Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thinks I'm Loving Right Now

Hello All, 

Today I want to do a post about things that I'm loving at the moment. Its a bunch of random stuff that I love right now and are currently fangirling (is that the right verb to use) over. 

I'm in love with Hunter Hayes! I'm going to his concert in September and I can't wait until that day!

I love Hunter Hayes' song I Want Crazy, it basically describes the relationship that I want one day.

I love driving! I got my license in April and I love the freedom.

I love the idea that school starts again soon, what can I say I'm a nerd. 

I love that it looks like we're about ready to have a thunderstorm.

I'm loving Big Brother this season. I'm loving Judd too! (He's my favorite)

I love watching Beverly Hill 90210!

I love David and Donna's relationship!

I'm loving being single! I'm focusing on myself and at the moment there is nobody I want to be with so I might as well be happy. 

I love instagram!

I love my blog!

That's all I can think of that I love at the moment. What are you loving at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.

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