Friday, July 31, 2015

Disney 2015: Character Meet and Greets

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I am back! Okay I wasn't really gone but the ability to put pictures up was. But last night (tonight when I was writing this) I went to Best Buy and I bought myself a Mac Book Pro. And you could say that I am pretty in love with it all ready. Its so much lighter, thinner and seems to be running so much faster. 

For the last few weeks I have been trying to write my Disney 2015 wrap up post but I just couldn't figure out how to put the words together. I knew what the reasons were but felt like I had to write it. One of the problems was solved when I bought my new computer. I went to the good old Facebook and downloaded all my character pictures to my new computer. And now I'm going to share my final Disney 2015 post which is my character meet and greet posts. 

We had some amazing character meet and greets and now its time to share them. I have already share my dinning character meet and greets which you can check out by clicking on the following links: Crystal Palace1900 Park Fare and Chef Mickey's. The rest of these are all the character meet and greets we had in the parks during our trip.

Wednesday ~ Hollywood Studios Day

Our first character meet and greet was the Cowboy and the Space Ranger AKA Woody and Buzz. The both were pretty interactive but Buzz was the most interactive. Buzz noticed Mandi's sorority shirt and she taught Buzz the hand symbol that her sorority uses.
LtoR: Buzz, me, Mandi and Woody
After meeting Woody and Buzz we headed out towards where the hat used to stand. Holding on I need to have a moment of silence for the iconic hat that I loved.

Okay moment over. Our next character was the lovely Daisy Duck. We talked about our bows and she was just so sweet.

LtoR: me, Daisy and Mandi
Our next stop was the youngest Disney Princess, Sofia the first. Neither Mandi nor I had ever seen her show but she seems super sweet and was a great meet.
LtoR: Me, Sofia and Mandi
After Sofia we meet another Disney Junior star, Jake from the Neverland Pirates. Again we had never seen his show but he was so cute and so much fun to meet. 

After Jake we went and meet the prettiest mouse on the planet. She had the nicest character attendants. She noticed my birthday pin and wished me a very happy birthday.
LtoR: Me, Minnie Mouse and Mandi
Minnie wishing me a Happy Birthday
We couldn't leave without meeting the Big Cheese himself. He too noticed my birthday pin and wished me a happy birthday.
LtoR: Mandi, Mickey Mouse and me
The next stop was my favorite chipmunks, Chip and Dale. Dale definitely had a little crush on Mandi and loved all the attention he could get for her. Mandi and I also may have stolen a kiss or two from them.

Thursday ~ Magic Kingdom Day 1
While we were walking into the Magic Kingdom the next day we saw that the sassiest fairy this side of Neverland had a very short line. We hoped in line and learned quickly that Tink has lost her sass since her days with Peter Pan. This Tink was super sweet and I can see why all the little girls love her.

LtoR: Me, Tink, Hannah and Mandi
We also met Ariel that day. She was so happy and absolutely amazing. I loved meeting her! I hope to meet her again one day.

LtoR: Hannah, Ariel, me and Mandi
On this day I also go to meet Ana and Elsa. Those picture though are on my phone and I don't have the time to email them to myself. You can check them out though by heading over to my instagram page which you can get to by clicking here.

Saturday ~ Magic Kingdom Day 2
This morning we start out with a little dose of Gaston's ego. Most people have see a lot of the funny Gaston meet and greets on YouTube and trust me, our's did not disappoint. He was funny, egotistical and probably one of the best meet and greets of the trip. If you get the chance be sure you check it him out.
LtoR: Mandi, Hannah, Gaston and me
After Gaston we had what was probably our most disappointing meet and greets. I have see so many vlogs and tumblr post about how awesome it is to meet Peter Pan. But when we met him he was jerky and not fun to be around. Mandi was very disappoint because he had a pretty big crush on him.
LtoR: Hannah, Peter Pan, Mandi and me
After Peter we met my favorite Princess, Princess Tiana. She was an absolute delight.

LtoR: Mandi, Hannah, Princess Tiana and me
After Tiana we met Merida who was one of the sweetest princesses in the world. Plus she had the most gorgeous eyes.
LtoR: Hannah, Merida, me and Mandi
Sunday EPCOT Day 2
Hannah and Mandi met Belle that morning but I was getting breakfast. Together we started by meeting Mulan. This was another not so great meet and greets. Neither Mulan, nor her character attendant nor the photo pass photographer seemed interested in us, instead it felt like they just wanted to talk to each other.
LtoR: Mandi, Mulan, Me and Hannah
We headed over to Morocco to the meet Aladdin and Jasmine. They were awesome, especially Aladdin. Even though I am not the biggest Aladdin fan I would definitely meet them again  because they are amazing.
LtoR: Jasmine, Hannah, me, Mandi and Aladdin
And the final character we met was Princess Aurora. Mandi was pretty much on cloud 9 meeting her favorite princess. Especially when Mandi got to whisper in her ear. If I had to guess I would say that this was Mandi's favorite meet and greet.
LtoR: Mandi, Aurora, Hannah and me.
Mandi and her favorite
And those were all the characters we met. For the most part we had some incredible meet and greets. I love meeting the characters and no matter how old I get I will continue to meet them because they just bring so much magic to the trip.

