Sunday, June 30, 2013

Instagram Monthly Top 5! June 2013 Edition

Hello All,

I can't believe June is already over! I feel like just yesterday I was moving home for the summer. At the beginning of this month I saw a cool feature on a blog that I wanted to start on mine. If you know me personally you may know that I love instagram, when someone likes my picture I get excited, it makes me feel special. So, I decide I would steal and tweek this feature for my blog, I'm so sorry, I don't remember where I got the inspiration from so I can't give them a shout out.

Anyways on the last day of each month I'm going to do what I call the Instagram Monthly Top 5! Each month I will feature the top 5 pictures from my instagram, they will be ranked by how many likes they each got, if there is tie I will feature both pictures, if its a more then a two way tie I will chose my favorite two pictures. If you're as obsessed with instagram as I am and would be interested in linking up next month let me know, you can email me at because I am looking for someone to host it with. 

Let's begin...

Fifth place (Tie with 4 likes):

"I ordered pie and this is what they gave least it was good #chocolate #pie #yummmm #food #foodporn"
"I love my new pants #pants #instagirl #seagreen #pretty #clothes #fashion"
Fourth Place (Tied with 5 likes)
"I love this quote! #quote #friends #love"
"My favorite picture of the fire #bonfire #fire #summer2013 #summernights #pretty"
Third Place (6 likes)
"Loco Perro for dinner #love #chipsandsalsa #yummmm #yummy"
Second Place (Tied with 7 likes)
"I love this photo! Its eerie yet beautiful! #Disney #disneynerd #cinderlellascastle #thunderstorm #iwishiwasthere #eerie #beautiful #favoritepicture"
"Twin size blanket that I finished a few days ago #blanket #crochet #pretty #brightcolors #hobbie"
And the first place picture coming in with 11 likes!
"Adorableness #repost #puppy #puppylove #golden #cutie #iwantthepuppy #willsomeonebuyitforme"
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

This and That

Hello All,

This post is called this and that for the reason that I have a lot I want to share but only want to do one post. When I was planning my post for the week I had one idea in mind but as the week went on more things came to mind. 

First off, many of my normal readers may have noticed that the name of my blog has changed. I did that for a couple reasons. 1 being that I didn't really like the original name. 2 I think the new name describes the blog better then old considering I write mainly about things that don't have to do with the fact that I'm a future teacher. I'm going to keep my URL because I don't know how a new one would affect how people follow me.

The next two things are more exciting!

For the next month Mama J and I will have a houseguest, of the K9 variety.

Meet Kizzy, she's a two year old dog who belongs to Mama J's best friend. Her and her family are going to be doing a lot of traveling in July so they asked us if Kizzy could stay with us and we agreed. She is such a sweet dog. Although she's a rescue dog so a lot of things scare her. She's bonded pretty well me though so we've spend a lot time cuddling and hanging out. I love how much she's bonded with me because our dog who we had to put down a few months ago always loved my mom then me. 

The final thing I wanted to share is that today marks the day of blog for two months, like last month I wanted to share a few stats because I'm proud of how far my blog has come! 

Month Two:
Followers (Both Google reader and bloglovin) - 11 followers
Post: 40 posts!
Comments: 20
Page Views: 523
Bucketlist accomplishments: 0

I want to thank all my readers for following me on this journey we call life. I really and grateful for you guys. I have a few post planned for the next few days and knowing I have readers inspire me. 

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Random Post

Hello All,

I was looking through my Bloglovin' feed today when I saw a post that caught my eye It was from someone that I just started following. This post was answering questions about what its like to start a blog. Being a new blog writer myself I was interested to see what she had to say. I know that my readers are all at different points with how long they have been blogging but I figured I would share the post for anyone whose on the newer side like I am. Also I think you should check out her blog anyways because it really is nice blog. So, go check Hayley out.


