Sunday, June 30, 2013

Instagram Monthly Top 5! June 2013 Edition

Hello All,

I can't believe June is already over! I feel like just yesterday I was moving home for the summer. At the beginning of this month I saw a cool feature on a blog that I wanted to start on mine. If you know me personally you may know that I love instagram, when someone likes my picture I get excited, it makes me feel special. So, I decide I would steal and tweek this feature for my blog, I'm so sorry, I don't remember where I got the inspiration from so I can't give them a shout out.

Anyways on the last day of each month I'm going to do what I call the Instagram Monthly Top 5! Each month I will feature the top 5 pictures from my instagram, they will be ranked by how many likes they each got, if there is tie I will feature both pictures, if its a more then a two way tie I will chose my favorite two pictures. If you're as obsessed with instagram as I am and would be interested in linking up next month let me know, you can email me at because I am looking for someone to host it with. 

Let's begin...

Fifth place (Tie with 4 likes):

"I ordered pie and this is what they gave least it was good #chocolate #pie #yummmm #food #foodporn"
"I love my new pants #pants #instagirl #seagreen #pretty #clothes #fashion"
Fourth Place (Tied with 5 likes)
"I love this quote! #quote #friends #love"
"My favorite picture of the fire #bonfire #fire #summer2013 #summernights #pretty"
Third Place (6 likes)
"Loco Perro for dinner #love #chipsandsalsa #yummmm #yummy"
Second Place (Tied with 7 likes)
"I love this photo! Its eerie yet beautiful! #Disney #disneynerd #cinderlellascastle #thunderstorm #iwishiwasthere #eerie #beautiful #favoritepicture"
"Twin size blanket that I finished a few days ago #blanket #crochet #pretty #brightcolors #hobbie"
And the first place picture coming in with 11 likes!
"Adorableness #repost #puppy #puppylove #golden #cutie #iwantthepuppy #willsomeonebuyitforme"
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