Thursday, April 9, 2015

Disney 2015: Chef Mickey's

Hello All,

Before I start this I did want to make a slight announcement. You see I have been seeing an great guy. He sweet, adorable with a little bit of a temper. I just want to share with you guys my new boyfriend....Donald!

Okay I am completely kidding. I am still a single pringle. And Donald is still very much in love with Daisy but I thought this picture was too cute not give a some serious attention. But don't worry Donal told me Daisy wouldn't mind if I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Now that, that joke is out of the way let's get on to talking about our first Disney meal at Chef Mickey's (You check the menu our here).

When I was booking reservations for this trip (we were on the Disney Dinning Plan, let me know if you'd guys would be interested on a post on it) and I figured we should definitely get some character dinning in. But then came the question of where to eat first. Then it hit me, if you're going to hang out in his home you should definitely see him ASAP.

We booked our reservation for about 7:30 PM because I wanted to make sure that we had plenty of time in case of travel delays. We got to Contemporary early and then checked in about 5 to 10 minutes early. We opted out of getting the family photo taken because known of planned on buy photo pass pictures. We waited probably about 5 to 10 minutes before our buzzer went off. 

We were seated pretty close to the buffet and had a really nice waitress. She was very sweet and offered to take group pictures for all the guest she had seated in her section. As for the food it was alright. Chef Mickey's isn't known for its but more the character interaction you get. Hannah, Mandi and I all agreed though that we were really happy we did a buffet the first night because we were starving!

As for our character interaction they were good. They were patient when each of us got up to take individual pictures as well as when asked them to wave to my friend while I was vlogging. My favorite interaction was definitely Donald who was very playful.

Pluto who was also very playful
Pluto & Hannah
Mandi & Pluto
Mandi & Pluto
Pluto & me
Donald & Hannah
Mandi & Donald
I know this picture is blurry but I thought it looked pretty cool.
I had to share this picture again. Because it precious
Minnie & Hannah
Mandi and Minnie
Mandi & Minnie
Minnie & me
Mickey and Hannah

Mandi and Mickey
Mickey & myself
Goofy & Hannah
Goofy and myself
All and all we all liked Chef Mickey's. We enjoyed the character interaction, although Hannah and Mandi both said it wasn't their favorite buffet. I've gone to Chef Mickey's before and I will definitely return on future trips.

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