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Big Brother Recap: Week 1

Hello All,

I've been suffering from a case of writer's block the past few days, and my favorite English teacher I ever use to tell me the only cure for writer's block is to just keep writing, that didn't work yesterday but hopefully it will work today. 

So, the summer has finally started, well Big Brother summer that is. I want to start this post by saying:

***This post may contain spoilers from Wednesday June 26th episode only. I am not a live feeder so I don't know anything that is happening in the house right now! ***

The first episode of the summer is always my least favorite episode of the summer. Mainly because everyone  still likes each other so there is no drama and no real excitement. 

The first real shocker to send shockwaves through the house was the announcement that this summer there would be not 1, not 2 but 3 nominees on the chopping block per week. I don't know how this will work out or even if it will. I personally was a fan of the 2 nominees but maybe three nominees will work just as wll.

The other twist of  the year is the new power Big Brother MVP (BBMVP) who will be nominated the third person up on the chopping block. The BBMVP is voted on my America by how well they are playing the game. The position is told to the player in the diary room and they make their nomination in the diary room as well. The BBMVP doesn't ever have to tell anyone that they are it. I'm personally really excited about this twist. 

After the announcements it was time for the first HOH competition of the summer began. In this competition the contestant had to hang out to over sized Popsicle for as long as possible. While having liquid thrown on them.

Now my opinions on the first HOH competition is simple, you don't want to win the first one because that plants a target on you, you also don't want to show how strong you are so you want to throw it early but at the same time you don't want to be the first to throw it because sometimes the first two to throw it are the first to be nominated as well. The first HOH is a definitely a balancing game. 

I tweeted this after 2 players fell off their Popsicle after less then like 10 minutes, and the worse part was they were both 2 strong, muscular men (Sorry, I can't remember there names, I still haven't learn most of the house guest names) it was pretty obvious what they were doing.

In the end Aaryn was the final girl standing, in Diary Room interview she said she wanted to prove that she wasn't just a girly girl, I just hope she didn't make that move to early because I do really like her. 

But in the end the first HOH was McCrae who already made a deal with Nick telling him he was safe this week. I think if McCrae keeps that promise that the fact that he's the first HOH won't come back to haunt him. 

Ever since McCrae's first interview, before moving in, he reminded me of Ian Terry (Last years winner). And throughout Wednesday episode I continue to get this feeling. One of my favorite moments of the night was when McCrae told the house, that he's a pizza man, in fact his whole life goal is to be the best pizza delivery guy that he can and nobody believed him. They all thought he was some secret genius. 

There's not much more I can write about the first episode of Big Brother so I thought I'd share some of my other tweets from the night. 

That had to be one of the dumbest things I heard all day! You are NEVER safe in the Big Brother house unless you're HOH or POV.

This is something I retweeted from one of my favorite BB players and the best back stabbers in the game Dan (BB 10 and 14). I love this tweet because even though he's probably being sarcastic, I'm rooting for Judd  and I think its a smart idea to keep the Elissa/Rachel relationship a secret for as long as it takes the other house guest to figure it out.

This tweet speaks for itself, I might have a little crush on Judd.

So, that's it for my first Big Brother recap. If you want to hear what I think during episodes follow me on twitter @Judy_Judy94, although I may not always tweet live if I am unable to watch the episode, although I will watch it online the next. And come back every week for my weekly recaps. 

So, any Big Brother fans out there, who are you rooting for? What was your favorite moments of Wednesday episode? Let me know in the comments below.


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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I I Love Wednesday...Summer Storms

Hello All,

Its time for What I Love Wednesday! It feels like forever since I did a What I Love Wednesday...granted I couldn't do one last week for personals reason but I'm back and ready to tell you about something that I love. 

Every week when Wednesday comes around I think about all the things I love and never know exactly what I want to write about. I have a list written on a pad and I go through the list looking for something that inspires me, today though I'm inspired by something not on my list. 