In the next couple of the days I will officially wrap up this trip and move on to new and exciting blog topics.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

MOVIE REVIEW: Trainwreck

Hello All,

Recently I went to see the movie Trainwreck staring Amy Schumer (Inside Amy Shumer, Amy Shumer: Mostly Sex Stuff, A Different Spin on Mark Hopper), Bill Hader (SNL, Superbad, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Her), Vanessa Bayer (SNL, Despicable Me 2, Adventures in the Sin Bin), Tilda Swinton (Adaption, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Narina, Moonrise Kingdom), John Cena (WWF Raw, The Marine, 12 Rounds, and The Reunion) and LeBron James (You know the basketball player). And here's the preview because the movie.

This movie was about Amy (Schumer) who was raised by a dad who put Charlie Sheen's character in Two and Half Men to shame. Because of that Amy had a hard time finding strong, healthy relationship. When the movie opens Amy is in a relationship with Steven (Cena) but is still sleeping with other men causing them to break up. But it isn't long before Amy gets assigned an article for work where she interviews sport doctor Aaron something (Hader) who becomes the first person to boyfriend Amy had ever had that treated her the way a girl deserves to be treated.

LtoR: Amy (Schumer) and Aaron (Hader)
I am a huge fan of chick flicks but this movie wasn't the typical chick flick. It felt like they tried to cram has many cliches of chick flick as possible into one chick flick. And it didn't work because none of these storytelling elements worked because they weren't able to develop fully enough.

LtoR: Amy (Schumer) and Aaron (Hader)
Speaking of not developed enough, I felt like the character's development didn't work that well. Many of the developments felt that they were unrealistic. There really wasn't a character that I was rooting for or rooting against. Actually scratch that I pulled for John Cena's character and LeBron James who played himself. For me they were the only likable characters.

LtoR: LeBron James and Aaron (Hader)
Although the story wasn't great it was funny. There were some really laugh out loud moments. And some not so laugh out loud moments that were still funny. And the although Amy's father wasn't the best guy in the world his story line did pull at the heart strings.

Amy (Schumer)
Would I reccomend this movie? Well I wouldn't pay to see the movie again. But one day in the future I might pop it on Netflix or on the TV. Also it was a perfect distraction from the heat was in the Northeast.

LtoR: Amy (Schumer) and Steven (Cena)
Have you seen Trainwreck? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.


Monday, July 13, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: P.S. I Still Love You

Hello All,

I know I have been missing from this blog a lot recently. This whole sharing a computer thing has been hard but hopefully by the end of August I will once again have my own computer and we'll get back on a schedule. But I'm here now and I want to talk about this book I read.

Now if you were around these parts about a year ago, 1 thank you for sticking with me. But 2 you may remember a book review I wrote for To All the Boys I've Loved Before. In that book I raved about how much I loved this book and how I wanted Jenny Han (The author) to write a sequel. Well a few weeks after that post was published I learned that she was going to be writing a sequel and then I waited a whole year to read the sequel.

In this book titled PS I Still Love You Lara Jean and Peter decide to be in a relationship for real. Everything is going pretty well until a video is leaked of Lara Jean and Peter making out in a hot tub (a scene from the first novel) and tension starts to grow between the couple. That only gets worse when Peter starts hanging out with his ex-girlfriend and Lara Jean receives a response from one of her final love letter she sent out. Slowly their relationship gets more filled with tension as they start to wonder if they can trust one another. 

I will be honest with you I didn't enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed the first one. I didn't read it as fast and I wasn't as hooked. I felt like Peter who was my favorite character in the first book seemed to have done a completely 180 and it didn't seem realistic to me.It was like he had become a whole new character and I didn't like it.

It also felt like it took longer for this story to actually start. I knew that the guy was going to be getting the letter because I read the summary. But it felt like it took him FOREVER to get his letter and respond. 

The things I did like about the book were that I still felt a very deep relationship with the main character. I also loved the ending! For the most part this book gave some really good closure but it still left me with some questions. 

Would I recommend this book? If you read this book and still have questions then yes read this book because they'll probably be answer. If you read the first book and don't have questions then I would say don't read the book because it really wasn't as good. And if you haven't read the first book then go read the first books and see above.

Have you read the sequel? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Big Brother 17 Weekly Recap {Week 2}

Hello All,

Introduction to be written at the end of the week

Sunday, June 28, 2015:
This episode started out with the house guest learning what reward Da'Vonne and Vanessa got for sitting out of the first HOH competition. Well they got to fast forward through the week meaning that they couldn't be nominate nor evicted (obvi) this week. But not only that, they also go to take a player along with them. They each got 30 minutes to make their choice and every house guest pitched themselves. Vanessa who had no obivious alliance was able to hear everyone out and chose Austin who was the opposite of her and more of physical threat making it a good move for her to team up with him. 
LtoR: Vanessa and Austin on the live feeds
Da'Vonne on the other hand was worried because she already had a "solid" alliance with Audrey and Shelli. She became worried that the house would suspect they were working together if she chose one of them. Which pissed both Audrey and Shelli off. Ultimately Da'Vonne chose to bring Liz into the next week with her.
After the BB Fast Forward twisted itself into place the talks about who would be nominated started. Right off the bat it was decided that they would attempt to backdoor Jace. Which is crazy, who attempts to backdoor in the first week? After that was decided the HOHs Jason and James went to informing all the houseguests that if they went up they were only going up as pawns. 

