Saturday, June 29, 2013

This and That

Hello All,

This post is called this and that for the reason that I have a lot I want to share but only want to do one post. When I was planning my post for the week I had one idea in mind but as the week went on more things came to mind. 

First off, many of my normal readers may have noticed that the name of my blog has changed. I did that for a couple reasons. 1 being that I didn't really like the original name. 2 I think the new name describes the blog better then old considering I write mainly about things that don't have to do with the fact that I'm a future teacher. I'm going to keep my URL because I don't know how a new one would affect how people follow me.

The next two things are more exciting!

For the next month Mama J and I will have a houseguest, of the K9 variety.

Meet Kizzy, she's a two year old dog who belongs to Mama J's best friend. Her and her family are going to be doing a lot of traveling in July so they asked us if Kizzy could stay with us and we agreed. She is such a sweet dog. Although she's a rescue dog so a lot of things scare her. She's bonded pretty well me though so we've spend a lot time cuddling and hanging out. I love how much she's bonded with me because our dog who we had to put down a few months ago always loved my mom then me. 

The final thing I wanted to share is that today marks the day of blog for two months, like last month I wanted to share a few stats because I'm proud of how far my blog has come! 

Month Two:
Followers (Both Google reader and bloglovin) - 11 followers
Post: 40 posts!
Comments: 20
Page Views: 523
Bucketlist accomplishments: 0

I want to thank all my readers for following me on this journey we call life. I really and grateful for you guys. I have a few post planned for the next few days and knowing I have readers inspire me. 

Don't forget, Google Reader shuts down on Monday so follow me on Blog Lovin'. All you have to do is create an account and follow your favorite blogs. Its free and simple!


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