Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Leadership Conference

Hello All,

As I mentioned in my past posts this weekend I went to Summer Leadership Conference for my Future Teacher's Club. My school's chapter and the five other colleges in my state with education programs and chapters at our schools went to the state capitol for a two day leadership conference. We met our adviser Michele and consultant Megan. both of whom were very nice and supportive. We also met all the officers from the other club, each club has 5 or 6 officers. 

The first day we learned a lot about how to behave, dress and communicate in a professional setting. Our student program meets once a month in the state capitol and when we're there we are consider professionals. I learned a lot during those two days and things that I never realized or would have thought about. The first day was a lot of lectures and a lot of being talked at, instead of discussion. 

That night they put us up in a hotel for the night and brought us out to dinner. They brought us to this place called Dish. The food was amazing, they fed us well, we each got a salad, dinner and dessert. Plus they brought out about 5 appetizer  for the table. The food was amazing a delicious!
The "Pudding Pie" althought really it was chocolate pudding, whip cream and graham cracker crumbs
The restaurant was beautiful as well, between the main part of the restaurant and the restrooms they had a wall of dishes which looked awesome!

The dish wall
That night, the officers from my school (Deanna, Cyndi, Megan, Christina and myself) worked on planning what events we wanted to do and how we want to attack things. We then got to spend the night at hotel, my roommate was Cyndi, who is our clubs VP. 

The next morning we woke up early again, checked out of our hotel and headed back to our conference. The second day was a lot more fun. Minus the part where we had to try and work out the budget, that part is stressful. But then we got to plan events that were statewide (the ones all the schools attend) and when our monthly meetings would be. Afterwards we worked within our school to plan when our club meetings would be and events that our school put on. 

The meeting was a lot of fun but tiring. I learned a lot and can't wait to start the year as officer of club that I'm so passionate about.


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