When I write my post I sit at the dinning room table (normally I don't but the hinges on my laptop cover are broken so I have to use things to prop my cover open, what can I say my laptop is lemon) anyways I digress. The way my house is set up when I look up from my laptop I can see a window. That's where I got my inspiration. 

The state where I live, we are currently going through a heatwave and for the past few nights we have been having summer thunderstorms.

I love the way the world is calm before the storm begins, I love how the birds are quiet, the trees are still. I love that is eerie because something about thunderstorms are eerie too. 

I love the way the sky looks while the storm is rolling in, how I can look out the window in front of me and sky we'll be dark but the window behind me will still have sun. 

I love the sound of thunder as its rolling towards us. I remember learning the trick that after you hear the thunder boom, you count to five and every time you count to five it means that the storm is 1 mile away. 

I love watching the rain fall hard and fast from the sky from the dryness of my house.  But sometimes...

I love running around  in the rain, I love dancing in the rain. 

I love the way that the trees look when they're blowing in the wind, I love the way that leaves turn on the branches of the trees, I can't describe the way they look but the leave are so distinct compared to the way that the leaves look now when I look out the window. 

So, this Wednesday I Love...Summer Thunderstorms. 


P.S. I could use some blogging advice from my readers. I want to change the name of my blog, I love some of the names of other blogs I read, they all show personality and I think my title is lacking that. I'm debating between two names and I would love to hear opinions from my readers, if you like either of the names below, have suggestions or thoughts comment below and let me know. The two names I'm debating between are:
The World According to Emma
XOXO, Emma

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Whodunnit Under the Dome

Hello All,

Today, I'm going to do 2 series premiere reviews. Last night I watched the premiere of ABC's new dare I say reality series Whodunnit on Hulu. I also caught the series premiere of CBS' new show Under the Dome. And I have my opinions on both show.

Let' start with the flop of the two, Whodunnit. Now for anyone who knows me, or has read my blog for awhile you probably know that I am a HUGE reality TV person, so I was excited for Whodunnit, I wanted to know what ABC had up its sleeve. 

But in all honesty I was disappointed in the show. The first issue with the series was that I don't completely understand the rules. How do the contestants win? Is it whoever is left living at the end of the 13 weeks? Or is the first person to figure out who the murderer is? Does the murderer even know they are the murderer? None of these questions were answered in the first episode. 

The rules that I got out of the series are as followed:
1. Each week one contestant is murdered and it is the remaining contestants job to figure how it wa was done and who did it.
2. The remaining contestant get to investgated one area of the house either the morgue, the crime scene or the victims last known whereabouts
3. They are then given sometime to discuss what they saw and come up with theories, but they have to be careful who they talk to because they don't know who the murderer is. 
4. They are then given a clue and it is there job to figure out what it means. 
5. They then must "talk" to the murder telling them how they think they murdered the victim and who they believe the murderer is. 
6. At dinner the butler give them a card that says either "Spared" or "Scared" which means either they are safe for the night or they are targets for the night.

The rule seem simple but everyone seems fake, the series obviously isn't a reality show because of how over acted the whole thing is. And yes I know must reality shows are scripted in someway but I prefer to live in my own world where they aren't, or at least seem less acted and more realistic. 

But the thing that bothered me the must was the disclaimer at the end of the episode saying that the victims were chosen by how much knowledge they had of the crime. This makes me think that even the producer of the show don't know who the murderer will end up being. If I were the creator of this series I would hire an unknown actress (someone trying to get their start, no commercial or any TV time) and give them a character to play, that way even the audience doesn't know who the murderer is. And then each week they have to decide who gets killed and chose how it was done. 

Or maybe the whole series will end up being one big cliche and the butler will be the murderer. 

I don't think the show will be picked up for a second season, in all honesty I don't know if I'll end up watching the whole season but I'll give it a few more weeks to see if it picks up. (photo cred)

The other new show I watched last night was Under the Dome, based on a book by Stephan King and I must say I was impressed. From the very first moment it had my jaw on the ground thinking, what the-?

