Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why Do I Blog?

Hello All,

For the past two months I have fallen head over heels with my blog! I had a lot going on in my personal life this past week and missed my blog when I wasn't blogging. But at the same I felt guilty, for missing my weekly post of What I Love Wednesday... 

But when things started calming down I spend sometime catching up on the blogs that I love to read, and I found 3 new blogs I'm excited about. But one blog gave me a second to step back and think about why I blog. This girl has what she calls a Blogging Manifesto, which states all the reasons why she blogs and rules for when it comes to blogging. Since reading it I have created my own blogging rules. I will share my rules on this post, some of which I either stole or tweeked from the original one, from the original blogger. I will also make a list that I will hang on my bedroom wall and on my desk at school. 

Before I start my list I want to introduce you guys to the lovely lady who I stole this idea from. Much like me she is college student blogger. An amazing writer and absolutely fantastic. So, please check Paige out, she really is awesome. 

And know I present my blogging rules...

I blog for myself, for others enjoyment and for something to look back at in the past: This rule pretty self explanatory but there is just one thing I need to clarify, I'm blogging for a huge number bloggers BUT I do  want the people who follow my blog to enjoy themselves. 

I'm Not Going to Change Who I Am: I'm not going to change who I am and what I believe in because of what people say. I love who I am.

I Will Never Feel the Need to Post Every Day: Although I do post close to everyday I won't let myself ever feel guilty when I don't post everyday or when I don't have anything interesting to write about. 

I Will Always Be Kind to My Readers: When corresponding with a reader whether through comments, emails, twitter, etc... I will always be polite and sweet to them. I also will always be grateful for the readers I have.

I Will Also Always Respond to Questions and Comments: I think I've been pretty good at this so far but I will always answer questions or comments every time, even if its just thanking someone for reading. 

I Will Maintain My Private Life: I will share a lot stories here on my blog but if there is something I don't want or people in my life don't want shared online I will keep it off my blog. 

I Will NEVER Post Negative Things About Other People: My blog is about me. I don't care if they hurt me, I will never say anything negative about another human being. 

School, Work or Other Responsibilities Will Always Come First: I am still a college student, and for that reason I know that I need to focus on my future. I will always do my homework or any other responsibilities before I write a post.

I Will Attempt to Set Goals for My Blog: For examples, 500 post on my blog, as seen on my bucket list.

I Will Attempt To Have One Weekly Posting: For example; What I Love Wednesday... or Throwback Thursday . I love reading those and I love writing them. 

I'll Be Willing to Listen to Other Peoples Opinion But Follow My Gut: I want to hear what my readers have to say but I will always follow my gut.

I Will Always Give Credit Where Credit is Due: I follow a lot of blogs and I get ideas from those blogs. If I decide to use an idea from another blog I will always share a link so the original person get credit and readers can check out their blogs.

I Will Attempt to Know My Readers: Like I said I will be grateful for my readers and if I get the opportunity I will attempt to get to know them. 

Keep My "About Me" Page Up to Date: I don't know about you but when I find a new blog the first thing I do is look at their "About Me" page and I want to keep it up to date so that people know what they're getting into when they look at my blog. 

And those are my blogging rules. Do you have any blogging rules? Let me know?



  1. I really like this! :D It's important to maintain a life that's offline in addition to online. Blogging and I go way my junior year in high school, and it can be tough to balance. (Often times I wouldn't post for a length of time.) Anyways, keep up with the insightful blogs!

    1. I totally agree you need to keep your online life and offline life balanced. I wouldn't say 50/50 but somewhere because 20/80 10/90.

      Thanks for reading,


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