Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Disney 2015: Petting Zoo {Day 2}

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Happy Earth Day! So, I swear I wrote this post already but I can't find it! If you ever find a re-make of it that's why its doubled posted.

Oh yeah! And before we begin you can read the general day 2 posts here and here.

I'll be the first to admit, in fact I'm pretty sure I have admitted here that I'm not Animal Kingdom's biggest fan. But since it was Hannah's first trip, obviously we had to go. Mandi somehow learned that there was a petting zoo in Animal Kingdom. And kept talking about it all day! 

After investigating the map I found the petting zoo also know the Conservation Station, formerly the Rafaki Planet Watch. After lunch we headed over there to check out the animals, Mandi was excited.

In the petting zoo area there was 2 donkeys who were very asocial and would walk away as soon as human's came close. They had 1 cow who was completely surrounded because it was the only animal that was reachable by petters. As well as a group of goats and sheep who had this whole jungle gym/playground set-up to chill on. 

Mandi walked around a lot and checked out the animals. Hannah checked out a few animals and then went to a near by shop. I sat on a bench and looked at some animals. We were all hot (at the time we weren't use to warm weather after crazy  winter we had), tired and pretty much done with the day. 

I got some pictures of the animals so enjoy.

Lazy goat aka Mandi's favorite

Evil Goat King goat

the cow
The petting zoo was cute, it wasn't exactly the most exciting thing for 3 college girls but it definitely was cute. If one day when I have my own kids (Don't worry Mama J that isn't for many years) this is still open I will definitely bring them because I think they would have ball.  

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