The story line to this series is that a small town is placed under a dome and nobody really knows why. The government didn't do it nor did the military.The town must figure out how to get out and why they were placed under dome. 

And its not going to be easy with all the crazies living in the town.  Between the sheriff with a huge secret, the college student who kidnapped his summer fling to keep in his father's fall out shelter and the killer who happened to be driving through and may or may not be a hired killer. It makes for an interesting series, one where nobody knows, even audience, who they can trust.

I would recommend the series, you can catch the first episode and be all caught up for next Monday night episode at 10 PM on CBS. Its a great show, with an awesome story and even better mystery.

Did anyone else catch either of these new series?  If you did what do you think of these new series? Let me know.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Beverly Hills 90210

Hello All,

I'm a huge Facebook (Yes, I still love facebook, I just don't post a lot, other then pictures anymore) /Twitter/Instagram person (you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram, just look at my Get Connected page for my user name). If you're friends and the people you are following are anything like mine you have seen the popular ecards on your newsfeeds. Hannah and I are constantly reading them to each other in our dorm. 

When I decide to write these post I googled e-cards because I knew there were e-cards about this topic, let me share them with you before I continue.

Anyone else get that feeling when finishing series? I know I have, but I'm constantly watching new series bt still when one ends I never want to say goodbye. 

Right now I'm in the process of watching the 1990s hit Beverly Hills 90210. I am in the last few episode of the 5th season. I absolutely love the series. 

I love so many aspect of the series including the relationship between the main characters. They have this very loving persona about them. They are constantly hugging each other and expressing their emotions towards each other. It makes me question why do we no longer express our emotions towards each as much anymore. I find that I tell others how much I love my friends more then I tell them. I'll say something along the lines of, "I love Mandi so much, she's one of my best friends." Instead of telling Mandi to her face that I love her and she's one of my best friends.

I don't want to talk too much about my opinions of the characters relationships right now, I think I might do a wrap up post when I complete the series. But I do want to talk about one couple because I'm constantly tweeting about the couple. 

***There May Be Some spoilers, if you have any interest in watching the show don't read until after the next group of red writing***

Yup, I'm in love with David and Donna. I sit and yell at the computer (that's where I watch it) every time they deny their feelings! 

And when David cheated on Donna I wanted to climb through the screen and slap him. How could he cheat on a girl who loved him so much, yes she wanted to wait but that doesn't mean to cheat, right? 

Their next serious relationships the two had after each other, I hated. Claire was uptight and wasn't Donna, sorry I couldn't think of a better reason to hate her. And Donna's Ray was abusive, nuff said. 

But after David saved Donna from her rapist I thought they would finally get together again. But no they stay awkward friends who had so much chemistry but weren't together! 

I hope that by the end of the series I will see them together again. Are there any other Donna and David fans? If there are don't give anything away!

***Its saved to read again****

Something I've noticed while watching Beverly Hills 90210 is that I really think I should have been born 15 years earlier because with the exception of the clothes, I love so much about the 90s. And I definitely have a thing for the boys, Jason Priestly, Luke Perry and Brian Austin Green.

What television series are you Gaga over right now? Have you ever watched the original 90210? What do you think about the series? Let me know.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

My First Bonfire

Hello All,

I hope everybody had a good weekend! This weekend I was reunited with my roommate Hannah! 

Hannah hosted a small bonfire at her house last night ad I went. She had a few of her hometown friends and one of her friends from college who I'm starting to get know. 

We made hot dogs on sticks. I personally am no a huge hot dog person so I just roasted a hot dog that someone else ended up eating. We also made s'more which I personally love. What I don't get is why all the sudden they're ending up in everything, milkshakes, candies, etc...

The fire was so pretty and warm and the night was beautiful. Like the weather was cool and but not freezing or too hot. It was perfect summer night weather. 

The fire was beautiful. I had never been to a bonfire before and this as a great first bonfire and I hope to be going to more in the near future.

