Friday, June 14, 2013

The Worse Big Brother Players

Hello All,

Its less then 2 weeks until the premiere of Big Brother 15! I'm so excited for it to come back because I absolutely love the show. With only 2 weeks left its time for another review of past season, and this week I'm going to tell you who I think are the worst players in Big Brother History!


Shelly was a house guest in Big Brother 13. She started the season off as floater, but her big move cost her the game. She started the season off working with Jeff and Jordan, but spent the whole time spreading lies behind their back. When confronted she denied, and she denied it for so long it kind of makes me wonder if she really thought that she didn't say some of things she said. Her biggest biggest was turning her back on Jeff , Jordan and their alliance. 


Keith was also a player in Big Brother 13 and his mistake that ruined his game happened the first night. Big Brother was the season they played in pairs. How did Keith chose his partner? By what she looked like. When he created a plan to get his partner evicted the house turned against him and evicted him instead.  It was an even dumber move to try and evicted his partner instead of working together because his partner ended up being the runner up in his season. 


Brian was a house guest on Season 10. His big mistake? Playing to hard WAY too fast. He thought that he had the whole house on his side but instead the house blindsided him and got him evicted the first week. He probably would have been a good player if he had waited a little while longer to start playing hard and dirty. 


Howie was a house guest on Big Brother 6 and All-Stars. Personality wise Howie is one of my favorite house guest, I found pretty funny. But game wise he was the dumbest player ever to play Big Brother. I'm pretty sure he had no what he was doing the whole time he was on Big Brother. I'm pretty sure during both his seasons the only reason he stayed in house was because he aligned himself with the right people andfunny  the house guest realized they had bigger fish to fry. Although his stalking of Dr. Will was probably his down fall in the All-stars season.


James, also from Big Brother 6 and All-Stars made the same mistake...twice. In season 6 James made an alliance with Janelle, Kaysar and Howie and then turned his back on them and they evicted him. Then again he made the same alliance and they all promised to work together again but James turned his back on them once again and eventually got evicted again. 


Matt was mentioned in my last Big Brother post because he was a member of the brigade but the brigade is the reason that he is on my worst players list. He was suppose to be the brains of his alliance yet some how his alliance was able to get him evicted. Sorry Matt you weren't the brains. 

The last two are two that make me so mad ALL the time I think about them. As any one who has looked at my bucket list you know one of my life goals is to be a house guest on Big Brother and these two got themselves expelled from the game and that is why they in my mind are the WORST big brother players ever. 



So, in my mind those are the worst players in Big Brother history. If there are any other HUGE big brother fans out there let me know who you think are the worst players and why? 

Next week I will tell who I think are the best players in Big Brother history! Stay tuned!


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