Monday, April 20, 2015

Tori Came to Visit {April 2015}

Hello All,

Wow the last few week have been super busy and they are just going to continue to be busy. I probably should do a life update in the next weeks to catch you guys up. A few weekend ago Tori came to visit me at school again! Do you guys remember when she came last year? No well you can read about that visit here. But this time Tori came for 2 nights instead of 1!

During the day Megan (my roommate) and I had a school event we had to attend and then we watched Ask Me Anything which was really weird and left us with our minds blown but not in a good way. Then we meet Tori half way between mine and Tori's hometown and school. We met her at a Five Guys and had some dinner then. After dinner we went back to school and watch The First Time which is one of our favorite movies. 

We got up some what early and got ready to head out. Our first stop was the grocery store to pick up some props. Then we head to the state park Sliver Sands State Park in Milford, CT and did a mini photo shoot for my blog's 2nd anniversary. While we were there we took some other pictures as well.

All the way in the background is Tori and the closer up is Megan

Take 1
Take 2
The cute one
The even cuter one
After beach we went to visit our friend Emili at her work and then headed over to the mall. Our first stop was Buffalo Wild Wings because we were starving! And then we explored the mall and the different stores. I bought two pairs of shoes and new necklace. 

After the mall we came back to school and watch a movie and had dinner at the dinning hall. For dessert we order Insomina cookies and played heads up and Foosball. And just had a blast being silly. It was so much fun and I was beyond tired by the end of the night.

On Sunday Megan got to sleep in while I drove Tori back to our meeting spot and met Mama J to see Cinderella (Read the review). I also did a little bit of window shopping with Mama J and then went back to school and hung out with Megan again. 

It was such fun weekend and I can't wait to see Tori more over the summer when we're both home from school as well as go on some pretty fun adventures with Megan! 

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