What are your favorite summer traditions?


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why Do I Blog?

Hello All,

For the past two months I have fallen head over heels with my blog! I had a lot going on in my personal life this past week and missed my blog when I wasn't blogging. But at the same I felt guilty, for missing my weekly post of What I Love Wednesday... 

But when things started calming down I spend sometime catching up on the blogs that I love to read, and I found 3 new blogs I'm excited about. But one blog gave me a second to step back and think about why I blog. This girl has what she calls a Blogging Manifesto, which states all the reasons why she blogs and rules for when it comes to blogging. Since reading it I have created my own blogging rules. I will share my rules on this post, some of which I either stole or tweeked from the original one, from the original blogger. I will also make a list that I will hang on my bedroom wall and on my desk at school. 

Before I start my list I want to introduce you guys to the lovely lady who I stole this idea from. Much like me she is college student blogger. An amazing writer and absolutely fantastic. So, please check Paige out, she really is awesome. 

And know I present my blogging rules...

I blog for myself, for others enjoyment and for something to look back at in the past: This rule pretty self explanatory but there is just one thing I need to clarify, I'm blogging for a huge number bloggers BUT I do  want the people who follow my blog to enjoy themselves. 

I'm Not Going to Change Who I Am: I'm not going to change who I am and what I believe in because of what people say. I love who I am.

I Will Never Feel the Need to Post Every Day: Although I do post close to everyday I won't let myself ever feel guilty when I don't post everyday or when I don't have anything interesting to write about. 

I Will Always Be Kind to My Readers: When corresponding with a reader whether through comments, emails, twitter, etc... I will always be polite and sweet to them. I also will always be grateful for the readers I have.

I Will Also Always Respond to Questions and Comments: I think I've been pretty good at this so far but I will always answer questions or comments every time, even if its just thanking someone for reading. 

I Will Maintain My Private Life: I will share a lot stories here on my blog but if there is something I don't want or people in my life don't want shared online I will keep it off my blog. 

I Will NEVER Post Negative Things About Other People: My blog is about me. I don't care if they hurt me, I will never say anything negative about another human being. 

School, Work or Other Responsibilities Will Always Come First: I am still a college student, and for that reason I know that I need to focus on my future. I will always do my homework or any other responsibilities before I write a post.

I Will Attempt to Set Goals for My Blog: For examples, 500 post on my blog, as seen on my bucket list.

I Will Attempt To Have One Weekly Posting: For example; What I Love Wednesday... or Throwback Thursday . I love reading those and I love writing them. 

I'll Be Willing to Listen to Other Peoples Opinion But Follow My Gut: I want to hear what my readers have to say but I will always follow my gut.

I Will Always Give Credit Where Credit is Due: I follow a lot of blogs and I get ideas from those blogs. If I decide to use an idea from another blog I will always share a link so the original person get credit and readers can check out their blogs.

I Will Attempt to Know My Readers: Like I said I will be grateful for my readers and if I get the opportunity I will attempt to get to know them. 

Keep My "About Me" Page Up to Date: I don't know about you but when I find a new blog the first thing I do is look at their "About Me" page and I want to keep it up to date so that people know what they're getting into when they look at my blog. 

And those are my blogging rules. Do you have any blogging rules? Let me know?


Friday, June 21, 2013

Moving Over to Blog Lovin'

Hello All, 

Since I don't completely understand the whole GCF/Bloglovin thing I figured I'd move my blog over to Bloglovin'. 

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So, follow me on blog lovin'


The Best Players of Big Brother

Hello All,

In less then a week my favorite summer show begins again! I can't wait for Big Brother 15 to start again! Yesterday I spent some time watching the video introduction of the new players. You can check them out here

My favorite ones from their introduction videos are...

Elissa (Rachel from Big Brother 12 & 13's Sister)






I know very little about these house guest but I as of right now these were the houseguest that I liked by firs impression. But instead of talking about them I want to talk about the best players of all time in my opinion!

