Monday, April 6, 2015

Disney 2015: Travel Day!

Hello All,

I have slowly been working on getting the first day of my trip's vlog edited and its finally done! And will be linked down below. But in case you're not interested watching and only want to read I'm writing about it here today!

We left for our spring break trip on Monday, March 16. Both Hannah and Mandi slept over the night before our trip so we all got up around 4:45. Okay if we're being honest they slept until about 4:45 and I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep at around 4:15 AM. We got ready semi quickly, packed up Mandi's car, I said a quick good-bye to Mama J and we hit the road to the airport.

The temperature when we left, I still wore capris and flip flops
When we got to the airport we were able to a quick check-in with curbside check-in where Mandi and I checked our bags. We got through security somewhat quickly and without and hassle and got some breakfast on the other side of the security. 

We boarded our small plane, Mandi and Hannah sat next to each other and I sat on the window seat of the row across to them. I want to apologize to the gentlemen who was sitting next to me for how often I moved to get comfortable. I read a few chapters of Gone Girl but mainly tried to sleep for the majority of the flight but it didn't work out to well, I was just too gosh darn excited.

My view from the plane
We had a layover in Raleigh. Hannah and Mandi worked on homework they had due when we returned from Spring Break and I watched a movie on Netflix. About 45 minutes before our flight we went on a search for lunch and found a quick service place. Although our food was good they were out of almost everything and only had one person working so it took us forever to get our food. 

Our next flight was on another really small plane. Again Hannah and Mandi sat together and I sat in the aisle seat across the way. This time I was able to read a little more of Gone Girl but mainly just played with my phone (Don't worry my phone was on airplane mode). 
Snapped this out when we got to Orlando
When we got to Orlando we did a quick bathroom break and headed down to catch the Disney Magical Express. We found it really easily and our bus was already there and we only waited about ten minutes for it to head out.

I send Mama J this picture to reminder our next trip is as far away as it seems
While we were on the Magical Express I got a text message telling us our room was ready. When we got to Old Key West we quickly checked in, got our Magic Bands and a birthday pin for me and "my first visit" pin for Hannah.

Once we were settled into our room we went to the pool and enjoyed the beautiful weather and sun.

Snap I sent to my friends up north
Another snap
After we soaked up the sun we headed back to our room to get ready for dinner. We had a great room location, it was first floor but off the side so it was nice a quiet. As well as right near our bus stop so we had easy access and not far to walk when we were tried at night. Here are some quick pictures from our balcony porch balcony ehhh...I don't know what to call it.

Finally it was time for dinner. I will be writing an individual post on this with all the pictures within the next few days. But we ate at Chef Mickey's that night. 

After dinner we hoped on the Monorail and explored the Polynesian for a little while so Mandi could see the beach. We got lost looking of the beach though because of all the DVC construction but Mandi approved although she did want to go back during the day but we never got back there. 

We then went back to our room, got ready for bed to get ready for our first full park day. All and all it was a great travel day.

Here's the first vlog from our trip. I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out!

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