Jason got to pick his nominees first and chose to nominate Becky and John. Then it was James' turn and he nominated Jackie and Steve. The two sets of nominees battled it out to see who would get to hop off the chopping block. In this competition they had to walk across balance beams with foam blocks in order to build a skyscraper. Becky went out in this competition in complete Beast Mode with John nibbing at her heels. The other pair didn't seem to have the same luck. Steve had a very hard time keeping his balance. And although Jackie bragged about being a dancer she took quite a few tumbles herself. 
In the foreground is John and Becky. In the background is Steve and Jackie
Ultimately although it was close Becky and John came out victorious and won the competition. Meaning that Jason was de-throned as HOH and James became the offical HOH. And Steve and Jackie would remain on the block.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015
This episode was explosive to say the least. It opened with Austin and Jace trying to make an alliance with HOH James and Audrey. What they didn't know was neither Audrey nor James were taking it serious.

With alliances on everybody's mind the house started making mistakes that were seen in last season by creating a 8 person alliances. Which includes, Meg, James, Audrey, Jeff, Da'Vonne, Jason, Jace and Shelli who were getting ready to work with each other. Although at 4 AM the night before the POV ceremony (sorry I'm jumping around a little) to seal their alliance. One by one she went down and got each of the members and to "talk". Needless to say no one was that happy with this meeting which caused some major tension.

Another moment of tension arised in this alliance when Da'Vonne was counting trying to prepare for a possible counting competition. She went into one of the rooms which caused Clay, Shelli and Jeff to become suspicious. This caused a few a lot of necissary drama that left me thinking....what the        just happen?
This week's POV was the spelling competition. This year instead of just spelling the longest words they also had to have the highest point value per word. The house guest who played in this competition were James, Jason, Steve, Becky, Jackie and John. The majority of the house guest scored around 6 points. But Steven blew the rest of the house guest out of the water with I believe a 12 point word of trombonist.
With Steve having won the POV it became obvious that he would be taking himself off the block. This excited the Big yet rocky 8 person alliance because it meant that they could backdoor their major target, Jace. I'm still not sure why they were convinced he was a major threat but that's what the house saw. For a second James thought about playing a major twist and back dooring Audrey but ultimately he follow his alliance and nominated Jace.
Making that at the end of the episode Jace and Jackie were up on the block getting ready to go home tomorrow night.

Thursday, July 3, 2015
The first eviction episode of the season episode aired this season. Before the eviction we watched Jace try to campaign for votes although Big Brother didn't give use enough time to really know what had happened in the house but more of a crash course in Jace's campaign.

Before the vote we were officially introduce to the twins. And the internet was right in guess that Liz was inside the house playing with her sister Julia.
Finally it was time for eviction. Liz and Julia made Big Brother history by casting one vote to evict and they evicted Jace. Everyone else with the exception of Audrey also voted for Jace to leave making that Jace was the first player evicted from Big Brother 17.
Jace with Julie Chen after his eviction
In Jace's post eviction interview he said he knew that he was going home and had asked his allies (Liz/Julie and Austin) to vote him out in order to keep peace in the house. He was also told about the twin twist which means that Jace is officially out of the house and will not get a chance to re-enter this house.

After Jace's eviction the audience learned about this week's twist. Throughout the week Kathy Griffin will be calling the house guest. Every time the phone rings the house guest, in true Big Brother fashion will race to pick it up. Who ever picks up the seventh phone call gets to choose 3 house guest who don't get to vote in next week's eviction ceremony. I am really excited about this twist. I do hope that they call the house more then 7 times so it isn't a obvious for house who gets the power.

Julie and Kathy Griffin
The episode ended with the HOH competition. In this competition they had re-build a movie sign for Kathy Griffin's new movie Ginger Fever. They played the game in two rounds. The first HOH is Becky and the second HOH is Shelli. I can tell you in my personal opinion I'm not a huge fan of either of these HOHs but it's still early in the game and about million things will change before next week.

Emma's Player of the Week
This week I wasn't 100% sure who I wanted to make my player of the week. Like a said earlier its still early in the season so there big game moves aren't big in the grand scheme of things. With that being said let's talk this week's player of the week.

So, this week's player it player who since the beginning of the summer has a little bit of target on their back because they remind the other house guest about a past player. And although they didn't win the BotB competition they got creative and tried their best. They also were able to save themselves in POV and pulled out a win using the word, "Trombonist". And because of that Steven is this week's player of the week!

So, until next week this was my Big Brother recap. Check back here next week for a new weekly recap. In the in between check me out on Twitter where I live tweet every episode.