Chicken George (Big Brother 1 and All-Stars)

I liked George for both game reasons and personality reasons. I found George so funny when I first watched in All-Stars, I couldn't figure out if George was going a senile or what but he always adorable and good spirit. Part of me thinks that his cluelessness might have been part of his game play.

Jerry (Big Brother 10)

Jerry is the oldest houseguest in Big Brother history and in my opinon one of the most adorable players. Even with his age Jerry made it all he way to the Jury house and to me that's a pretty impressive accomplishment. And that is the sole reason Jerry made it to my best player list.

Monica (Big Brother 2)

Monica was both sweet and sassy! Monica made to the final three and I was sad when she wasn't brought back for All Stars. I also look at Monica as a very strong person, she was never brought down by the house's drama. 

Frank (Big Brother 14)

I wasn't a Frank fan, I actually spent the majority of his season hoping that he'd be evicted but instead Frank made it far. I can't deny he was a good player and does deserve to be on the best players list. 

Ian (Season 14)

The winner of Big Brother 14. The nerd, an adorable nerd. And the 22 year old who took down his coach Mike Boogie! I thought that Ian played an incredible game his season and deserved the 1/2 million dollars. I know from watching youtube videos that many people thought Ian only won because the Jury didn't want to award it to Dan but I think Ian earned it. 

Dan (Season 10 and 14)

Winner of Big Brother 10 and runner-up in season 14. Dan deserves to be on this list for many reason but one of the biggest reason is that he is the closest any winner has ever gotten to winning twice. But also Dan is known for his mist he munpiulated his way off the block and took risks with his allies in order to win the game. 

Will (Big Brother 2 and All-Stars)

I absolutely I loved Will, I loved he way he played the game, mainly because I think in many ways it how I would play the game. Never once did Will win an HOH because he didn't want the blood on his hands but instead he was able to manipulate every HOH so the house guest he didn't like would go home.

If I could assemble a dream Big Brother House of people I would want to play against a lot of these players would be house guest along with a few others. 

So, my question for you, any big brother fans out there, WHO do you think deserves to be on the Best Big Brother Players list? And who are your front runners for this season? Let me know in the comment because I'd love to know. 

And starting next Friday I will give you my weekly reviews for this season of Big Brother including twist, nominations, HOHs, POVs and everything else. 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday...First Crushes and Catch-up!

Hello All,

Two post in one day! What has this world come to? Well I have a very good reason, I have joined my first link up with Bonnie, called throwback Thursday! 

Each week Bonnie gives a prompt to throw back to. I am a week late joining better late then never! And even luckier for me the first weeks throwback was something I wrote about recently so I'm just give you guys the link and I'll write all the other Throwback Thursday from scratch. If you want to check it out you can read all about my first driving experience

This week's prompt is elementary crushes but I'm going to throwback just a little bit farther to my first crush EVER! (I'm going to apologize up front that quality of the picture aren't that great, they were taken of the original picture by my phone)

I met Rob when we were 3 years old, back in pre-school. We were best friends from the time we were 3 years old til about 3rd grade, then we drift apart. Mostly likely because he lives in one town and I lived in another. But also because we were entered into the phase of...the cooties! Dun, dun, dun! 

I have a few memories of Rob from growing up with him such as his family's annual pool party. Or when we were playing family and my friend Amelia was being the mom who was pregnant and he was the baby in tummy. We pretended that Amelia would eat the toys and Rob would get them in the stomach, I guess the three of weren't the smart cookies, LOL. Every memory I have of Rob is positive. Luckily we were young enough for us to drift apart so nobody's heart was broken, well mainly my heart because I don't know if he ever had a crush on me. 

I think I've made you guys wait long enough, here are some pictures of the two of us. 

This one is my favorite picture of us
Now, about 10 years later we NEVER talk, I think the last time we saw each other was in middle school at summer camp or at the dentist when we were both brace faces. We are friends on Facebook, and I still think he's pretty cute. 

