Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tattoos on this Town

Hello All,

It was exactly a year ago today...

What was a year ago today you ask...

I graduated from high school!

Although it seemed like only yesterday I was walking down the driveway of my high school getting ready to receive my diploma. I was excited, I was never a huge fan of my high school, it was too small for my taste, my graduating class was only 154 people/kids/students whatever you want to call us. It was very much a school where everybody knew everybody and everybody knew everybody business. 

Don't get me wrong now a year later I like my high school more then the girl I was 365 days ago. I miss certain teachers a lot, Mrs. Flannery (My English teacher for freshmen, sophomore and senior year and yearbook adviser), Mrs. Freddrick (My French teacher every year) and Mr. O'Donnell (Our drama club adviser).  I wasn't surprised when I missed them, I was more surprised when I missed kids that I was never really friends with but was always in classes with. I missed the obnoxious kid who could get the teacher off topic, although I hate those types of people in a college classroom. Or the kid who could make everybody laugh with a one liner. Those are the people who I miss and I never thought I would. And of course I miss my friends, the one who were there in the begin and the ones who I met later in high school. 

I figured since I started my blog only a little less then two years ago I would share some pictures and stories from my graduation. 

The day of my graduation my state was going through an extreme heat wave, it was somewhere between 90-100 degrees and humid the day I graduated. What was even worse was that we were outside on cement instead of grass so it was even hotter! Luckily all the pre-graduation, lining up and such was in the Air Conditioned library. 

Before graduation we had time where we could take pictures with friends.

Drama Club senior class of2012: Back row L to R: Me, Caroline, Jeff, Mike, Ben, Emily  OD (Our adviser), Molly B, Molly M, Caleb, Matt, Megan. Front Row L to R: Vicki and Allyson 
Matt and Me, Matt became one of my best friends Junior an senior year!
Alyssa and Me. We became really close senior year.
Mina and me. We always had a lot of classes together
Marissa and me, we had french together and sat next to each other all 6 years (7th grade - senior year). 
Sean and me, we were on the same bus all through high school
My roommates from my senior trip! Alex, me, Becky and Hannah
At every event senior year we took room pictures and always had to have goofy one.
Soon, we had to line up for the actual ceremony. My school lined us up in an interesting way. We do it in a boy /girl pattern and then height order, although it never really works out, because the girls have to estimate how tall they'll be in heels (I LOVE to wear heels) and the estimations are always off. 

Getting my diploma, I shaking the superintendent's hand 
After graduation I went outside to see Mama J, Grandma and our family friend. 

The first post graduation hug with Mama J
Mama J and me
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures with my grandmother because she asked that people don't put pictures of her online and then my computer crashed and I lost all the pictures from November 2012 until about August 2012 (I have a lot of issues with my computer). Luckily the ones above were from my Facebook or Mama J's Facebook so we still have those. 

One of my favorite tradition that my school does, I think a lot of other schools do it too is the graduating class votes on what song we should walk out to after the graduation is over. My classes choices were: Don't Stop Believing, The theme song to Friends, another one I can't remember and Tattoos on this town. With my town being a want to be hick town of course, Tattoos on this Town was the winner. If you never heard I'm adding the music video below.

I really liked this choice because our town was the biggest class to go through our high school, or at one point was the biggest class, the numbers are always changing with people moving in and out but at one point we held the record for a few years. We also were the class that in our younger years gave the teaching staff a run for their money.

Its so weird to think that only 366 days ago I was still a high school student. Tomorrow the class of 2013 graduate from my high school. Luckily I think their weather will be better then my was but either way it was a great day. 

Congratulation to class of 2013!


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