I want to be when I grow up. 

Lorelai Gilmore
I love that life gave Lorelai lemons (Rory) and she mad some pretty damn good lemonade of stable life, in a great town and stayed positive. Plus I love her quick wit. 

 Rory Gilmore
I love that Rory was so smart and worked her butt off. She knew she wanted something and she worked for it. Like when she wanted go to Harvard she worked her butt off when she was in high school and never gave up. 

Donna Martin 
I love how Donna knew she wanted to wait and she did until she was ready. Also in the earlier seasons of Beverly Hills 90210 they talked about how Donna battle a learning disability and worked hard to over come it.

Jess  Day
Who doesn't love Jess from New Girl? My main reason I love Jess is because of the fact that she completely embraces her awkwardness. I'm a big fan of embracing my awkwardness. I always say that one day when I meet a guy he will fall in love with how awkward I am. Plus Jess is hilarious and I like to think I'm hilarious.
In all honesty, of all the people on this list, I'm probably most like Jess. For example the two gifs above are totally me. Especially the first one, I would totally do that, no shame. LOL

Joey Potter 
I know that a lot people who were fans of Dawson's Creek will see this one and probably think I'm crazy. Mainly because most people hate on Joey, but I don't. I love her, I loved that has cynical as she could be there were still times that she was naive. I liked to be like Joey and still have a little bit of Naive still be realistic. Does that make sense?

Blair Waldorf 
You remember how I said that Jess is probably the one I'm most like? Well Blair is the person that I most want to be. She is just perfect! She strong, determined and has a huge heart. Even when she's hurt she holds herself together in public. She knows she doesn't need a boy to be happy but she still loved Chuck with all her heart. If I could be perfect combination between Jess and Blair I would be beyond happy.

Lucy Camden
I love how big of a heart that Lucy had. She wore her heart of her sleeve and was always there her someone in need. Those are qualities that I would love to have, and I know that I have some of these qualities and they are qualities that I can always work on.

Topanga Lawrence 
Basically Topanga's quote above is the reason I love her. In her heart she knew she was meant to be Cory but she knew that they had to do there own things. (The quote says: I'll do my thing and you do your think. You are you and I am I. And if in the end we end up together its beautiful.)
Oh, yeah she's a free spirt and believe what she believes.
Lydia Martin
She's smart and beautiful. I love that she is so smart and doesn't try to act like an airhead. I always hate characters on shows who are smart but act like an airhead. Also she has Dylan O'Brien's character's heart.

So, those are all the female characters who inspire me. What characters inspire you in your life? Let me know in the comments below.

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