This kids was my first best friend and first crush, and from what I can see he's still a pretty good guy. Which makes me happy, I'm glad I'm not one of the girls who first crushed turned into a crazy guys or something. 

And that folks is my first throwback Thursday first crush edition. 


Tattoos on this Town

Hello All,

It was exactly a year ago today...

What was a year ago today you ask...

I graduated from high school!

Although it seemed like only yesterday I was walking down the driveway of my high school getting ready to receive my diploma. I was excited, I was never a huge fan of my high school, it was too small for my taste, my graduating class was only 154 people/kids/students whatever you want to call us. It was very much a school where everybody knew everybody and everybody knew everybody business. 

Don't get me wrong now a year later I like my high school more then the girl I was 365 days ago. I miss certain teachers a lot, Mrs. Flannery (My English teacher for freshmen, sophomore and senior year and yearbook adviser), Mrs. Freddrick (My French teacher every year) and Mr. O'Donnell (Our drama club adviser).  I wasn't surprised when I missed them, I was more surprised when I missed kids that I was never really friends with but was always in classes with. I missed the obnoxious kid who could get the teacher off topic, although I hate those types of people in a college classroom. Or the kid who could make everybody laugh with a one liner. Those are the people who I miss and I never thought I would. And of course I miss my friends, the one who were there in the begin and the ones who I met later in high school. 

I figured since I started my blog only a little less then two years ago I would share some pictures and stories from my graduation. 

The day of my graduation my state was going through an extreme heat wave, it was somewhere between 90-100 degrees and humid the day I graduated. What was even worse was that we were outside on cement instead of grass so it was even hotter! Luckily all the pre-graduation, lining up and such was in the Air Conditioned library. 

Before graduation we had time where we could take pictures with friends.

Drama Club senior class of2012: Back row L to R: Me, Caroline, Jeff, Mike, Ben, Emily  OD (Our adviser), Molly B, Molly M, Caleb, Matt, Megan. Front Row L to R: Vicki and Allyson 
Matt and Me, Matt became one of my best friends Junior an senior year!
Alyssa and Me. We became really close senior year.
Mina and me. We always had a lot of classes together
Marissa and me, we had french together and sat next to each other all 6 years (7th grade - senior year). 
Sean and me, we were on the same bus all through high school
My roommates from my senior trip! Alex, me, Becky and Hannah
At every event senior year we took room pictures and always had to have goofy one.
Soon, we had to line up for the actual ceremony. My school lined us up in an interesting way. We do it in a boy /girl pattern and then height order, although it never really works out, because the girls have to estimate how tall they'll be in heels (I LOVE to wear heels) and the estimations are always off. 

Getting my diploma, I shaking the superintendent's hand 
After graduation I went outside to see Mama J, Grandma and our family friend. 

The first post graduation hug with Mama J
Mama J and me
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures with my grandmother because she asked that people don't put pictures of her online and then my computer crashed and I lost all the pictures from November 2012 until about August 2012 (I have a lot of issues with my computer). Luckily the ones above were from my Facebook or Mama J's Facebook so we still have those. 

One of my favorite tradition that my school does, I think a lot of other schools do it too is the graduating class votes on what song we should walk out to after the graduation is over. My classes choices were: Don't Stop Believing, The theme song to Friends, another one I can't remember and Tattoos on this town. With my town being a want to be hick town of course, Tattoos on this Town was the winner. If you never heard I'm adding the music video below.

I really liked this choice because our town was the biggest class to go through our high school, or at one point was the biggest class, the numbers are always changing with people moving in and out but at one point we held the record for a few years. We also were the class that in our younger years gave the teaching staff a run for their money.

Its so weird to think that only 366 days ago I was still a high school student. Tomorrow the class of 2013 graduate from my high school. Luckily I think their weather will be better then my was but either way it was a great day. 

Congratulation to class of 2013!